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How to Effectively Treat Ringworm or Tinea with Ayurveda!

How to Effectively Treat Ringworm or Tinea with Ayurveda!
Ringworm is a skin-infection caused by fungi. Today, we describe the ayurvedic way to treat ringworm using common ingredients found at home. Garlic is the principal remedy here.
  • Early morning, when you rise, take half tsp. of Sea-salt with a glass of warm water.
  • After about half an hour, take a metal tumbler, or a bowl and crush a fresh garlic-pod in it. Add 50 ml of fresh unsalted, plain Yoghurt (curd/dahi) and half tsp. of turmeric powder in it. Churn it well and drink it. Please do not eat anything for next 60 mins.
  • Drink the same Yoghurt mixture in step 2 in the evening at sunset, leaving a teaspoon of this potion for local application on the affected area (where you have the ringworm)
  • Every 2 days, add 1 more garlic pod to the mixture, i.e. from the 3rd day, take 2 pods of garlic in 50 ml of Yoghurt, from 5th day, take 3 garlic pods and so on…
  • While sea-salt, garlic and turmeric kill the yeast, fungi and other intestinal bacteria, yoghurt helps to replenish the friendly bacteria and aids in digestion.
  • You can also apply lemon juice and apple cider vinegar topically on the ringworm if you can bear the stinging. Tea-tree oil would also help. Honey, applied locally and taken internally would also help.

Treat ring worm with these easy home remedies and let us know in the comments if this worked for you.

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Dr Greeshma comments, this condition is referred to as dadru kushta according to Ayurvedic science. It is a pitta – kapha predominant condition but vata dosha is also in the loop.

The patient suffering from skin diseases should take following types of diet:

1. Laghu ahara – Light and wholesome food

2. Tikta shaka – Vegetables (leafy) having bitter taste

3. Old (not freshly harvested) cereals and

4. Meat of animals inhabiting arid land (Jangala Mamsa) and preparations of  Mudga (green gram) mixed with Patola – Pointed gourd.

Intake of heavy and sour food, milk, curd, meat of animals inhabiting marshy land, fish, Guda (Jaggery) and Tila (sesamum) are prohibited

Application of neem powder or intake of Neem tablets on the affected area gives appreciable results.

Bakuchi Capsules 2 tablets taken twice daily reduces the area of spread of the infection.

Benefits of NEEM

  •  Anti Bacterial, Anti Parasitic, Anti Fungal and Anti Viral
  • Anti Inflammatory
  • Anti Malarial
  • Detoxifies and Purifies Blood
  • Treats Infections
  • Acts as a Deworming Agent
  • Treats Skin Disorders
  • Helps in the Management of Diabetes

Dosage: 02 Tablets Twice Daily


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  • Please be precise as how to take the garlic +curd+turmeric mixture, it to be taken on alternate days, and same amount of mixture is to b taken in the evening .


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