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Holistic Cures For TMJ Syndrome and How To Manage It

How to manage tmj syndrome

What Are The Causes and Holistic Cures For TMJ Syndrome?

The TMJ syndrome is a disorder associated with the TMJ (temporomandibular joint). The temporomandibular joint connects the side of the skull with your jaw. TMJ is also known as TMD which is short for Temporomandibular disorders. This disorder causes immense pain that starts from the jaw and spreads to the neck and the forehead. Sharp pain is experienced while chewing or even while yawning which persists for some time. TMJ disorder also triggers stiffness in the jaw as well as clicking sensation in the jaw. In some cases, TMJ syndrome even changes the position of the upper or the lower jaw which may chain the way the two fit together.

The most common cause of TMJ syndrome is constant grinding of teeth, stress, certain behavioral habits like constant gum chewing. Arthritis may also cause TMJ syndrome to develop.

TMJ syndrome may also lead to pain in the ear and the neck as well as headaches. Many people with TMJ syndrome face difficulty in opening their mouths properly.

There Are Three Main Holistic Cures For TMJ Syndrome.

1. Acupuncture:

Acupuncture requires extremely thin needles to be inserted in specific points (associated with the concerned disease) throughout the body. The acupuncture expert aims at stimulating a positive flow of energy within the body and specifically to the part which needs healing. Studies have proved that this ancient Chinese technique stimulates the release of certain chemicals in the brain more prominently endorphins which helps in providing relief in pain.

The points where the needles may be inserted for treatment or holistic cures for TMJ Syndrome are around the jaw and ear, near the knee, elbow and the big toe. The acupuncture will study your symptoms and then ,based on your condition, will go ahead with the treatment. The number of sessions required to complete this therapy depends on the severity of the disorder and how well your body responds to this technique. Some people have experienced excellent long lasting effects or holistic cures for TMJ Syndrome through acupuncture. Please do not try this therapy yourself and find a good acupuncture expert to cure your disorder.

2. Biofeedback:

Biofeedback helps you in calming and controlling the tension in the muscles as well as other processes of the body which are involuntary (like loss of breath). Biofeedback is exceptionally helpful in healing problems that are associated with stress. Biofeedback is also one of the effective holistic cures for TMJ Syndrome that helps people avoid involuntary stiffening of the muscles of the jaw. Just be making sure that the jaw muscles are calm and relaxes one learns how to avoid painful situations.

There are different biofeedback techniques for Effective Holistic Cures For TMJ Syndrome

One such is electromyography which is mainly beneficial for managing muscles tensions. In the year 2006, a study was conducted in which patients with TMJ disorder were given six weeks of electromyography biofeedback therapy. In the end they all experienced less pain and discomfort.

3. Massage:

Getting daily massages from a specialized massage therapist is also one of the effective holistic cures for TMJ Syndrome that will help ease the tension in the TMJ. It also helps calm the stress that sometimes triggers TMJ pain. If a specialized massage therapist is not available, then massaging the area gently on your own will also help a lot. A study conducted in 2007 concluded that massaging the TMJ area combined with hot and cold therapy helped ease the pain and provide long term relief. When you experience TMJ pain, massage your jaw area very gently in a circular motion for three minutes.

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