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A Case Study Of Menstrual Disorder

A Case Study Of Menstrual Disorder


A 41-year-old woman resident of West Bengal approached us with a history of severe menstrual pain for the past 9 months. She also complained of not being able to lose weight, acidity, UTI after sexual intercourse, loss of appetite and fatigue. 

She is a working woman, working night shifts and is in the habit of having 2 meals a day at 2 pm and 10 pm.

Investigation & Diagnosis

The patient reported dark menstrual blood with clots but no foul smell. 

She was found to have no habit of smoking/drinking and though not exercising, is leading an active lifestyle.  She was not found to be lazy/ sedentary. Her food preferences suggested a mixed diet.

Additionally, the following observations were made:

Tongue - white coating 

Stools - Hard 

Sweet cravings for chocolate and sweets, intolerance to spice. 

Fatigue and weakness 

She was diagnosed with - Vataja Artava Dushti (Menstrual disorder arising out of Vata vitiation)


She was immediately started off on Hingvadi Gulika, Avipattikar Churnam, Kanchnar Guggulu, Saptasaram Kashayam and Pushyanuga Churnam. Later on, Bhumiamalaki powder and Shatavari Churnam were also added to her treatment. 

She was advised a diet of simple mung dal khichdi, vegetable soup of Ghiya (Bottle Gourd) Pumpkin and buttermilk. She was strictly instructed to avoid curd, leafy vegetables and excessive consumption of milk and non-vegetarian food.  

Fruit juices of Pomegranate, Apple, Beetroot, and Carrots were suggested to be taken in combinations. She was prescribed boiled barley water and rice boiled water to be taken once a day. 

The treatment with medicines continued for about 3 months. 


After the 1st month itself, she reported normal bleeding and pain only on the 4th day. Her acidity problem was completely resolved. 

At the end of 3 months, her periods were regular with no pain at all, no acidity, fatigue/ body pain. Her sleep also improved. With the suggested diet she was able to lose about 5 kgs and she was following a wholesome diet with regular practice of yoga. 

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