How to Improve Your Calcium Levels Naturally with Ayurveda!


Calcium is an essential mineral required by your body for healthy bones and teeth. It also helps in blood clotting, nerves conduction, and muscular functions.

Daily Calcium Requirements

  • An adult requires about 1000 mg of calcium per day.
  • Elderly people, growing adolescents, pregnant and lactating women require 1200-1300 mg of calcium per day.

Sources of Calcium

Milk and its products, seafood, green leafy vegetables, broccoli, kale, figs, soy, legumes, oranges, sesame, almonds, okra, tofu are the good sources of calcium.

Causes of Calcium Deficiency

  • Malnutrition.
  • Malabsorption.
  • Certain conditions like Hypoparathyroidism, Lactose intolerance, during menopause and kidney diseases.
  • Certain medications like corticosteroids, anticonvulsants, etc.
  • More intake of sodium and proteins.
  • Vitamin D and magnesium deficiency.

Symptoms of Calcium Deficiency

  • Brittle bones, nails, and hair.
  • Scaly skin.
  • Osteoporosis.
  • Painful muscle spasm.

Problems Associated with Calcium Deficiency

  • Abnormal heart beats.
  • Memory loss, depression, and hallucination.
  • Abnormal sensation in hands and legs.

Tips to Improve Your Calcium Levels

  • Eat calcium and magnesium rich foods.
  • Get proper vitamin D by sun exposure, consuming egg yolk, fortified foods, and supplements.
  • Avoid foods which reduce calcium absorption like sugar, artificial sweeteners, chocolate, grapes, sweet potatoes, etc.
  • Quit smoking, alcohol and caffeinated drinks consumption.
  • Be physically active by doing exercises, walking and yoga.
  • Avoid self and unnecessary medications.
  • Minimise the intake of salt, preservatives and pickles.
Ayurvedic supplements like Kukkutandatvak bhasma, Pravala pishti, Mukta bhasma, Arjuna, Asthi shrinkhala, Laksha, Guggulu, AZ-cal are beneficial for healthy bones.

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