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A Case Study on Ayurvedic Treatment of Knee Pain - Arthritis and Joint Degeneration

ayurvedic treatment of knee pain


A 61 year old housewife approached us with symptoms of pain in the left knee that was radiating to the ankle.  She also complained of stiffness in the right knee, pain and numbness. She had difficulty walking after having walked for 20 minutes and was unable to climb stairs.  Her reported symptoms included irritability and mood swings.

Investigation & Diagnosis

On investigation it was found that she was a pure vegetarian with no history of smoking/ alcohol consumption.  She was unable to do any exercise.

2 weeks prior she had reported a problem of lower back pain.

Since 2007 she was suffering from very high blood pressure and was on hypertension medications.   She has been taking Metformin for her diabetes for the past 4 years.

She had a Hysterectomy due to fibroids more than 20 years ago.  She also has a history of Intestinal obstruction and hernia.

Acidity - resolved

Constipation - no

Bloating - no

Cervical pain - due to fracture a few years ago.

An X-Ray revealed left knee degeneration. Her RA factor was found positive.

Further, examination revealed the following:

Tongue - white coating

Stools - normal

Weight gain - unable to lose weight

Nadi - Pitta Kapha Pradhana  

The patient was diagnosed with Amavata


Her treatment started with detoxification through Ama Pachana and Agni Deepana medicines consisting of Amruthottaram Kashayam, Hinguvachadi Churnam, Arthjoint Gold capsules, Maharasnadi Kashayam, Rasna Saptakam Kashayam, Yogaraja Guggulu, and some medications to reduce blood sugar including Salacia -O capsules. For external application, oils like Kottamchukkadi oil, Murivenna, Karpoora Thailam were prescribed.

She was advised a diet of easy to digest pulses and grains and a regular dose of barley water.

Stretch exercises, pranayama, and a daily 15 minute walk were recommended.


Her condition considerably improved in 20 days and her pain subsided by 60-70 % within 2 months. Artho Joint was continued for 3 more months and she is now able to walk for 1 hour every day and do her daily chores without any pain /stiffness.

Ayurvedic Medicine for Arthritis, Joint and Knee Pain

Arthojoint Gold for Arthritis, Mobility, and Joint Support


  • Nourishes joints for better flexibility
  • Relieves pain and stiffness of the joint
  • Improves joint strength and stability

Dosage :
3 hard gel capsules per day. one tablet each after breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Packaging size :
90 capsules

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