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6 Foods You Should Avoid For Enlarged Prostate

foods to avoid for enlarged prostate

It can be very difficult to maintain your reproductive health in today’s time. Age, pollution and stress can gradually meddle with your well being – until you are left with a pool of ailments to tackle. So, are medicines the only way out? Fortunately, Ayurveda does not believe so! Ayurvedic treatment is the best way to keep yourself healthy without any side effects. 

In this article, we are going to talk about the seriousness of prostate enlargement, how proper diet will help in BPH, foods that you should avoid for enlarged prostate and the ayurvedic medicine to reduce enlarged prostate naturally.

One of the prominent reproductive diseases among men today is prostate enlargement. It is also called Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH). Even though it is not as severe as cancer, it can greatly ruin your physical and mental health. So, here is your handy guide to take the right bites and drive BPH away!

Prostate Enlargement: Why is it Serious?

The rising numbers of BPH cases all around the world have made it a familiar name to every ear. Yet, despite the similar symptoms, BPH should not be confused with prostate cancer! Prostate enlargement happens when the cells of the prostate gland start multiplying and create a swelling in the gland. This can cause many urinary symptoms like irritation, frequent urination, pain and incontinence. If these symptoms have become a part of your everyday life, then it's high time for you to check your diet!

Alternate Therapy: How Diet Helps in BPH

As men age, the risk of prostate enlargement increases. But this risk turns into a sureshot possibility because of poor lifestyle and nutrition. So, the first step in effectively treating BPH is your diet. You should avoid foods that affect your hormonal balance and slow down your metabolism.

Foods You Should Avoid

Limiting the following foods in your diet can effectively prevent enlargement of prostate cells. But that doesn’t mean this advice is only for healthy adults! Even if you already suffer from it, avoiding these food items can prevent your condition from worsening. So the next time you sit down to eat, make sure your plate is light on these items! 


Red meat to avoid for enlarged prostate

Don’t be attracted by the colour or scents of these animal proteins! Red meats like beef and pork can triple your risk of prostate enlargement. They contain different chemicals that cause inflammation and irritate prostate cells. Instead of these you can treat your taste buds to healthier proteins like fish, legumes, chicken etc.


dairy products to avoid for enlarged prostate

Unfortunately, dairy products aren’t as innocent as they look! Your daily intake of dairy fats like cheese, milk, cream, butter etc. can aggravate your BPH symptoms and increase the risks of prostate cancer. That doesn’t mean that you have to lead a milk-less life! You can try non-dairy options like flax milk, almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk or soy milk to supplement your diet.


caffeine to avoid for enlarged prostate

If not your meals, BPH can surely spoil your evenings forever! Consumption of carbonated drinks, alcohol and high-caffeine products including coffee, tea etc. is found to cause prostate enlargement. They are natural diuretics that can increase your urge to urinate. Thus, they can irritate the bladder and worsen nocturia. To steer clear from BPH, you should replace these drinks with fruit juices!


Trouble often lies where you expect it the least. And the same is true for saturated fats! They not only make you prone to BPH, but also aggravate its symptoms. Fats contained in items like meat, baked goods as well as processed foods can promote cell growth in the prostate gland. They are also a major contributor to your body weight. To reverse their ill effects, you can switch to nuts, olive oil and wholesome seeds.


salty and spicy foods to avoid for enlarged prostate

Give your tongue some rest from salty and spicy foods – at least, for the sake of your reproductive health! Such foods can especially cause and worsen urinary symptoms. What’s worse is that spices can cause irritation in the urethra and increase urination discomfort too. Need any more reasons to leave those spices out of your plate?

Foods You Should Eat

Don’t be depressed. There is a world full of flavours that you can still enjoy! Here are some of the food items you can eat to strengthen your prostate and pamper your appetite – all at the same time!


tomatoes  to eat for enlarged prostate

The red and juicy appearance of tomatoes is enough to make everyone crave for them. But there’s also a health aspect to its fresh texture! Red tomatoes contain a natural antioxidant that reduces inflammation and rejuvenates body cells. It can permanently take away your concerns of prostate cancer too! If you find tomatoes hard to swallow, switch them with papaya, watermelon or apricots to get similar benefits.


whole grains and seeds to eat if you have enlarged prostate

Your prostate gland also needs proper nutrition to stay healthy. Whole grains and seeds contain some important nutrients like Zinc, that support and enhance prostate functions. You can consume them in the form of bread, cereal or pasta. In all forms, whole grains and seeds are your perfect partners to a healthy life!


nuts to eat if you have enlarged prostate

There cannot be a healthier way to start your day than with a handful of nuts! These bite size foods are packed with essential nutrients. They can help correct your hormonal balance and nourish the prostate cells. Take them on-the-go or use them to garnish your smoothies, they will always enhance flavour and well being!


berries and citrus foods to eat for enlarged prostate

All kinds of berries and citrus fruits are a storehouse of natural antioxidants. They remove toxins from the body, promote tissue healing and protect the prostate gland. Can there be a tastier remedy for BPH?


onion and garlic for enlarged prostate

It is no surprise that the staple ingredients of every delicious recipe is also your staple BPH diet recommendation! Onion and garlic are known to improve metabolism and enhance tissue functions. With their regular use, you can curb far more than your reproductive troubles!

Purushrink: Nirogam’s Medication for Prostate Enlargement

While avoiding the bad food items can keep prostate enlargement at bay, it cannot cure it without the right medication. Which is why, Nirogam has brought to you Purushrink, a natural diuretic charged with potassium. It helps to improve symptoms of prostate enlargement. It also acts as a natural rejuvenator and improves the functions of the kidney and reproductive system in men.



  • Normalizes urine flow, reducing prostate inflammation and irritation
  • Strengthens muscle tissues
  • Reduces the frequency, urgency & hesitancy related to urination
  • Relieves pain, discomfort & burning caused due to prostate enlargement
  • Treats incontinence
  • Relieves inflammation of the prostate gland
  • Eases urine flow

Dosage: 2 tablets with warm water twice a day before meals. 


Now that you have a list of food items that can worsen or improve prostate enlargement symptoms, you can control or avoid the condition as far as possible. Yet, if you ever fall for the worse, always remember that Ayurveda has got your back!

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