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8 Home Remedies for Calluses on the Feet!

8 Home Remedies for Calluses on the Feet!
Calluses are the thickened skin occurring due to the accumulation of dead skin.

Causes of Calluses
  • Repeated friction.
  • Wearing ill-fitting shoes.
  • Not using socks before wearing shoes.
  • Walking barefoot on a hard surface.
  • Flat feet or high arched feet.
  • Being overweight.

Symptoms of Calluses

  • Stone hard bump on your feet.
  • Pain and tenderness.
  • Dry and scaling skin.

Home Remedies for Calluses

  • Soak your feet regularly in warm water added with Epsom salt. This will soften your calluses and reduces the pain.
  • Scrub with a pumice stone or nail filer daily.
  • Try to trim off the extra dead skin cautiously.
  • Moisturise your skin with moisturiser or oil daily.
  • Apply Aloe vera lotion mixed with turmeric or yashtimadhu churna.
  • Wear properly fitting shoes with supporting pad and socks.
  • Tie a bandage with lemon peel on the affected area and leave it overnight. Do it regularly till the calluses disappear.
  • Apply mustard oil or kasisadi taila or tea tree oil on affected area regularly till the calluses vanish.

f you are diabetic, you need to be more cautious in trying home remedies to prevent infection.

In Ayurveda, there are treatment procedures like Agni karma and Kshara karma which gives a permanent solution for calluses.

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