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The Many Health Benefits of Sesame Oil

The Many Health Benefits of Sesame Oil
Health benefits of sesame oil ranges anything you can think about from head to toe. Ayurveda quotes “Taile anukte tilodbhavam” which means in any formulation, if a specific taila’s name is not mentioned, then sesame oil (tila taila) has to be taken without any doubts. It is also taken internally. The word ‘taila’ is coined from the sanskrit word tila which means sesame seeds.That is the position that sesame oil enjoys when it comes to ayurvedic medicated oils.

What determines the quality of sesame oil?
As per Bhavaprakasha, a renowned text on herbs, the black sesame seeds are the best. White is of medium quality and rest sesame seeds including red are of inferior quality.
Hence the oil taken from the black is of superior quality. Extraction of oil through cold pressing in a traditional wooden press enhances the health benefits of sesame oil.

Properties and composition:
Sesame oil is hot in potency and unctous in property. It has vyavayi guna which means it enters the channel’s of the body fastly thereby carrying the effect of the herbs added with it.It balances Vata and Kapha Dosha, Slightly increases Pitta Dosha. It improves strength and digestion, memory, intelligence, complexion and it has anti ageing and rejuvenative properties.
  • Sesame is rich in Vitamin E. Hence acts as a natural anti oxidant. It also contains Vitamin K. Sesame contains magnesium, copper, calcium, iron, zinc, and vitamin B6.
  • Terpenoid presence gives this oil antibacterial and anti-diabetic properties. Terpenoid are also helpful in reducing blood sugar and blood pressure.
  • Alkaloids are central nervous system stimulants, topical anaesthetics in ophthalmology, powerful pain relievers and have anti-itch action.

Sesame oil for Vata Dosha
Acharya Charaka, a renowned physician of Ayurveda Continuous use of sesame oil alleviates Vata, as oil is unctuous, hot and heavy, vata being dry, cold and light is of the opposite nature.

The role of sesame oil in dinacharya
Ayurveda advocates massaging the body (abhyanga) by application of oil before going to bath. This imparts strength to the musculoskeletal system, wards of ageing, alleviates vata, improves complexion, eyesight, nourishes the body, gives good sleep and imparts sturdiness to the body. Hot water bath is advocated after the oil massage.

How to use sesame oil in your daily life?
  1. Sesame oil serves as a good cooking medium, imparting a good flavour to the food. It is known to correct variations in Blood pressure
  2. Intake of sesame oil during puberty ensures that the women will have less complications during pregnancy and childbirth as it strengthens the reproductive organs.
  3. Cooking with sesame oil also corrects irregular periods for some women.
  4. Oil massage with sesame oil on the body relieves pains and aches.
  5. Application of sesame oil on the skin improves the complexion and glow.
  6. Oil pulling with sesame oil prevents dental carries, foul odor from the mouth, stomatitis, gingivitis and improves one’s voice.
  7. It is an excellent laxative.
  8. It is an excellent oil for massaging the babies. A study found that Babies massaged with sesame oil registered an added increase in height, weight and circumference of their arms, although serum levels of nutrients remained the same. It also boosted sleep after massage.
  9. It keeps swimmer’s ear infection at bay when used before swimming.
  10. It helps in increasing the HDL levels without increasing LDL levels.
  11. It is a wound cleanser.
When should it be avoided?
The use of sesame oil has to avoided in the following conditions:
  1. In diarrhea – Due to its laxative properties, intake of til tel can aggravate diarrheaBuy
  2. In vomitting-Due to its heaviness and oily nature, intake of til tel can cause nausea and vomitting.
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