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A Case Study Of Rheumatoid Arthritis Treated Using Ayurvedic Medication & Diet

ayurvedic treatment of Rheumatoid arthritis

Ayurvedic Treatment For Rheumatoid Arthritis 

A 25-year-old male came to the Nirogam clinic complaining of severe pain and stiffness in the joints of the hands and the right knee. He had been suffering for a  year and had used several kinds of painkillers but with no relief. 

The patient in question has been working in restaurants to support his family.  Odd working hours, irregular meal times and predominantly spicy, non-vegetarian diet governed his lifestyle. This started causing complaints of severe acidity, constipation, sleeplessness along with tenderness in the joints and a general feeling of weakness. 

Visits to the allopathic doctor gave temporary relief, but he gradually developed morning stiffness and severe fatigue. The pain and swelling in his hands increased to the extent that he had to start taking time off from work.

When he came to Nirogam he was relying completely on painkillers and his acidity was getting worse causing acid reflux.  When he stopped going to work altogether somebody suggested seeing an Ayurvedic doctor.

Investigation & Diagnosis 

On examination, the joints of fingers in both hands were found to be swollen and tender to touch. Also, his case history of severe digestive issues and unhealthy habits prompted us to check his blood work.  His ESR and RA levels were elevated. Rheumatoid arthritis was confirmed on the basis of the symptoms and the positive blood reports.


He was prescribed Ayurvedic medications and diet. 

1st line of treatment - Depana, Pachana - to increase the agni, improve the appetite and remove the accumulated toxins from the body. This was combined with Vaishwanara Churnam + Yogaraja Guggulu

2nd Round: Deepana, Ama Pachana, Vata Hara - Ama Pachana was continued to deal with recurring toxins.  Medicines like Amruthotharam Kashayam and Vaishwanara Churnam to increase appetite were continued to correct digestion and to relieve acidity. Vilwadi gulika and Dasamoolarasnadi Rasnadi Kashayam were also prescribed among other Ayurvedic formulations.

Throughout the treatment, the patient was on a restricted diet of mung dal soup and khichdi with lots of ginger and pepper. Regular servings of seasonal vegetables and fruits were recommended along with buttermilk. 

Non-vegetarian food, tomatoes, potatoes, all fried foods, curd, paneer were strictly prohibited. 

The patient was advised 15-20 mins of sunbathing and stretching exercises on a daily basis. 


The young man’s acidity was completely resolved within 10 days. His bowel movements became regular and the swelling started to reduce. However, problems of sleeplessness and tenderness of the joints persisted. 

The prescription was continued and after 20 days, the swelling in the hand joints had considerably reduced with no acidity or constipation.  He regained his energy and the pain had considerably subsided. He is now able to walk for 15-20 mins continuously without any pain. His sleep is also gradually improving and he continues to be on a treatment of Amavata Chikitsaa and other remedies.

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