Correcting pre-mature menopause naturally…. – Nirogam  

Correcting pre-mature menopause naturally….

Correcting pre-mature menopause naturally….

An-ovulatory cycles, are another most common ovarian dysfunction and endocrine disorder which affects approximately 15-20 per cent of women in the reproductive age. The affected women will often have signs and symptoms of elevated androgen levels, menstrual irregularity as well as weight gain, a slight amount of abnormal hair growth on the face or the body and no periods at all (amenorrhea) if the imbalance is extreme.

Sometimes if you deliberately terminate a pregnancy or a series of mis-carriages can trigger a trauma at the ovaries. We also slow down in life as we receive shocks and turning points. This type of cases often come after C-section, Tubectomy, mastectomy, loss of an infant.

Dr. Bhate, an ayurvedacharya believes that the fire or “agni” which drives the ovaries can get extinguished and a simple emotion can re-ignite it. When there is death or grief, the body does not feel hungry. Just like that sometimes the fire “Shukra-dhatu” can get cold. If you face premature menopause, just give it time. You may be able to restart the cycles, without any intake of harmful hormone preparations/drugs, provided you are willing to start your life afresh and take a positive view of things. Sometimes, daily-stress and tensions within the family, relations with in-laws, tensions in the work-place can cause this type of a low-down. It is believed that maybe the heart-chakra, love, emotions and meeting after a long-seperation can re-start the ovarian activity.

Ayurveda has a wide range of phytosterols to strengthen ovarian functions. Various Ghrutams/Medicated Ghee made from herbs and cow ghee are used to balance hormones. Shatavari Ghritam is one among them. Aloe vera, cinnamon, fenugreek, amalaki (Emblica Officinalis), honey, glycosugars in sweet fruits, shilajit, shatavari, ashwagandha, is a wide spectrum. The goal of herbal medicine here is to start ovarian function, and supporting optimal endocrine function. The ovaries have friendship with Thyroid gland and pancreas too and author notes that they underperform simultaneously. The well known herb which is for Indian ladies facing menstrual irregularities or scanty flows is Aloe Vera. Take Aloe vera with a little turmeric and Saindhav salt on an empty stomach early in the morning, half an hour before food.

You may use Kumari Aasav (No. 1) about 15 ml with equal water. This is to be taken upto 3 months after periods resume. Along with Kumari Aasav, you may take two tablets of Rajapravartini Vati, Kanyalohadi Vati or Eladi vari 125 mg each with water. These tablets are made from Lohabhasma, Asfoetida, Tankan Bhasma, etc. Shatawari Ghrutam about 1 to 2 tsp in warm milk after breakfast and at bedtime is an ovarian tonic. Continue 3 months or longer till cycles regularize. Once cycles start, take from 15th cycle day till the day of next cycle. You may note that all the three tablets are also made combining Aloe vera with other herbo-minerals.

It is suggested that you should avoid potato, brinjal, tomatoes, beans, blackgram, horsegram. Increase green gram. Sesame seeds with jaggery made in the form of burfi/pancake will help. Amlaki juice with honey is the best home remedy to restore Shukra dhatu. If you have to eat legumes, eat sprouted form. Use spices such as black pepper, turmeric and ginger, all three help liver. Avoid meat, cheese, sugar, cold foods and drinks.

Shatavari Plus


  • Helpful in the treatment of PCOS and infertility
  • Promotes lactation
  • Corrects hormonal imbalance and relieves PMS
  • Used as a remedy for Brest enlargement
  • Treats post partum bleeding

  • 1 capsule after food with warm milk or water.

Puneet – your friend in good health.


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