If you have been thinking about body cleanses then you must have already seen innumerable references to psyllium husk or seed. The husk and the seed are part of the psyllium plant that has many health benefits.

Psyllium husk or seeds come from plantago ovato. It contains an impressive level of dietary fiber. The psyllium husk or seeds are the primary component in many commercially available bulk laxatives. Psyllium is also present in some of the cereals and it effectively aids in lowering fat levels in the blood and improving overall health.

Benefits of Psyllium

1. High Cholesterol: Psyllium seeds and husks have the ability to reduce lipid levels and fat levels in the body. It also reduces the levels of bad cholesterol in the body. Psyllium does not have any significant effect on the good cholesterol but it does lower the bad cholesterol. Daily intake of psyllium will help reduce the bad cholesterol in the long term. However, if you are suffering from alarming levels of bad cholesterol then you must not rely on psyllium alone and consult your physician.

2. Laxative: Psyllium has been used for many years as a bulk laxative. Psyllium is a soluble digestive fiber. It adds volume as well as bulk to the alimentary canal. Psyllium moves through the body and absorbs large amount of water on its way, thus, you must make sure that you are properly hydrated. Dehydration after taking psyllium may cause blockage. Take a tablespoon in a glassful of water before sleeping at night. You can gradually increase the doses to three doses in a day for best results.

Psyllium does two activities. Firstly, it helps in eliminate waster from the body. Secondly, it helps in maintaining the bacterial balance in the intestines helping in better waste removal.

Psyllium is available in seed form and bulk form. It is easily available at a health store. It is also available in herbal capsule form and is available online as well as in supplement stores.

3. Diarrhea: Psyllium is also used to cure diarrhea, although it may be difficult to understand its role how. The same bulking effect the helps the body when suffering from constipation can help to cure diarrhea and reduce its symptoms. Take psyllium husk or psyllium seed when you first experience the signs of symptoms.

4. Hemorrhoids: Psyllium is also helpful in curing hemorrhoids also referred to as piles. Psyllium can be a potent friend in the fight against piles as it aids in making the flow of stool smooth and easy by reducing resistance. Take three grams of psyllium husk everyday for ease in piles symptoms and to aid flushing out of waste from the digestive tract. Do not take overdose.

5. Weight Loss: Psyllium has shown positive signs as an efficacious herb in weight loss. It can aid in reducing the appetite that is in excessive and make full the abdomen before a meal. Take approximately one to two tbls mixed in about a glass of water before having your main meals. Do not take more that six tbls in a day. After having psyllium just remember to drink lots of fluids to avoid any blockages and maintain the hydration levels. The psyllium is high in dietary fiber thus it reduces the number of calories that are digested and it also gives a feeling of fullness.


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