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Daily SuvarnaPrashan – Gift Strong Immunity to Your Child

Daily SuvarnaPrashan – Gift Strong Immunity to Your Child

Ayurvedic Anudina SuvarnaPrashan

Ayurvedic Suvarnaprashan is the Daily dose of Immunity to your Child.
(“Anudina” = everyday ; “Suvarnaprashan” – Intake of Gold Bhasma)

Mother Nature’s Gift of Immunity to your child

Ayurveda, being a life science, emphasizes a great deal upon prevention from diseases and protection of health. One such powerful method to improve immunity in children is ‘Suvarnaprashan.

It is known by other names like, Swarna amruta prashana, Swarnaprashana, Swarna prashan, Swarn prashan, Swarna bindu prashana or Suvarna prashan.

In today’s world of pollution, adulterated and chemically treated food and drinks, stressful lifestyle, electronic distractions, erratic climate changes, it is very important for parents to focus on improving immunity in children to help them to grow up into strong, healthy and intelligent individuals.

Suvarnaprashan Sanskaar is one such method, mentioned in the classics, which imparts health and intelligence naturally. You can buy Suvarnaprashan 


Suvarnaprashan or “SwarnaPrashan” translates to ‘intake of Swarna/Gold bhasma’. It is one of the ‘Shodasha Samskaras’ (the 16 rites of passage of a human being from conception to cremation, signifying milestones in an individual’s journey of life). It is a natural, time tested method to improve overall health of children practiced for more than 1000s of years.

Why is it Important To Give Anudina Suvarnaprashan to my child (Why Daily ?)

While emphasizing the importance of Early Childhood Development (ECD), UNICEF reinforces that “Early childhood is not only the time when the brain develops rapidly, but a critical window of opportunity for establishing children’s immunity and therefore, the foundation of good health and optimal productivity in the future.”

So, investing in improving immunity and developing intelligence in the early years is imperative for the wellbeing of the child. There is ample evidence that a child’s intelligence is not fully given at birth, but continues to evolve and change at least through the early elementary school years.

Early childhood development is the key to a full and productive life for a child. Research has shown that half of the person’s intelligence potential is developed by age four and early childhood interventions can have a lasting effect on intellectual capacity, personality, and social behavior.

As with all other organs and systems in the body, a newborn is not born with a fully developed immune system at birth. Rather, their immunity – a protective function consisting of cells, proteins, and organs – grows and strengthens with time, striving with each new day to keep them safe from the multitude of pathogens that they encounter in their environments.

A child’s immune system will start to develop on its own at about 2-3 months of age. At this point the antibodies that mother has conferred start to decline. A baby’s immune system begins to grow and develop when it comes into contact with bacteria, viruses and fungi and can wage an attack against them. By 1 year of age, a baby will have developed its immune system significantly, although not entirely. Some experts suggest an immune system is not fully developed until a child is approximately 12-14 years of age, when they finally reach adult levels of antibody formation.

A growing number of childhood diseases such as allergic disorders such as allergic rhinitis, atopic dermatitis, asthma and others have been linked to environmental exposures during prenatal and early postnatal development. Because the immune response plays a critical role in each of these diseases, it is important to consider measures to support the children’s developing immune system in the early years of their development.

Anudina Suvarnaprashan is a great gift to parents, in their effort towards improving their children’s intelligence and immunity.

What are the Benefits of Anudina Suvarnaprashan mentioned in the Ayurvedic Shastras (Classical Texts) ?

Kashayapa Samhita (Pediatric classical Ayurvedic text) describes the benefits of Suvarnaprashan as above.

To explain, the benefits of administering small quantities of Swarna bhasma are :

  • Medha Vardhana – improvement in intelligence
  • Agni Vardhana – improvement in digestion
  • Bala Vardhana – improvement in strength and immunity
  • Ayushya Vardhana – Improvement in life expectancy
  • Mangala, Punya – Auspicious
  • Vrushya – Aphrodisiac
  • Grahapaha – protects from bad effects from planets

By administering Swarna for a month’s time after birth, child becomes super-intelligent.

By administering for up to six months, person becomes “Shruta Dhara” – can remember whatever the child hears.

What is the Recommended Age for Anudina Suvarnaprashan ?

The classics recommend Suvarnaprashan from the time of birth to 16 years (0-16 years). According to Kashyapa Samhitha , it is most beneficial when given very day.

What Does Anudina Suvarnaprashan Contain ?

Anudina Swarnaprashana contains Swarna Bhasma (Gold Bhasma), Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), Vacha (Acorus calamus), Trikatu (Pippali, Pepper & Ginger), Aragwadha (Cassia fistula), Shankhapushpi(Convolvulus pluricaulis), Yastimadhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra), Tulasi (Ocimum sanctum), Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia) and Amalaki (Emblica officinalis).

It is important to remember that Swarna bhasma is processed in various ways to ensure efficacy and safety. Anudina Suvarnaprashan uses ‘Rasamaaritha Swarna bhasma’ which is the best processed Gold bhasma and known for its efficacy (has more than 94% of Gold) and unmatched safety. The Gold bhasma and other herbs are measured precisely and processed to form Anudina Suvarnaprashan powder which is easily absorbable and highly potent.

How to give Anudina Suvarnaprashan to Children ?

It is ideal to administer early in the morning on empty stomach. But, since the ingredients are processed to make it highly absorbable and bio-available, it can be given in the later part of the day too.

Directions of Use: Use the measuring scoop provided to measure the dosage. Choose the age appropriate- right dosage according to the table below. It can be given even when the child is taking any other medicine. No adverse drug reaction is noted. It can be started at any age.

Though, giving regularly is beneficial, it does not cause any problems if some doses are missed or discontinued.


Dosage according to age:

Age Dosage
0-1 year half scoop with mother’s milk/cow’s milk with powdered sugar (sugar is optional)
1-5 years 1 scoop with half tsp of honey
5-10 years 1.5 scoops with 1 tsp of honey
10-16 years 2 scoops with 2 tsp of honey

What is the Expiry Date for Anudina Suvarnaprashan ?

To ensure quality, Anudina Suvarnaprashan is made in small batches. This helps us to avoid efficacy and safety issues, which is common when made in large batches and stored for a long time. Each container has an expiry period of 24 months.

What are the Benefits of Anudina Suvarnaprashan ?

Anudina Suvarnaprashan is specially hand-formulated and prepared fresh by renowned Ayurvedic Physician, Dr.Santosh of Shreshtha Ayurvedic Center according to the guidelines in the Ayurvedic classics. Each batch is personally supervised by the doctor and packed by his team.

  • Excellent immunity booster for all children from 0-16 years of age
  • Improves immunity and prevents recurrent cold, cough and fever
  • Improves intelligence, memory, and oratory skills
  • Enhances focus, attention span, and retention and recall capacity of the mind
  • Improves complexion and imparts healthy glow
  • Improves appetite and digestion in children with poor eating habits
  • Very useful in prevention of bacterial and viral infections
  • Very useful to improve memory, focus, attention span, in children with learning difficulties, delayed milestones, temper tantrums, agitation, ADHD, Dyslexia and Autism

Does Suvarnaprashan have any side effects ?

No side effects have been reported.

Is It Safe to Give Gold Bhasma to My Child ? There have been some safety issues Raised about the Use of Metals in Ayurvedic Medicine.

First, let us understand what a bhasma is :

A Bhasma means an ash obtained through incineration (a process where in the thermal treatment reduces the material in to ash); the starter material undergoes an elaborate process of purification and this process is followed by the reaction phase, which involves incorporation of some other minerals and/or herbal extract to ensure further safety. So, intake of Gold Bhasma is not the same as intake of Gold as metal. (Reference )

The National Center for Biotechnology information has conducted detailed studies on Gold Bhasma and has vouched for the safety of Gold Bhasma. It further compares the actions of the bhasma to that of nano particles and are highly compatible to the blood in systemic circulation. The results of this study reinforce the application of Swarna bhasma as a therapeutic agent in clinical medicine from the safety point of view.

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