How Ayurveda Can Help with Down’s Syndrome

Down’s syndrome is a genetic disorder caused due to abnormality in chromosome 21. Hence, it is also known as Trisomy 21.

Causes of Down’s Syndrome
  • Increased maternal age.
  • Being a carrier of defective gene.

Signs and Symptoms of Down’s Syndrome
  • Distinct facial appearance.
  • Decreased intellectual levels.
  • Slow development.
  • Flat face and broad forehead.
  • Small head and ears with short neck.
  • Protruding tongue.
  • Small hands and feet with tiny fingers.

Early detection of Down’s Syndrome

There are prenatal tests done to determine the presence of chromosomal abnormality in your foetus. It includes Screening tests like blood examination and Ultrasound scan. If these screening tests suggest there is high risk for Down’s syndrome in your baby, then you can undergo diagnostic tests like amniocentesis, Chorionic villus sampling or Cordocentesis will confirm the diagnosis.

Management of Down’s Syndrome

Even though there is no permanent cure for Down’s syndrome, there are various therapies available for the betterment of the children and to improve their language, social and self skills. Most of them can lead their life independently.

Therapies include:
  • Speech therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy

Ayurvedic Management of Down’s Syndrome

The following Ayurvedic medicines can help the children suffering with Down’s syndrome to improve their memory, cognitive abilities, etc.

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