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A Healthy Pregnancy with the Help of Ayurveda!

A Healthy Pregnancy with the Help of Ayurveda!
Pregnancy can be a very beautiful experience for you if you learn how to manage the morning sickness and the aches and pains. Here are some natural ways by which you can have a happy and healthy pregnancy:

Massage the body with dhanwantaram oil,around 45 minutes before bath. This should be done daily, from 4th month onwards and can be continued till the 9th month.

Placing a small cotton dipped in dhanwantaram oil (during the 9th month) inside and around the vagina facilitates easy delivery.

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Ayurveda mentions that:

A pregnant woman should wear clean, loose fitting clothes. She should avoid dreadful sights and loud agitating sounds and should focus on peace giving activities. She should avoid visiting the cremation grounds and avoid solitary retreats. Indulgence in anger, fright or other agitating emotions of the mind should also be avoided.
  • Do not wear tight fitting clothes.
  • Do not use heavy blankets or place them over the abdomen.
  • Do not change your sleeping position from left side to right side or vice-versa without getting up.
  • Sleep sideways instead of sleeping in prone position.
  • Keep both thighs together while sitting.


A pregnant lady requires 300 kilo calories of extra energy, for that 1 glass of milk, one banana and an egg can be taken daily.

A pregnant lady should avoid papaya, pineapple, cabbage, kiwi, milkshakes, cashews, walnuts, pista, soya beans, kidney beans and uncooked sprouts.

Avoid frequent intake of bakery products, frozen or canned foods, packaged fruit juices, junk foods like pizza, burgers, noodles, Chinese food, fermented foods, stale food, cold drinks, aerated drinks, chips, non-veg. food. Avoid usage of additive colors, spicy and salty foods. Practise taking boiled sprouts as it can cure gas troubles.

Small frequent meals would be better than 3 large heavy meals. Buttermilk should be taken daily.

To combat nausea and vomiting, consumption of pomegranate juice, tender coconut water, etc. is beneficial. Puffed rice can be taken along with tender coconut water.

An Ayurvedic formulation called ‘Vilwadi Lehyam’ can be taken in the dose of 2-3 grams 3-4 times a day and chewed. This is an effective remedy against morning sickness.

Maha dhanwantaram tablets, 1-2 tablets, twice daily after food is also recommended for pregnant ladies.

Nausea and vomiting generally persists in the 1st trimester, which subsides later on. But if these symptoms continue and if it is very severe, you need to consult a gynaecologist.

Ayurvedic practitioners usually recommend mahadhanwantaram gulika to be taken in the second and third trimester as well.

Herbal milk decoctions prepared from herbs like bala (Sida cordifolia), pushkaramoola, guduchi (giloy), shatavari, etc. should be consumed by the pregnant lady.

DHANWANTHARI GULIKA TABLET also known as Dhanwantharam gulika is an ayurvedic medicine in tablet form. It serves as a first aid in the treatment of indigestion. It is given as a prophylactic during pregnancy.

It acts mainly on the vata dosha. Causes vatanulomana – restores normal pathway of vata

Dosage:1 or 2 pills can be chewed or taken with water or jeera water.

The following link mentions about month wise diet and regime according to Ayurvedic principles:

Kindly also refer to these links, which mention about postpartum care through Ayurveda and also the various Ayurvedic galactagogues.

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