1. Muscle Ache: If you have been cleaning the house all day long then you must be complaining of back ache for sure. Stop complaining and take a warm lavender bath to wash that pain away. Adding Epsom salt to the bath along with lavender oil will work miracles for that tensed back.

2. Acne: Lavender is the best known remedy for getting rid of that persistent acne. Lavender helps by inhibiting the bacteria known to cause infection of the skin. It restores and balances the excess secretion of sebum which promotes bacterial growth and as a result lavender reduces the scarring. Add couple of drops of lavender essential oil to plain lotions easily available at the medical counters and use it just like any other cream on the effected area.

3. Germs and Bacteria: Lavender is a strong bactericide in dilutions of five percent or even less and lethal to typhoid, tuberculosis and diphtheria causing bacteria.

4 Mild Burns: Mild burns are to be kept under running water for five to ten minutes to bring down the temperature and ease the burning sensation. After doing so gently apply pure neat lavender essential oil on the affected area. You will experience immediate relief after applying lavender oil. Even the burn heals sooner without leaving any prominent scars.

5. Cuts and Bruises: Who doesn’t get cuts while doing their daily chores? Applying neat lavender oil eases pain and discomfort, prevents the chances of any advent bacterial infection. It also helps in reducing scars that may be left behind by those bruises.

6. Earache: Warm some lavender oil by placing the bottle in lukewarm water for few minutes. Gently rub few drops of warm lavender oil all over the skin around the ears as well as throat. Do not use neat lavender oil on small babies. Mix couple of drops of lavender oil with little olive oil and apply the same on the baby’s affected area.

7. Eczema: Mix few drops of lavender oil with any carrier oil of your choice to make an infusion. Apply this infusion very gently into the affected area. This infusion is extremely comforting for small children. You can also add few drops of lavender oil to calamine and use it in the same manner after shaking it well.

8. Fatigue: Make a soothing foot bath by mixing five drops of essential lavender oil and then soak your feet in it. The porous soles of the feet makes lavender reach the bloodstream very fast. This stimulates and soothes the tired and exhausted body parts in only few minutes.

9. Fever: The following remedy is highly beneficial for small babies as well as children. Mix few drops of lavender oil in lukewarm water and give the child a gentle sponge bath with it. Just make sure that the water is not cold. This will help in reducing the fever and easing out the fatigue from the body. The same method is also beneficial in adults.

10. Fainting spells, Giddiness and Palpitation
When someone feels giddy make a small pouch of smelling salts with sea salt, lavender oil, basil oil as well as peppermint oil.

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