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Home Remedies & Ayurvedic Treatment for Pimples (Acne Vulgaris)

Home Remedies & Ayurvedic Treatment for Pimples (Acne Vulgaris)
Pimples are the most common skin disease medically termed as Acne vulgaris.

Common causes for Pimples
  • Bacterial infection.
  • Hormonal variations.
  • Consumption of more chocolates, oily and junk foods rich in carbohydrates.
  • Emotional stress.
  • Improper use of cosmetics, repeated scrubbing and using harsh cleanser/soap/face wash.
  • Poor skin care.
  • Dandruff also precipitates pimples.
  • Exposure to dust and pollutants.
  • Hot climate.
  • Certain medications.

Signs and Symptoms of Pimples

  • Red rashes varying in size and filled with pus.
  • Itching or skin irritation.
  • Pain.
  • Hyperpigmentation or scars or pitting.
  • Appearance of more white and blackheads.

Ayurvedic Management of Pimples

Home Remedies for Pimples

  • Make a paste of dried neem leaves with pinch of turmeric and water. Apply on affected area, wash after 15 minutes.
  • Reduce the consumption of milk and avoid milk products.
  • Replace tea and coffee with green tea. Drink sufficient water.
  • Avoid deep fried oily and junk foods. Include more vegetables and fruits in your diet.
  • Avoid repeated scrubbing and washing your face.
  • Avoid picking or opening the pimples to prevent scarring and pitting.
  • Keep your hair clean. Wash on alternate days.
  • Wash your face twice daily with mild cleanser.
  • Use oil free makeup.
  • Manage stress by Yoga, Mediation and having good sleep.

Kaircin – Ayurvedic facial oil

    • Prevents pimples, pigmentation scars and wrinkles.
    • Contains anti -ageing properties.
    • Reduces stretch marks and dark circles.
    • Nourishes and tones the skin.

    Direction of Use:

    Apply 5 drops of oil on face and neck before sleeping in a circular motion. Retain for 30 minutes and wash with lukewarm water. Best results when applied daily.

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