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Ayurvedic Treatment and Home Remedies for Hair Fall

Ayurvedic Treatment and Home Remedies for Hair Fall
Stress, worry, anxiety, and inadequate nutrition lead to hair loss and premature greying of hair. Increased intake of fried, sour, spicy, salty, and fermented foods, as well as tea and coffee, aggravate the Pitta Dosha in the body. This Pitta accumulates in the skin of the scalp, leading to hair falling out and greying prematurely.

Factors like excessive anger and stress are also responsible. Excessive consumption of alcohol and meat also aggravate Pitta. Family history is also one of the factors. Vata dosha also gets aggravated here . The hair is derived either as a by-product or produced as a breakdown product of Asthi (bone tissue). When vata dosha aggravates in the body, there is a reduction in asthi dhatu and also blockage in the channels carrying the rasa dhatu or lymphatic fluids, which will in turn lead to hair fall.

Hair loss can be one of the most common signs of iodine deficiency. Iodine, when combined with iron, zinc and magnesium is said to be one of the best minerals that help in maintaining healthy and lustrous hair. Iodine stimulates thyroid gland which helps in strengthening the hair root and boosting hair growth.Excessive consumption is also dangerous.

Major Causes of Hair Fall
There are several conditions which cause hair fall. Some of the major causes are:
  • A prolonged illness.
  • Stress
  • Thyroid hormone imbalance.
  • Few Medicines like anticoagulants, medicines used for gout, chemotherapy for cancer, excess of vitamin A, birth control pills and antidepressants.
  • Conditions like lupus, diabetes etc.
  • Fungal infection of scalp.
  • Use of harsh chemicals or hot oil for treatment.
  • Anaemia

Ayurvedic treatment of hair loss is aimed at pacification of Pitta and vata dosha and also strengthens the kapha dosha through a customised diet and lifestyle regime, along with medication. A combination of diet, herbs, oil massage, meditation, breathing and yoga can be beneficial in the management of hair loss and premature greying of hair.

Bhringaraja, amlaki, vibhitaki, yastimadhu, guduchi, daruharidra are the important/main herbs used in most of the Ayurvedic oils.

Bhringaraja: It is one of the best natural blood purifiers, that stimulates the liver and alleviates oedema all over the body. It also increases hemoglobin percentage in the blood. This is absolutely necessary for people suffering from anaemia. Anaemia is a causative factor for hair loss. It strengthens the liver, spleen and digestion.

It prevents hair fall, rejuvenates the hair and restores natural colour to the hair. It strengthens the roots of the hair and prevents split ends. It also makes the hair more manageable and brings damaged hair back to life. It is known to keep the hair dark and and lustrous.

Amla reduces all the aggravated doshas. It balances the doshas. It strengthens the hair follicles and reduces the inflammation of scalp skin.

Yastimadhu also balances the tridoshas.(mainly pitta). Daruharidra also acts on the pitta rakta dhatus. It is a specific herb for treating imbalanced rakta dhatu agni.

Guduchi pacifies pitta dosha. It is used in infective conditions of scalp. It is known to nourish the asthi dhatu, which is involved in the pathogenesis.

Ashwagandha pacifies vata dosha. It is indicated in various problems like stress, insomnia, which results in hair loss.

Depending on the root cause of hairfall, the necessary treatment and oil is selected. If dandruff is the cause of hairfall, then dhurdurapatra or durvadi keram is selected. Both external and internal medicines need to be taken.

Ayurvedic Home Remedies For Hair Fall
  • Grind some slightly dry roasted methi, make a paste of it in warm water depending on hair length and keep it on for 20 minutes before washing off.
  • Powdered Amla has to be mixed with warm water and used on the scalp to promote hair growth. it also prevents premature greying of hair.
  • Fenugreek is very effective in preventing dandruff, hair fall and baldness. Soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight and grind it into a fine paste the following morning. Apply and leave this paste on the scalp for 30 to 45 minutes and then wash it with a mild shampoo.
  • Have 1 tsp of amla powder mixed with honey, twice daily after food.
  • Take an ounce of aloe vera juice daily before food
  • A spoonful of white sesame seeds each morning can be a great source of magnesium and calcium. They are very effective hair loss checkers.
  • A hot oil massage using either coconut, almond or brahmi oil helps improve circulation, rejuvenates your hair follicles, which leads to better blood circulation to the roots.
  • Drink adequate amount of water daily.
  • Drink fresh juices of carrot, alfalfa, lettuce and spinach for aiding in hair growth.
  • Massage aloe vera gel in the hair thoroughly after taking a head bath, leave it for few hours and wash it off with warm water.
  • Take green leafy vegetables, raisins, dates, milk, etc.
  • Yogasanas like sarvangasana, bhujangasana, paschimothanasan, pranaya, etc., will help to cool the body and improve blood circulation which will in turn help to arrest hair fall.
  • Add 10 drops of lemon juice to 1 egg white,beat well. Apply to scalp and hair,once a week.
  • Water boiled with a few neem leaves can be used for washing hair.
  • Make a paste by tulsi leaves and amla powder mixed with water. Massage this paste on the scalp and let it remain for half to one hour. Wash the hair with water.
  • The hair should be washed twice a week with 2 tbsp of green gram powder mixed with half cup f curd.
  • The juice of snake gourd should be rubbed over the scalp for prevention and treatment of dandruff.
  • A paste made of triphala churnam can be applied on the scalp for beneficial results.
  • Tea tree oil can be applied on the scalp in case of dandruff.
  • Eating Sesame (Til) seeds and Fenugreek (Methi) regularly would be beneficial for the hair.

  • Do not use shampoo frequently.
  • Avoid fried spicy food, cold food and drinks.
  • Avoid suppression of natural urges,
  • Avoid exposure to cold breeze and night outs.

If you are looking for medicines to arrest hair fall and promote hair growth, I would recommend you to take the following Ayurvedic medicines:
  • Saptamrut loha, 2 grams with honey,at bedtime.
  • Trichup capsule, 1 capsule twice daily.
  • Kesho hills hair wash
  • Neelibhringadi coconut oil
  • Xerfer capsule, 1 capsule twice daily,after food(in case of low Hb or iron deficiency)

Nirogam All-new Hair Tonic Combo with Bhringaraj and Neeli.

Reduces hair fall
  • Nourishes the scalp and root of the hair
  • Prevents greying of hair
  • Helps fight dandruff

1. Neelibhringadi Organic Oil :
Apply every day 1 hour before bathing. Warm it up a little, and massage gently on your scalp

2. Triphala Tablets :
3 tablets with a glass of lukewarm water 1 hour before sleep every night.

3. Hairaan Lotion :
Wash your hair, and apply this lotion 10-15 drops after every bath. This lotion nourishes your hair follicles, and prevents greying.

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