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Boost Your Immunity With Ayurveda

how to boost immunity with ayurveda

Ayurveda is often preferred more than allopathic medicine and treatments. When it comes to boosting immunity, Ayurveda can give you some of the best options to maintain good health. Here, we will discuss some lifestyle changes, foods that you must add to your diet & some Ayurvedic medicines for immunity that can help you. After all, enhancing your immunity can help you stay healthy & keep ailments at bay.


How Can Ayurveda Boost Immunity?

The ultimate vitalizing energy in terms of Ayurveda is known as ‘Ojas,’ and its concentration remains mainly on the ‘heart chakra’. If you see someone suffering from various ailments, you can deduce that ‘Ojas’ is low in their bodies. In such cases, the person also becomes more prone to several chronic diseases, allergies, and infections.

According to the ancient practitioners who studied & practiced Ayurveda; adverse reactions, thoughts, or emotions may cause the ‘Ojas’ in the body to go down.
For example, too much hatred, worry, anger, guilt, jealousy, envy, fatigue, and more may cause harm to the body in terms of lowering your immunity. The other factors may include psychological tensions, pollution in the environment, overconsumption of antibiotics, metabolism issues, low level of physical activity, overconsumption of junk food, and more. 

The highlight of this concept is that foods, especially those containing artificial sweetening and preservatives restrict the body’s ability to recover from allergies & infections. As a result, low resistance makes you vulnerable to various diseases. The other problems that may arise due to immunity issues are allergies, insomnia, tiredness, lack of appetite, lethargy, indigestion, breathing issues, and more.

Ayurvedic Herbs to Boost Your Immunity 

Check out the following herbs that will help to boost your immune system. 

1. Ashwagandha

Stress is a major cause of immunity-related problems such as a common cold. In extreme cases, low immunity may also result in heart problems. Ashwagandha can help you here. Consumption of Ashwagandha calms the nerves and works to treat Vata imbalance. You can take a glass of warm water and mix some Ashwagandha powder into it. The solution will, in turn, regulate cortisol in your body, which helps reduce stress. 

2. Liquorice

The pacified ‘Pitta diet’ highlights the importance of liquorice or mulethi. Liquorice is capable of improving interferon levels in the body. Interferons regulate & reduce the growth of majority of pathogens in the body. Mulethi or liquorice has multiple other benefits such as reducing fatigue, growth of bacteria and signs of ageing. 

3. Tulsi

Tulsi is called the queen of Ayurvedic herbs since every part of it contains medicinal properties. The antibacterial and antiviral properties present in Tulsi help to improve immunity. It can help treat any type of respiratory problems like coughs & common colds. It also works wonders for blood sugar by regulating insulin levels. 

4. Amla

Amla contains a lot of Vitamin C that works to boost the immunity of the body and improves metabolism. It enhances youthfulness and also improves Ojas. As a result, the three doshas in the body are pacified. Amla works well for detoxification and proper liver functioning. It can fight against several harmful viruses and bacteria that prevent ailments such as cold and flu. Amla also contains polyphenols that are capable of restricting cancer cells in the body from multiplying. 

5. Neem

Neem has antimicrobial properties and purifies your blood. Neem is also a great ingredient that works for detoxification of your body. It is capable of fighting against fungal infections in the body and has anti-carcinogenic properties. You may chew 8-10 neem leaves daily or drink neem tea for best results. 

Best Ways to Boost Your Immunity 

According to the experts of Ayurveda, immunity problems are often a result of seasonal changes. The secret is to prevent health problems with the help of proper food and Ayurvedic medicine for immunity.

Let’s talk about foods that will increase the amount of ‘Ojas’ in the body for better immunity. Any food that will encourage the growth of ‘Ama’ (toxins) is what you must avoid when immunity is in concern.

Ojas is the ultimate element in the digestive cycle & encourages good health, positive emotions, and a healthy immune system. On the other hand, Ama is the digestive impurities that are a result of an unhealthy lifestyle that harms health and immunity.

To define this better, Ayurveda uses the Beej-Bhumi theory to interpret the functioning of the immune system. It explains that our bodies are analogous to land and infections are like seeds. If we have Ama and lack Ojas, our bodies become a fertile land for infection to spread. If your digestion is good and Ojas dominates the Amas, then such ‘seeds’ will not trouble you.

Ways to Boost The Immune System

Check out some of the lifestyle changes you can make, in order to boost your immune system:

 1. Simple foods over unhealthy ones

What do you understand by simple foods? Foods such as fresh fruits, dairy products, legumes, whole grains are simple, fresh, and healthy food items. They are unprocessed and contain a lot of nutrients. They are also termed as intelligent foods as they awaken the Ojas in our bodies.

On the other hand, there are also foods that are processed, preserved, and frozen. Such items generally come in attractive packages but are not digested by the body easily. The addition of harmful preservatives and harsh chemicals makes such foods even more damaging.

2. Use spices that improve the immune system

You must cook food in such a way that it does not hamper the natural benefits of the ingredients. Suppose you are cooking lentils, try not to overcook them. If you boil and then add mild spices to them you will be able to successfully convert lentils and other legumes to Ojas more quickly. 

Experts say that mild spices and other flavours add to the ‘Yogavahi’ property of any food. The ‘Yogavahi’ property of food helps to speed up digestion in a proper way. It also makes sure that the body receives all the required nutrients. 

Spices contain properties that boost the immune system because they are capable of providing nutrition and detoxification of the body. Turmeric, cumin, and black pepper are a few examples of spices that help to detoxify the body and rejuvenate the immune system.

Turmeric contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that fight free radicals in our body and keep our immune system strong. Both black pepper and turmeric have curcumin and piperine in them. Piperine increases the capability of absorbing the curcumin content that improves digestion and keeps our gut healthy. Cumins are rich in iron, aid digestion & fight food-borne illnesses.

3. Consumption of immune-boosting foods

Fruits such as apples work wonders for your immune system. It is because apples are rich sources of antioxidants and are also full of fibres that are both soluble and insoluble. There are other sweet fruits such as pears, mangoes, peaches, pineapple and more that support the immune system. The reason these fruits are recommended is that they convert into Ojas quickly. Other helpful foods include green, leafy veggies, spices, quinoa, ghee, milk, and more.

4. Overcooking damages your food

Cook your food well, but do not overcook it, because overcooking leads to damage of nutrients, and you end up eating food that has lost most of its nutrition. Also, overcooking destroys the immunity-boosting properties of any food. It means the food that you cook must be easy to chew as well as digest. 

5. Maintain food timings

According to Ayurveda, every person must maintain precise schedules for meals. Also, to make sure that you are enhancing immunity, you must know what portions you are eating. For example, eat a balanced breakfast and a heavy lunch. On the other hand, make sure that the dinner is lighter and easier to digest. 

6. Exercise and meditation

A fit body and a relaxed mind are much needed for proper functioning. You must exercise regularly to keep your immune system boosted. Some time must also be dedicated to meditation. Doing that will help you stay away from stress and anxiety which in turn will have a positive effect on your immune system. 

The following are some ways in which you can stay fit and healthy for a longer time-

  1. Pranayam- It is a part of yoga and meditation that focuses mostly on calming the mind by regulating breathing patterns. It includes controlled exhalation, inhalation and retention of breath. Pranayama strengthens and purifies the body and is a great way to deal with chronic stress. It calms the mind and reduces stress. As a result, the immune system improves.

  2. Yoga- We all know that yoga asanas help the entire body. You can perform various asanas to boost your immunity. The following are some yoga poses to improve your immunity. 
  • Mountain Pose or Tadasana
  • Tree Pose or Vrikshasana
  • Big Toe Pose or Padangusthasana
  • Triangle Pose or Trikonasana
  • Chair Pose or Utkatasana
  • Cobra Pose or Bhujangasana
  • Fish Pose or Matsyasana

    3. Resistance exercise- It is the easiest way to indulge in some physical activities. Simple weight-lifting or doing moderately heavy strength training at home will satisfy this category. 

    4. Cardio- This is mainly done to keep your weight in check. It is however not necessary that you have to hit the gym regularly. You can easily practice basic cardio at home.

    5. Hobbies such as dancing and swimming- This one is the most fun out of all since here you get to nurture your creative side as well as keep yourself fit. 

      Sleep Quality

      Sleeping well is a must if you want to stay healthy and fit. Sleeplessness & problems such as insomnia can lead to overeating, stress, depression, anxiety and so on. Sleeping well, on the other hand, will have a positive effect on your body & help you against these problems resulting in a healthy mind and an improved immune system. 

      Immunity Boosting Foods To Eat During Winters

      Apart from having Ayurvedic medicine for immunity, you should also make dietary changes. Here are some of the foods that you should have during the winter season in order to enhance your immunity:

      1. Cruciferous vegetables

      Vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts fall under cruciferous veggies that are high in antioxidants and vitamins. You will not only find them in abundance during winters, but they will also be very helpful to boost your immunity.

      These veggies have choline in them which is crucial to maintain a healthy diet. Choline keeps the cells functioning well and supports a healthy gastrointestinal barrier. It keeps the good bacteria safe in the gut. 

      If you fall sick during winters, add cauliflower to your diet. It can ward off infection and you can always make a great vegetable soup out of it.

      2. Carrots

      Carrots are a great source of beta carotene that gives them that orange and juicy look. Beta carotene supports the mucous membrane of our body. The membrane lines the intestinal and respiratory tracts and makes it hard for the bacteria to enter our bloodstream.

      Carrots are some of the healthiest additions to make to your diet all year round. They act as appetizers and are a perfect addition to soups and salads.

      3. Yolk

      If you generally eat egg whites to maintain weight and give up on your protein, you might be avoiding the goodness of the yolk. Egg yolks are high in cholesterol, but they’re equally good if you need protein. They also give you an immune boost from the zinc and selenium content. You can always have two egg whites with one whole egg to maintain your diet and give yourself an immunity boost at the same time.

      4. Mushrooms

      You might not think of mushrooms when trying to get healthier, but do you know they have lots of zinc in them? Many people have low immunity because they don’t consume enough zinc. The mineral helps boost white blood cells and fight off diseases. You can add mushrooms to your diet occasionally to make your recipes tasty and to boost immunity.

      5. Cinnamon

      Cinnamon is one of the ideal ingredients that make Indian recipes tastier. But do you know that they come with several health benefits? Cinnamon has antifungal and antibacterial properties. It also fights pathogens that cause illnesses and that’s how it contributes to your immune health. You can add cinnamon to tea, oats, or coffee even if you don’t add it to your recipes. Some people chew raw cinnamon sticks to refresh their breath.

      Ayurvedic Medicine For Immunity

      When you are searching the market for all types of Ayurvedic medicine for immunity, make sure you do not skip looking through We have the right medicines you need to boost up your immune defence. What’s best, is that they come in a handy combo! Nirogam’s Immunity Booster Pack contains three of the most potent Ayurvedic herbs that protect from all kinds of infections and naturally cleanse your body. This unique combination also offers long lasting benefits for your metabolism, skin and physical strength.


      • Here’s what the Nirogam Immunity Booster Pack can do for you!
      • Rich in antioxidants
      • Reduces inflammation in body
      • Relieves allergies, common cold etc.
      • Enhances skin tone
      • Improves metabolism
      • Fights off infections caused by bacteria, virus etc.


      • Amla capsules - One capsule can be taken with warm water either in the morning on an empty stomach, before bedtime or during the day 30 minutes before lunch.
      • Neem capsules - One capsule can be taken with warm water either in the morning on an empty stomach, before bedtime or during the day 30 minutes before lunch.
      • Guduchi powder -1 tsp mixed with a glass of warm water or milk in the morning on an empty stomach.

      Children’s Ayurvedic Shield For Good Immunity

      If your concern is the entire family’s health, why should your child’s immunity be left behind? Remedies that work for adults, can’t do so for young children. Which is why, we recommend Anudina Suvarnaprashan. This special medication for kids helps in their early years to promote physical and mental development. Its vital nutrients boost the immunity and prevent recurrent infections. In addition, it effectively improves appetite and digestion as well to maintain the child’s overall health.


      Take a look at the benefits of Anudina Suvarnaprashana for your child’s immunity:

      • It works as an amazing immunity booster for children
      • It helps prevent continuous cough, cold, and fever.
      • It boosts intelligence and memory.
      • It helps in enhancing focus & attention.
      • Anudina Suvarnaprashana is good for radiant and glowing skin. 


        • 0-1 year- Mix half a scoop of the medicine in cow milk or the mother’s milk. Sugar can be added if needed. 
        • 1-5 years: Mix one scoop of the powder with a spoon of honey. 
        • 5-10 years: Mix one & a half scoop of the powder with a teaspoon full of honey. 
        • 10-16 years: Mix two scoops of powder with a teaspoon full of honey.
          Final Thoughts

          You can always take resort to Ayurvedic medicines to boost immunity. But for them to work better it is advisable to have a healthy diet & make the necessary lifestyle changes that work in your favour. The perfect combination of a good diet, healthy habits & the right Ayurvedic medicines will prove beneficial in enhancing your immunity.

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