Yoga’s been around for a long time and we’re actually wasting our time looking for
alternatives that will give us the exact benefits that yoga does – a good workout, a way to
manage stress and a routine to keep us healthy inside and out. In fact our ancestors
handed it down to us on a plate, and the benefits are unrivalled not to mention countless.
But how do we start and where and who will tell us what is best for us? Well that’s exactly
why we did some extensive research and came up with the 9 Best Yoga Courses and
Classes Online for you to choose from.

Here’s what we found for you on the 9 Best Online Yoga Courses and Classes.


1. Yoga for Desk Workers & Students – Desk Yoga for Relaxation

Sarah Beth Yoga, a modern day online yoga teacher, has come up with a perfect during and after-work routine that helps prevent stiffness, pain and stress associated with long hours of working at the desk. The course doesn’t require any prior knowledge or experience of practicing yoga. With easy-to- understand instructions, she offers both beginners and higher level courses. She’s had over 15 million YouTube channel views, 280 yoga videos and 2069 students enrolling for her online classes. With this course you will learn

  • To reduce tension, neck & shoulder pain, back aches and eye strain
  • To decrease stress & anxiety
  • To improve posture & spine healthTo increase circulation to hands, wrists, hips & legs
  • To improve overall health with short work breaks to stretch out
  • To unwind after work.

Student Review: “I can already tell she is an experienced yoga instructor. I enjoy the course after these first few exercises. Thank you.” – Michael Kaul

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2. Yoga for Back Pain Relief and Prevention

This one’s especially for those who are suffering from perpetual lower back pain. One of the most comprehensive Back Pain Yoga courses online, it gets into the modalities of why back pain is caused, how yoga can help and then helps to find which specific yoga program will help you through the Online Program Finder. It then takes you through the process of how to correctly perform these specialized yoga exercises. The course includes an all-embracing routine to strengthen muscles, reduce pain, increase flexibility, boost stamina and heal the back, torso,
leg, arms, abdomen and spine to prevent future injuries. The instructor, Sev Samadhi Tsiompani is a Certified Yoga and Fitness Teacher, has 17 years of experience in personal training and students from over 100 countries. The course will help you to

  • Learn how to effectively reap the health benefits of yoga.
  • Help you relieve lower back pain and prevent it.
  •  Teach you to reduce lower back pain by exercising all related body muscles.
  • Strengthen body muscles through empowerment exercises.
  • Increase flexibility and elasticity through stretching exercises.
  • Increase stamina through aerobic exercise.
  • Strengthen deep muscles of the spine through stablilisation exercises.
  • Take care of your spine by avoiding injuries

Student Review: “Steady pace, all exercises are easy to do and definitely effective, because I tried the exercises in Type 1 and from the very first workout, I got the feeling of relief and relaxation! Surely I didn’t see this coming. Thanks Seva for your effort and dedication.” – Paolo Serder

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3. Hatha & Vinyasa Flow Yoga for Beginners! Earth Yoga

Another one from Yoga Instructor Seva Samadhi Tsiompani, this is not just a run-of- the-mill yoga programme. It includes elements like Pilates, Karana Yoga, Restorative poses, Sotai Yoga and Yoga Nidra. It focuses on balancing the mental and physical states, emphasizing on discovery of the self. The course is divided into beginner and intermediate parts and its basic objective is to understand the body.
The entire programme is an effective combination of physical postures (asanas), breathing exercises and custom yoga routines while learning about the frequency of energy. The course is perfect for those with none or little experience of yoga as also for those who are dealing with serious stress. The programme teaches

  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga
  • Specialised therapeutic exercises to prepare the body for asanas
  • Mind, body and consciousness relaxation with Yoga Nidra or Yogic Sleep
  • How to connect with the 4 basics elements of the sun, earth, air and water.
  • How to increase vital energy
  • How to create and maintain an balance for all the systems in the body
  • How to reduce blood pressure
  • How to induce easy and relaxed sleep
  • How to increase musculoskeletal flexibility
  • How to get rid of accumulated body toxins

Student Review: “Because, I love this course so far !! This is exactly what I was looking for.

!! WhooHoo 🙂 Love taking this course !! I learned a lot 🙂 Will be revisiting this course for refresher 🙂 Thank you so much for your time !! :-)” – Epayne54

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4. Yoga Body: Power Yoga For Weight Loss, Lean Muscle, Mobility

Smart fitness starts here. This course offers beginners, intermediate and advanced workouts for people of all fitness levels. It attempts to match lifestyle and fitness goals and is a blend of power yoga and low impact bodyweight exercises, keeping in mind low-flexibility of new students. The result is a yoga routine that helps sculpt muscles, burns fat and teaches you to avoid injury. The workouts have been split into upper, lower and full body sessions to allow recovery and prevent injurious exertion. Signing up means getting – The Yoga Body Calendar, Bonus Yoga Abs
Workout, The Yoga Body Blueprint, Yoga Body Burn, Yoga Body Sculpt, Yoga Body Exercise Tutorial Library, 7-Minute Yoga Body Beast and 5-Minute Mobility Boost. This course affirms changes within days or weeks and noticeable changes in a month if you stick to the routine. You have the option of starting with the beginner’s level for every workout and then graduate to intermediate and advanced as you get better at it. The course gives you an opportunity to

  • Safely sculpt lean muscle
  • Lose weight, burn fat and increase your metabolism
  • Tighten and tone your core
  • Increase mobility and power
  • Increase flexibility
  • Reduce your risk of injury
  • Improve your posture, look stronger and more confident
  • Relieve stress
  • Protect joints, ligaments and lower back
  • Increase energy

Student Review: “Great workout, Dean. Very good for my wife and I at mid-forties and rather soft. Your workouts have been our first and favorite power yoga fitness endeavor. Your teaching is very clear especially seeing we have no yoga background. We love that you use simple to understand terms. Keep up the good work. We are telling our friends about your workouts!” –Christopher Wheeler

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5. Sounds True Presents: Mystic Flow – The Yoga of Awakening

This programme is perfect for those who want to surpass the boundaries of common yoga practices and follow healing yoga by cultivating reflection and mindfulness. Crafted by renowned yoga teacher and social activist Seane Corn, Mystic Flow is one of a series of The Yoga of Awakening. The series promotes greater connection and consciousness with oneself. The objective is to move towards improved fulfillment, love and service. The sessions start with setting personal intentions and practicing prayer. It then moves on to asanas and poses for restoration, ending with mindful reflection and meditation. A total of 7 sequences allow you to graduate from beginner to advanced practice. The emphasis is on combining prayer with yoga to achieve a more conscious and compassionate existence. The sessions allow you to

  • Build your own spiritual yoga flow with mindful reflection and meditation
  • Learn to set an intention and create a prayer that resonates with you
  • Practice beginner to advanced poses, release tension and build strength
  • Apply what you learn on the yoga mat – strength, flexibility, resilience, love, compassion, patience, peace – to your daily life.
  •  Let go of resentment, learn to forgive more easily and send love to those you care about

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6. Ashtanga Yoga: The Traditional Practice

If you’re interested in understanding the traditional system of Ashtanga (8 rungs of) Yoga, then this is the one for you. The course starts with the essential foundation principles, goes on to teach the 8 rungs of yoga and then gives practical knowledge on how to use them. Anyone who wants to explore the subtle intricacies of yoga should do this course. This is an interesting introduction to the traditional principles and practices of yoga which are largely neglected in the new yoga boom. The course has been authored by the Abhyasa Ashram a monastery and yoga meditation centre based on the ancient tradition of the yogis of cave monasteries in the Himalayas. The course has had 6961 students till date. The course gives you

  • An excellent understanding of the principles of traditional Ashtanga Yoga
  • A solid foundation in practicing traditional Ashtanga Yoga

Student Review: “Best course I ever took and I did my masters and took numerous courses. Logically laid out. Easy to follow. Plenty of repetition to absorb the material.”-
Iwona Roslonek

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7. Yoga for Weightlifting, Powerlifting & Body Building

Kassandra Reinhardt, one of the world’s leading yin yoga instructors with 11,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel, has created this course especially for weightlifters who suffer from aches and pains after a day of lifting. She particularly recommends this cross training with yoga to sustain weight training routines. This is a perfect option to allow the body to recover and prime the muscles for another day of lifting. The sessions help you become better lifters and guide you to become more energized, calm and peaceful. The course includes 8 classes dealing with
stretching and strengthening muscles, strengthening your core and developing a balance, energizing and winding down, increasing flexibility, calming down and preventing muscle soreness. Enrolling gives you access to downloadable videos with 5 free bonus classes and a money back satisfaction guarantee. It does

however recommend taking your doctor’s advice before you start. The course will give you an opportunity to

  • Compliment your existing weight training with yoga
  • Develop muscle strength for muscles which are left out in weight training
  • Improve flexibility and joint health
  • Reduce the risk of injury by improving alignment and posture
  • Reduce tension and tightness by learning to breathe deeply

Student Review: “Its easy to spend all of our time trying to lift more and more, without taking the time to make sure our body is in the right condition to keep doing so. Working on mobility is such an important aspect that is often over looked. This is a great way to make sure we can keep lifting to the best of our abilities! As I tend to go to the gym in the morning, this is a nice way to wind down in the evenings and set me up for the next day.” – Richard Hart

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8. Prenatal Yoga with Jane Austin

Here’s one especially for pregnant mothers-to- be. It’s a 60 minute prenatal yoga session comprising a range of postures that balances effort and surrender, stability and softness. The course is designed to make you listen to your body, regulate your breath and be in harmony with the baby in your womb. The classes offer warm up postures, hip openers, standing poses and gentle stretches broken down into chapters which can be done in parts. Jane Austin is a certified prenatal yoga teacher and trainer, midwife, labour assistant (doula), childbirth educator and mother
herself. The course is not a hard workout class but one that energises and relaxes. Advice from a midwife or your doctor is recommended before starting this course. From this course you will get

  • Use of the tools of yoga like breathing exercises and movement to make you feel physically, mentally and emotionally better
  • To learn techniques to build strength, increase flexibility, reduce stress, increase relaxation, promote healthy circulation and reduce common pregnancy discomforts.

Student Review: “Jane is a great teacher and this yoga-course is truly a help in getting good – but not too much – exercise during pregnancy. I love Janes open, fun and compassionate way of teaching and the fact that the video shows different women who do some of the poses slightly differently, depending on their belly-size. I can highly recommend Janes course!!!” – Lisa Feldman

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9. Yoga: The Hot Yoga Sequence at Home

If you think you’re not flexible enough for yoga then you should try this. It offers the convenience of learning yoga from a qualified instructor (with over 12 years of teaching experience) in the comfort of your home. Learn different yoga postures and their benefits through easy-to- do videos and downloadable booklets. Norma Strang is a Wellness Coach and Yoga Instructor with 25 years of training. Specifically for beginners, this course teaches Hatha yoga and introduces you to its healing benefits. Taking this course will

  • Increase awareness of the medical health benefits of each yoga pose
  • Help you reap the benefits of yoga
  • Bring a better understanding of yoga

Student Review: “I have been dabbling with my own home yoga practice for a few years now , although i was committed enough i needed some guidance and direction as i was really just going through the motions most days and really needing a spark. This being the main reason for taking Norma’s class. I found the class to be very simple to follow with great detail and explanation shown while
demonstrating each posture clearly and their benefits on the body’s organs.
I found this to be very helpful, and after only one class have a better understanding of the importance of staying aware of not only the breath but keeping the body in its correct alignment throughout the whole posture.
I really enjoyed the class and while i found some postures more challenging than what i am use to it is exactly what i needed to broaden my practice and will continue to use this class regularly moving forward.
Thanks Norma” – Tony Mckay

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Well that’s our 9 best online yoga courses and classes. Take your pick and have a good time staying healthy. Get in touch if you need advice.