Home Remedies and Ayurvedic Treatment for Lichen Planus !

Ayurvedic Treatment for Lichen Planus
Looking good couldn’t be tougher than it is today. Pollution, chemicals and junk food have made everyone unhealthy. In such conditions, how can you know about your body’s well-being? That’s right, though your skin! If the eyes are the pathways to the soul, your skin is a window to your body’s health. A patchy, dry or rash covered skin is a mark of the poor lifestyle you live today. So, read on to find out what such skin quality shows about your body!


Looking good couldn’t be tougher than it is today. Pollution, chemicals and junk food have made everyone unhealthy. In such conditions, how can you know about your body’s well-being? That’s right, though your skin! If the eyes are the pathways to the soul, your skin is a window to your body’s health. A patchy, dry or rash covered skin is a mark of the poor lifestyle you live today. So, read on to find out what such skin quality shows about your body!

Does your itch never seem to go away? Don’t recall getting those purple rashes too? Well then, you could be suffering from lichen planus! It is a rare skin and mucous membrane disorder. This condition is caused when your immunity cells start to attack your own skin cells. It might sound serious, but lichen planus isn’t a chronic condition. More than a million people with this disease are cured within months every year in India itself. So, once you choose the lichen planus treatment in Ayurveda, your road to recovery would begin!

Short Points, Big Impact: Lichen Planus Facts

Can you heal from any health issue, unless you know everything about it? Probably not! But since it is such an uncommon condition, most people are not completely aware about lichen planus. So, here are some important facts about lichen planus which can help you understand it better!

1. Thankfully, Not Everylone is at Risk!
Do not mistake thinking lichen planus as any other skin disease. While other ailments may affect any person, this one usually attacks middle-aged people. In fact, children and elderly are its rarest patients!

2. Non-Contagious Condition
If you or your loved one happens to develop lichen planus, there is no need to isolate yourself from others! You cannot pass it on through touch or body fluids. So, your life can very well be normal throughout your treatment period!

3. What Goes Around, May Come Around
Unfortunately, getting cured from lichen planus is no guarantee of getting rid of it forever. It can happen anytime and reoccur later in life even after treatment.

Probable Causes of Lichen Planus

It is clear that lichen planus is an immunity disorder. But do you know what triggers such a reaction? Well, just like you even modern science has not been able to find the exact reasons for such a condition. From what can be observed, usually lichen planus patients show certain common traits like excess exposure to chemicals, liver diseases etc.

1. Dependency on Pain Relievers
Common painkillers like ibuprofen can be a bane for some people. Even when they alleviate their pain, their chemical reaction in the body can make the person prone to lichen planus if used over a long period of time.

2. Irritant Medications
Double-check your medicines if you are high blood pressure, heart or arthritis patient. The substances used in these medicines can mess with your immunity system and bring lichen planus right on to you!

3. Hepatitis C Infection
Diseases like Hepatitis C barely leave any scope for negligence. But there is one more reason why you should be careful. Hepatitis C patients are at greater risks of lichen planus if their disease is not treated in time. So, be watchful of the changes occurring in your body!

How is the Rash of Lichen Planus Different from Other Common Rashes?

The commonest symptom of skin diseases known to everyone is a rash. It can be red, flat, bulgy or dark coloured. In such confusion, how will you distinguish lichen planus rash from others? Well, let us point you in the right direction! By noting the features, location and structure of the rash, you can easily know what to expect!

1. Striking Appearance
Unlike other diseases, lichen planus rashes are distinct. They are shiny and have a dark colour ranging from purple to grey. It is this colour which makes them unmissable to every eye!

2. Position of the Lichen Rash
The lichen planus infection can be commonly found on the limbs, lower back, wrists, ankles and elbows. In some rare cases, it can develop in the vulva as well.

3. Magnified Features
If you look at the rash closely, you will see many thin, white lines on their surface. The rash will be made up of many small bumps that are flat and polygonal in shape.

What are the Symptoms and Signs of Lichen Planus?

Even though lichen planus is usually treated within months, it is not so with every case. Sometimes the lack of proper treatment makes the situation even worse. You may experience balding, itchy rashes all over the body, abrasions on the skin and loss of nails.

1. Rashes or Blisters
They may appear suddenly and spread to a few centimeters of your skin. You may experience severe itching on them, especially during the night. In the case of oral planus, thin, white lines develop on the inner side of the mouth.

2. Itching and Pain
The persistent itch on the rashes can swell up the skin surrounding it. This can make regular bodily movements nearly impossible.

3. Blisters burst open to form ulcers
Upon excessive itching, rashes may cut open the skin surface. This can be extremely painful in the case of oral planus. Spicy foods can pop gum ulcers and make eating very painful.

4. Damage to Hair, Nails and Skin
Lichen planus slowly reduces the quality of your skin and hair scalp. So, you may start losing hair and form a dry skin. In extreme cases, it damages the fingernails as well.

Available Treatment Options: Home Remedies for Lichen Planus

You will be surprised to know that most of the lichen planus cases are easily treated within weeks. Can you guess how that is made possible? Absolutely! Slight precautions and Ayurveda’s simple remedies treat early stages of lichen planus condition very effectively. You can try them anytime and every time without a doctor’s advice!

1. Green Tea Bag
Take a tea bag, dip it in water and place it on the affected area. Leave it for 10 min. Repeat 3-4 times a day. Tannic acid of green tea will provide relief from your itching.

2. Aloe Vera Gel Massage
Gently apply pure aloe vera gel to the skin. It will help with the itching and prevent skin damage. You may also use tea tree oil for your daily massages.

3. Turmeric Paste Pampering
Haldi is a famous anti-swelling and anti-oxidant agent. Apply turmeric paste locally once every day or use turmeric water for gargling (for oral lichen planus). It will reduce skin inflammation and boost the process of healing.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Lichen Planus

Lichen planus treatment in Ayurveda aims at alleviating the symptoms and preventing the growth of the disease to other parts of the body. But that’s not the only thing that’s best about a natural therapy! Ayurvedic treatment is as effective as it is safe. You may use it with the advice of your doctor for any duration.

1. Mahatiktakam Kashayam

Two qualities, one solution! This is your ideal product with all the goodness of a skin tonic and blood purifier. It removes toxins from your blood to help in the growth of healthy skin tissues. What more can you need?

Lichen Planus is a skin and mucous membrane disorder caused due to inflammation due to impaired immunity.


  • Heals ulcers, wounds, abscesses, sinus tracts, fistula and boils.
  • Boosts recovery from heart ailments and eye diseases
  • Cleanses the blood by removing the excess pitta
  • Prevents many kinds of skin diseases


2 tablets 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner with warm water

2. Neem

This regional plant of India has been used to treat many kinds of skin diseases – including lichen planus too! Its antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties make it a great remedy for your persistent itch, skin rashes and damage. It has a two-in-one feature, so you can use it topically as well as in the form of a decoction.


  • Anti-microbial, anti-pathogenic properties
  • Cleanses the blood and liver
  • Makes the skin radiant by removing acne and scars
  • Fights and prevents infection

Mode of usage:

  • Internal – 2-3 gm to be taken once or twice daily with warm water.
  • External – to be applied locally mixed with water.

3.Triphala Powder

An Ayurvedic list of skin health promoters cannot be complete without Triphala! This unique blend of three herbs leaves a positive impact on your skin, bones and hair health. As a rejuvenator, it promotes the development of all the tissues to lead to your overall well-being.


  • Improves digestion and relieves constipation
  • Boosts metabolism and regulates cholesterol
  • Useful in the treatment of prediabetes and obesity
  • Good eye tonic
  • Heals wounds on external application
  • Has antioxidant properties

Mode of Usage:

  • It can be applied on the affected area after mixing with buttermilk
  • A decoction made by soaking some Triphala powder in water, can be used for washing the affected areas

Cure your Lichen Planus with Your Habits!

Whoever said skin diseases could not be managed with healthy practices hadn’t met Ayurvedic science! As per Ayurveda, if your body gets proper nutrition and exercise, it can defend itself from any kind of disease. In the case of lichen planus, these healthy practices extend to hygienic practices as well.

Fitness Regime
Keep your body away from pollution, chemicals and excessive sunlight to prevent damage to your immunity system. As for the chemicals that go in through food, physical exercises and yoga can handle those!
  • Avoid excess exercise and exposure to sunlight.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety in your life by beginning every day with a happy note.
  • Wear dry, properly cleaned and sanitized clothes during summers and humid weather. They will prevent

Calculated Diet Scheme (Lichen Planus Cure Diet)

As a lichen planus patient, you cannot eat every kind of food you like – especially spicy and citrus foods. They have been identified as the possible irritants which disturb the body’s equilibrium. So, you should prefer green and protein-rich foods at all times!
  • Keep Away
Avoid curd, horse gram, sesame, urad dal, sour and fermented foods. Oily, heavy, milk, fried and processed foods must also be avoided as they are hard to digest.
  • Keep on the Table

Include pomegranates, raisins, and bitter vegetables in your daily diet. Adding ginger, turmeric, holy basil, cardamom, and curry leaves to your meals will help to keep your skin healthy.


Just because the lichen planus rashes look terrible, does not mean they are incurable. You can also consult with our ayurvedic doctors for ayurvedic treatments like Lichen Planus. The decision to live a healthy life rests in your hands. All you need to do is persevere and protect yourself from modern menace-makers!

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