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General Motors Diet Plan For Weight Loss And Detoxification

general motor diet plan for weight loss and detoxification
Need to get back in shape for that lavish wedding? Here are your 7 steps to freedom! The General Motors diet or GM diet is a popular nutrition plan which helps in shedding excess calories within a week. It has a simple diet strategy. Your daily intake of processed foods and beverages is replaced with healthier vegetables, meat and fruits. What’s even better is that you have the liberty to make it as nutritious as you like. So, nothing can stop you from getting fit this season!

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What Makes Up the GM Diet?

The General Motors diet plan follows a strict nutrition-based plan for a week. Only one specific food type is allowed every day. GM diet lays special focus on increasing your water and “green” foods consumption. To make it more interesting, the GM diet includes a special soup and several snack times throughout the day. Exciting enough?

Happy Faces: Success Stories of GM Diet

Being on a diet made of fruits, vegetables and water is highly likely to get you healthier. And with the GM diet plan these chances only increase by the 7th day. It is because the GM diet plan helps your body to release toxins and absorb more nutrients. This is how, its restrictions become the secret mantra behind its success!

1. Goodbye Alcohol and Refined Sugars

The biggest obstacle to your fitness is that tempting glass of soda or milkshake. Its hidden sugars keep you from other healthier drinks. Taking away caffeine from your daily diet helps the GM plan to reduce your daily fat intake.

2. Cutting the Carbs – Literally

It is unfair to blame sweet foods when fat comes from carbohydrates as well! That’s why the GM diet does not allow you to eat calorific foods and replaces them with proteinaceous or green foods.

3. Make New Food Buddies

Keeping away from processed or junk foods may look impossible during regular days. But on the GM diet it becomes necessary. And that’s precisely how you detoxify your body while getting back in shape.

Preparing for the First Step: Getting GM Diet Ready

It isn’t easy to begin a diet. But your healthy beginnings can become easier if you take out good time to prepare. You need to be mentally ready to drop your favorite fast foods and follow a controlled meal plan. When all is done, make sure you note down the goals of your diet and your aspirations. They will keep you from giving up!

1. Understand Your Goals and Means

Not every diet plan can suit you as well as GM diet and vice versa. Set out the fitness goals you want to achieve and the time limit clearly. They can help you make up your mind and spirit.

2. Meet the Dietician Regularly

It is important to consult a dietician before and during a diet. Monitoring your fitness and body’s reactions to the diet is vital to ensure best results.

3. Take Away All the Distractions

It is not wise to begin the GM diet when you have to participate in social or business events that involve eating out in the near future. So, start on those dates when you do not have to cheat your plans.

Weighing the Odds: Pros and Cons of GM Diet

The General Motors diet has both good points and negative points. Before starting this diet, you must be aware of both. Knowing about the effects of a diet plan on your body can help you to decide amongst the weight loss options available to you.

1. Snappy Way to Lose Weight

Even though there are no sufficient scientific evidence about the effectiveness of the GM diet, anecdotes prove that it helps in losing weight. In fact, this strategy can help you get rid of that unwanted fat fast and easy!

2. Hassle-Free and Comprehensive

While the rest of the diet plans can muddle with your head, that is not the case with the General Motors Diet! It can be easily understood and followed by any one who wishes to get back their fitness.

3. Second and Available Food Items

The food items included in the GM diet are easily available and affordable. Any common trip to the supermarket can get you all the things you need to begin your journey!

Risks & Side Effects: Common Problems of GM Diet

Taking away all the foods which are common to your day can leave a deeper impact than you can imagine. So, feelings of anxiety and weakness may follow you when are on your GM diet. Poor exercise regime during the diet can become a cause for your poor weight loss too!

1. Not So Easy to Be Fit

The General Motors Diet may look easy to follow, but it demands a lot of patience. Eating the same kind of food items throughout a day can get very boring and make you quit soon.

2. Eating Well but No Working out

It might sound like a contradiction, but the GM plan does not include an exercise program. As a matter of fact, taking low calories yet doing heavy exercises can ruin your body shape completely!

3. Lasting Effects

As it is a low calorie diet, you may experience slow metabolism. This can make it difficult for you to maintain normal weight even after the diet.

Important GM Diet Do’s and Don’ts

It is no use to eat right, if you don’t eat it the right way! The GM diet comes with a short but important list of rules that you would need to follow throughout the 7 days. They include suggestions about daily consumption limit and physical exercise.

1. The Things You Should Do

  • Hydration is the New Hook

On the first day of your GM diet, you may feel too thirsty and sweaty. Make it a habit to drink water i.e. 8-10 glasses every day as a practice. You can sip it hot as a lemon drink as well!

  • Change Your Beverage Choices

While the GM diet may take away your lattes and ginger teas, it gives you newer options to try. Replace them with black coffee and green tea to see the benefits you never knew!

  • Eat Small but Eat Frequent

It is natural to crave for calorie foods like bread during your diet. Curb these hunger pangs by eating small amounts of the prescribed foods in shorter durations. Take your diet one bite at a time!

2. The Things You Shouldn’t Do

  • Extension of Diet is NOT an Option

It is strictly advised to keep a gap of at least 7 days between two GM diet plans. Staying on such a diet for too long can make you unhealthy.

  • Avoid All Forms of Oil

When we say fats, even the oil of nuts are included. So, as long as you are on a GM diet keep those sneaky almonds, walnuts and cashews hidden away in jars.

  • Away with Alcohol and Exercise

Ditch your physical exercise routine at least for the first three days of the diet. After that, you may take a walk for 45 minutes daily. And under no circumstance should you let alcohol enter your system!

All Geared Up, But How to do the GM Diet?

As part of your GM Diet, you would have to consume a heavy breakfast, moderate lunch and a light dinner. They will typically consist of fruits, vegetables, milk or meat. It is recommended to drink 2-3 glasses of water per meal. The best part is that you would get to enjoy the GM “wonder soup” any number of times throughout the day. Remember to save the workout for the 4th day and stick to Yoga for the initial 3 days of your diet.

Getting an Idea: Sample GM Diet

Thankfully, you can choose the quantity of food items that you consume per meal in a General Motors Diet. But you would have to stick to the food type of the day. Do not drink any alcohol and have at least ten glasses of water. You can have two cups of black coffee or green tea as well. Here’s an outline to give you a better picture!

  • Day 1

On the first day of the General Motors Diet, you can have as many fruits as you like, especially citrus fruits and melons, except bananas. It is recommended to have a lot of watermelon on the first day. By having melons, you can lose up to one kilogram at the very start of this diet. Don’t restrict the quantity and have as much as possible.

  • Day 2

Day two of the Diet is a vegetable day. You can have either raw, boiled, or cooked (without oil) vegetables. There is no restriction on the quantity or the choice of vegetables. At the start of the day have one large baked or boiled potato to meet the carbohydrate needs. Have lots of water to keep your body hydrated.

  • Day 3

Today you can have fruits as well as vegetables for your day long diet. No restriction on quantity or the choice of fruit or vegetable is applicable. But, keep away from bananas and potatoes. You can make your meals interesting by enjoying multiple snack times and salads.

  • Day 4

It is a milk and banana day. The GM diet plan for fourth day is restricted to eight bananas and three glasses of milk. Have skimmed milk if possible. Also, try to avoid sugar in milk smoothies. This is the perfect day to relish the “wonder soup”!

  • Day 5

Today you have to eat chicken or fish and tomatoes throughout the day. Have two servings of 230g lean meat portions along with six tomatoes. Have more water today to clear your body of uric acid. If you are vegetarian, then you can substitute meat with cottage cheese (paneer) or brown rice.

  • Day 6

Yet another mix and match day! It consists of meat and vegetable meals only. Today you are allowed to have as much as meat and vegetables as you like. Again, meat may be substituted with cottage cheese or paneer. Pair your meals with the “wonder soup” for more benefits.

  • Day 7

Today you can have brown rice, fruit juices and vegetables to your heart’s content. You can take them together in any form you like.

Seven Day GM Diet Chart and Foods to Avoid

Made up your mind to try this friendly diet? Well, let us help you in planning your dieting days! Here is a concise plan that we have designed as per the guidelines of the GM diet to make your fitness journey smoother.

  • Day 1

Dedicate this day to juicy fruits and crystal water. Delve more into melons than bananas.

Breakfast (8.00 am): One apple + bowlful berries + 1 glass water

Mid-Morning (10.30 am): One bowl of orange + 1 glass of water

Lunch (12.30 pm): One bowl of watermelon + 2 glasses of water

Evening Snack (4.00 pm): One large orange + 1 glass of water

Dinner (06.30 pm): One pear/ bowl of kiwi with berries + 1 glass water

Quick Bed Bite (08.00 pm): Half cup watermelon + 2 glasses of water

Foods to Avoid:

Vegetables: All veggies (and bananas)

Carbs: All dairy products, oily foods and brown rice

Protein: Meat, fish, lentils and mushrooms

Beverages: Packed fruit juices, sweetened drinks and alcohol

  • Day 2

Mark out this day for vegetables. Eat in as much quantity as you want.

Breakfast (8.00 am): One cup of boiled potato (little salt + pepper) + 1 glass of water

Mid-Morning (10.30 am): Half cup cucumber + 1 glass of water

Lunch (12.30 pm): Salad of lettuce, cabbage, tomato, capsicum and carrot + 2 glasses of water

Evening Snack (4.00 pm): Half cup broccoli/carrot with lime + 1 glass water

Dinner (06.30 pm): one cup of green beans + 1 glass of water

Quick Bed Bite (08.00 pm): 1 cucumber + 2 glasses of water

Foods to Avoid:

Fruits: All fruits

Carbs: All dairy products, oily foods and bread

Protein: Meat, fish, lentils and mushrooms

Beverages: Packed fruit juices, sweetened drinks and alcohol

  • Day 3

Enjoy both fruits and vegetables. Maintain your distance from banana and potato.

Breakfast (8.00 am): 1 large apple or bowl of watermelon + 2 glasses of water

Mid-Morning (10.30 am): A bowlful of pear or pineapple + 2 glasses of water

Lunch (12.30 pm): Bowlful of salad (lettuce, cucumber, carrot) + 2 glasses of water

Evening Snack (4.00 pm): One large orange + 1 glass of water

Dinner (06.30 pm): Salad (Beetroot + spinach + carrot + cucumber) + 1 glass of water

Quick Bed Bite (08.00 pm): 1 apple + 1 glass of water

Foods to Avoid:

Carbs: All dairy products, oily foods and bread

Protein: Meat, fish, lentils and mushrooms

Beverages: Packed fruit juices, sweetened drinks and alcohol

  • Day 4

Treat yourself with bananas and milk throughout the day. You can take them in any form you like. Quantity is no issue.

Breakfast (8.00 am): 2 bananas + 1 glass of milk

Mid-Morning (10.30 am): Smoothie with banana and milk/skim milk

Lunch (12.30 pm): Milkshake (2 bananas + 1 glass milk) or GM Diet Soup

Evening Snack (4.00 pm): 2 bananas

Dinner (06.30 pm): GM diet soup with banana

Quick Bed Bite (08.00 pm): 1 glass of milk

Foods to Avoid:

Everything except bananas and milk

  • Day 5

Take out this day for strengthening proteins. You should eat 560g of chicken or fish. As a vegetarian, you can replace meat with cottage cheese.

Breakfast (8.00 am): 140-160g of meat/paneer + 2 whole tomatoes +2 glasses of water

Lunch (12.30 pm): 190-230g of meat/paneer + 2 whole tomatoes + 2 glasses of water

Evening Snack (4.00 pm): 2 tomatoes + 1 glass of water

Dinner (06.30 pm): 140-160g of meat/paneer + 2 whole tomatoes + 2 glasses of water

Foods to Avoid:

Vegetables: All veggies, especially potato and sweet potato

Fruit: Banana

Protein: Beef, pork and turkey

Carbs: All dairy products, oily foods and bread

Beverages: Packed fruit juices, sweetened drinks and alcohol

  • Day 6

Add new flavours to your favourite proteins with vegetables. Eat as much veggies as you like.

Breakfast (8.00 am): Half cup of boiled legumes/140-160g of meat + cup full of veggies

Mid-Morning (10.30 am): Boiled veggies + 2 glasses of water

Lunch (12.30 pm): 190-230g of meat/half cup of brown rice + half cup veggies

Evening Snack (4.00 pm): GM diet soup/ cucumber + 2 glasses of water

Dinner (06.30 pm): Half cup brown rice/140-160g meat + half cup veggies + 2 glasses of water

Foods to Avoid:

Vegetables: Sweet potato and potato

Fruits: All

Protein: Beef, pork and turkey

Carbs: All dairy products, oily foods and bread

Beverages: Packed fruit juices, sweetened drinks and alcohol

  • Day 7

Make a mix of this diet’s best foods – fruits, vegetables and brown rice. You can also take sugar free juices

Breakfast (8.00 am): 1 bowl brown rice + 1 orange/bowl of watermelon

Mid-Morning (10.30 am): Bowlful of berries/fruit salad + 2 glasses of water

Lunch (12.30 pm): 1 bowl brown rice + half cup of sautéed veggies + sugar free juice

Evening Snack (4.00 pm): GM diet soup + 2 glasses of water

Dinner (06.30 pm): 1 bowl of brown rice + 1 bowl raw/sautéed vegetables + 2 glasses of water

Foods to Avoid:

Vegetables: Potato and sweet potato

Fruits: Banana, cherry and pear

Protein: All kinds of meat, beans, lentils, mushrooms and soy

Carbs: All dairy products, oily foods and bread

Beverages: Packed fruit juices, sweetened drinks and alcohol

The Diet Secret: GM Diet Soup Recipe

The most famous element of the GM diet is its wonderful soup. Made from green vegetables and spices, it fulfills your energy needs and increases fat shedding. This way you won’t have to compromise on your taste while you are dieting!

Calories: 899 (150 calories per serving)

Serves: 6

Preparation Time: 15 minutes


  • 6 large onions, chopped
  • 3 tomatoes, chopped
  • 1 small cabbage, sliced
  • 2 carrots (122 grams), sliced
  • 3-4 stalks of celery, chopped
  • Water as needed
  • Salt to taste
  • ½ teaspoon black pepper
  • 2 lime wedges
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil
  • Chopped parsley for garnish

How to Prepare:

  1. Heat the pan and put two drops of olive oil into it. Sauté the celery and onions in it for a few minutes.
  2. Now add the chopped carrots to the pan. Stir fry for a few more minutes.
  3. Add water and salt as per taste.
  4. Cover the pan with a lid and simmer for 30-35 minutes.
  5. Add a pinch of pepper powder, dash of lemon juice and stir.
  6. Take out the soup in a bowl and garnish with parsley, if preferred.

The GM Diet Lacks Important Nutrients

All things can look good from a distance, but it doesn’t mean they are so! The GM diet can be beneficial for weight loss. But if you carry it forward for a long period, you can experience deficiency of nutrients like iron, vitamin B12 and calcium too. Sudden dip in calories can affect your mood, muscle health and strength too – so much for fitness!

Weight Loss of GM Diet Maybe Temporary

Cutting down the number of calories taken per day may shed your “water weight” but not the hard fat. This is why you may feel light by up to 6kg at the end of your diet. But you would soon gain back this weight once you resume your daily diet. So, what’s the alternative for long term weight loss? Simply, physical exercise and a balanced diet!

To Do or Not to Do: Should I try the GM Diet?

It is a hard truth that losing weight is not a simple task. The GM diet may help you fit in that years old dress but not for long. So, if you are looking for a safer and more effective alternative, you should prefer a healthy lifestyle for weight loss than depend on “quick solutions” like the GM diet.

3 Things that Make Weight Loss Difficult

Just like weight gain sneaks up on you, fitness is also a habit which develops over time. Losing weight can become very difficult if you do not check the habits that increase fat in your body. So, your journey to good health begins with your first reflection itself!

  • Not Noticing the Meals

Sometimes you tend to eat more fatty foods than required within a day. incidents like these can slow down your weight loss plans with a bold full stop!

  • Low Physical Exercise

Plainly eating and not working out does not make sure that you get the goodness of your foods. You need to do regular cardio, yoga or muscular exercises for fitness.

  • Sleep Escapes You

Your body burns calories even when you are sleeping! So, when you lose sleep, you disturb your calorie breaking process and invite digestion issues.

Frequently Asked Questions About GM Diet

Dieting is not an easy step to take. It is natural to have many questions and concerns. So, here we have a list of some common queries that can help you make a better decision!

1. How much weight can you lose with the GM diet?
You can see a loss of up to 7 kgs after the GM Diet.

2. Does the GM diet help reduce belly fat?
The GM diet is not a focused plan. So, you would see fat shedding from multiple body parts, including your belly.

3. What is the GM diet soup?
it is a simple preparation which can be made using light vegetables like carrot and celery. It can complete your daily nutrient needs through the 7 days.

4. Why am I not losing weight on the GM diet?
There can be many reasons for poor weight loss after diet. Giving in to your cravings and not sticking to the plan can be a reason. Your current physical condition can also be a hindrance.

5. What is the substitute for tomatoes in the GM diet?
If you are not so fond of tomatoes, you can replace them with any other vegetables. Avoid lentils and mushroom.

6. Can I consume salt while on the GM diet?
Definitely! In fact, you must take normal amounts of salt throughout the diet to maintain your electrolyte balance. You can also sprinkle light salt on the fruits you eat.

7. Can I eat eggs while on the GM diet?
Yes, you can boil eggs and eat them on the “meat day” of the diet.

Nirogam’s Solution for Obesity Woes:

If dieting does not sound like your cup of tea, here is an alternate solution for you! Varanadi Kashayam are made from some of the best Ayurvedic herbs that cut bad cholesterol and remove toxins from the body – so that you can live a healthier life every day!

Varanadi Kashayam for Obesity, Eczema, Dermatitis

  • It is an Ayurvedic formulation that can help to treat common metabolism and respiration issues.
  • Varanadi Kashayam improves the digestive process to increase fat burning, nutrient absorption and liver functions.
  • In controlled dosages, it can also treat headaches, prevent join degradation and unclog the respiratory tract to facilitate breathing.

Dosage :
2 tablets, 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner with warm water
Packaging size - 100 tablets


Once you take up the onus, do not falter before your reach the end. Remind yourself that getting fit is not an overnight job and you need to be determined. Good health awaits you right beyond that step!


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