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How to Manage Leg Cramps the Ayurvedic Way!

How to manage leg cramps
A leg cramp is a painful condition caused due to the sudden contraction of your calf muscle.

Common Causes of Leg Cramps
  • Overstrain of the muscle due to physical exercise or work.
  • Doing strenuous exercise without prior warming up.
  • Deficiency of minerals like potassium, calcium or magnesium.
  • Lack of blood supply.
  • Certain conditions like dehydration, lumbar stenosis, pregnancy, diabetes, thyroid issues, diarrhea, kidney problems, can make you more prone to cramps.
  • Medications treating blood pressure, cholesterol, steroids, diuretics, oral contraceptives, etc.

Symptoms of Leg Cramps
  • Pain and discomfort, which last for few seconds to minutes.
  • Hardness and soreness of the affected muscle.

Management of Leg Cramps
  • Stop the activity you are doing and try to hold the affected area tightly.
  • If possible do mild massage and stretch the muscle.
  • Give hot compress with a towel dipped in hot water or soak the affected part in a hot water tub.
  • Make sure you are hydrated well before starting exercise.
  • Avoid consumption of caffeinated/ aerated drinks which may dehydrate you. Instead, drink a glass of warm milk.
  • Consume potassium-rich foods like banana, green leafy vegetables, avocado, mushroom, etc.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Leg Cramps
  • You can massage the affected muscle with warm sesame oil or mahanarayana taila.
  • Internally, you can take yogaraja guggulu, Dashamoola churna,
  • If you have calcium deficiency,you can take supplements like kukkutandatvak bhasma, Pravala pishti.
  • Avoid constipation by taking Triphala, Avipattikar churna, Haritaki churna.

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