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Best Exercises For PCOS

best exercises for pcos

Experiencing an irregular or abnormal menstrual cycle is a problem that almost every woman faces at some point or another. We often shrug it off as a trivial issue. But do you know that it can be a sign of PCOS? Around 116 million women in the world suffer from PCOS. Along with abnormal periods, if you experience sudden weight gain or breakouts, chances are you might be suffering from it too. By following these best exercises for PCOS will help you to lose weight and decrease symptoms of PCOS naturally.

What is PCOS?

PCOS is a condition where women experience problems with ovulation during their menstrual cycle. The eggs might not develop properly in the ovaries or would be unable to ovulate at the right time. The most common cause of PCOS is a hormonal imbalance in the body. 

PCOS is the most common, yet treatable cause of infertility among women. Women suffering from PCOS are 3 times more likely to develop endometrial cancer & are prone to a number of other ailments. Though serious,, with the right medication & routine, you can easily keep the symptoms of PCOS under control.



PCOS & Weight Gain

Of all the women suffering from PCOS around 80% are obese. Other than aggravating PCOS, weight gain can present a bunch of other problems like making you more prone to cardiovascular diseases. On the other hand, PCOS can also make it harder for you to lose weight.

Weight loss is a must for people suffering from PCOS. From food to exercise, make sure that you are making enough efforts to lose those extra pounds to aid the treatment of PCOS.

Exercises For PCOS That Can Help You

According to a study, exercising regularly can help decrease PCOS symptoms faster. The following exercises are known to aid weight loss in women with PCOS. You must include at least some of these in your daily routine to reduce PCOS symptoms naturally. 

1. Callisthenicscure

exercise for pcos to get period

A great way to exercise while on a tight schedule is to do a set of callisthenics every day. They are easy, quick & you can do it on the go. A mere 30 minutes of Callisthenics can help in the active recovery of PCOS. You can do it in small intervals of 5-10 minutes throughout the day as per your convenience.

Regularly performing callisthenics exercise in PCOS can reduce insulin resistance in the body. It dilates the blood vessels increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs.

2. Cardio

PCOS Exercise Period

30 minutes of Cardio exercising every day can reduce the insulin sensitivity of the body, lowering the risks of both type 2 diabetes & cardiovascular diseases. It is a great way to manage weight too.

Regular cardio can also boost fertility and stabilize improper menstrual cycle & ovulation. It freshens you up, which can elevate your mood and reduce stress. Morning cycling could be an excellent option. 

3. High-Intensity Interval Training

pcos exercise and fertility

High-intensity training enhances cardiovascular fitness in the body, by lowering insulin resistance. It also reduces the level of the male hormone testosterone in the body, which is elevated as a symptom of PCOS. These exercises for PCOS can also help you lose weight easily, especially around the waist.

You can do High-Intensity Interval training by switching between bouts of high-intensity exercise like spin biking and low-intensity recovery exercises like brisk walking. This helps work your body enough but doesn’t overwork it. 

4. Strength Training

exercises for pcos belly

These exercises are concentrated towards strengthening your back & abdominal muscles, thus aiding healing for PCOS. Strength exercises like squats, push-ups, tricep dips, etc. should be done from time & time. This helps in improving the basal metabolic rate of the body. It also enhances insulin functioning in the body, reducing the risk of chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes.

Strength exercises for PCOS involve a number of pelvic floor muscle training. This enhances the stability of the pelvic muscles. Moreover, these exercises work well at maintaining general well-being in women & prevent injuries. 

5. Swimming

exercise for pcos

Swimming is a great way to exercise since it exerts pressure on your entire body by resistance. This also helps reduce stress & anxiety, which often worsen PCOS. You can keep yourself motivated to swim every day by setting small daily goals & conquering them. By swimming, you also get to take some time off for yourself through the day. 

6. Walking

exercise for pcos to get period

If you work a tight schedule, walking can be your saviour. Walking is a great aerobic exercise that can help improve the hormonal balance of the body. It also aids the body’s metabolism. It can help in enhancing ovulation & correcting the body’s menstrual cycle.

You can just opt to take a stroll whenever possible during the day, but you take a morning walks are the best. Walking for around 20 minutes every day can do wonders. You can divide this time into small intervals of 5 mins each, with alternating sessions of moderate-paced walking & jogging.

7. Yoga

pcos exercise and fertility

Yoga for PCOS can prove instrumental in healing. It can help you lose weight easily, while also improving metabolism. It increases circulation, ultimately strengthening the reproductive glands. It also has pain-numbing effects on the body.

There is a myriad of yoga asanas you can do to aid healing, each of which concentrates on a different part of the body. Yoga can regulate the functioning of endocrine glands, curbing the production of cortisol & adrenaline in the body. This reduces the feeling of stress & anxiety, both of which are prominent symptoms of PCOS. 

What causes PCOS?

To manage PCOS you need to understand what factors are responsible for it. It isn’t always a single cause. In some cases, PCOS is caused due to an aggregate of reasons including both genetic & environmental factors.

Following are the most common causes of PCOS in most women:
  • Heredity
  • Hormonal Fluctuations
  • Insulin resistance
  • Low-grade Inflammation
  • Increased secretion of insulin
  • Poor sleep-wake routine

Symptoms To Look Out For

The symptoms of PCOS are often so slight or minor that people dismiss them as something trivial. However, if you observe any of the following symptoms, you should consult a doctor at the earliest. 

Here are a few common symptoms of PCOS -

  • Irregular or no periods
  • Irregular menstrual bleeding
  • Abnormal weight gain
  • Sudden flares of acne or pimples
  • Dandruff or oily skin
  • Dark discolouration in armpits, groin or neck
  • Abnormal growth on the face
  • Male pattern baldness
  • Deepening voice
  • Hirsutism 
  • Inability to get pregnant
  • Repeated miscarriages


Though there is no permanent cure for PCOS, with the right medication, its symptoms can be controlled. Nirogam’s Picoshunya is the ideal remedy to reduce the symptoms of PCOS.


Picoshunya has the healing properties of herbs like 

  • Haritaki
  •  Vibhitaki
  • Amalaki
  • Pippali
  • Guggulu 
  • Varun 
  • Sairyaka 
  • Shatavari 
  • Chitraka
  • Ashok Bark
  • Kanchnar Bark
  • Karanja 
  • Yashtimadhu Root
  • Agnimantha and more

Benefits of Picoshunya

Following are some of the benefits of the Picoshunya.
  • It enhances female reproductive health.
  • It enhances fertility.
  • It promotes ovulation
  • It treats hormonal imbalance in the body.
  • It eliminates cysts.
  • It corrects irregular periods.

Picoshunya provides complete Ayurvedic treatment for PCOS naturally.

A few lifestyle changes to aid healing

A strong medication & a good exercise regime can help you fight PCOS. But adapting to healthier habits will help you lead a better life & reduce symptoms of PCOS at a deeper level.

Here are 10 easy lifestyle tips that can help you lead a healthy life while fighting PCOS.
  • Ensure that your daily diet is full of vitamins, proteins & other nutrients.
  • Give up on processed foods since they can spike your blood sugar levels. 
  • Add useful herbs like cinnamon, fenugreek, aloe vera & basil in your diet.
  • Add foods like fruits, berries, nuts, dark chocolate, olive oil, etc. to your meals.
  • Include milk in your diet since it has calming & soothing properties.
  • Drink around 8-10 glasses of water every day to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Don’t undereat in order to lose weight, since that can lead to slowing down your metabolism, further causing weight gain,
  • Rely on home remedies like mango tree bark & jaggery concoction for regular periods.
  • Opt for Panchakarma therapy, since it can help in balancing hormonal levels in the body.
  • Perform activities like Yoga & meditation to control the levels of cortisol and manage weight.


PCOS is a prominent disease among women & you should always keep an eye out for any symptoms. If you notice any of the mentioned symptoms, consult a doctor as soon as possible. This will help you get a clear picture of your body’s health & get the right treatment on time.

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