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How To Reduce Prostate Enlargement Naturally?

How To Reduce Prostate Enlargement Naturally?

Are you looking to reduce prostate enlargement naturally? Read this article to know the natural ways and treatments available for enlarged prostate. 

Your body is a mirror for its own health. But how often can you understand the signals it gives you? If you have been experiencing urinal pain, inconsistency and/or frequent urination, you could be developing an enlarged prostate. It isn’t surprising that prostate enlargement or Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) is a common problem amongst men today. Its unnoticeable symptoms can make it completely invisible until it's too late. In the worst of cases, BPH can completely choke the urethra and make it impossible for you to pass urine at all. Thankfully, there are ways to cure and prevent it with a little assistance from Ayurveda!

Why Natural Treatment Is The Safer Way!

Modern medical practice can give you a number of treatment options from chemical-based medicines to surgeries. But are they worth it? Unfortunately, experience proves otherwise! Allopathic treatments come with a range of side effects including temporary pain, discomfort, sexual problems, impotency etc. On the contrary, natural treatment helps you to heal without any worries about after effects. Natural remedies and medications treat BPH from its root, while strengthening your reproductive health. In the simplest of words, they are your safest, easiest and most effective alternative!

Natural Ways Of Reducing Enlarged Prostate

Wondering what makes natural treatment so effective? Well, it’s because of the methods it uses! Unlike allopathic treatments, natural therapy to reduce prostate enlargement is a multifaceted process. Everything from the right medication to dietary changes and natural remedies are taken into account. All these measures add up to treat, heal and prevent any further damage in the prostate gland.

1. Natural Medication

Choosing the medication is the most important step in the natural treatment. So, you should make sure that you only go for the best! Nirogam’s Purushrink is a natural diuretic formulation with the power of potent Ayurvedic herbs. It contains 100% organic rejuvenators like Punarnava that improve kidney and reproductive system functioning. And as its name suggests, Purushrink reduces prostate inflammation, facilitates urination and strengthens the prostate muscles as well.


Benefits of Purushrink:

  • Reduces the frequency, hesitancy and urgency of urination
  • Treats urine inconsistency
  • Relieves inflammation in the prostate
  • Eases urine flow
  • Relieves pain, burning sensation and discomfort caused by BPH

Dosage: 2 tablets before breakfast & dinner every day with warm water.

2. Dietary Changes

While the medicine can treat the immediate BPH symptoms, it is only your diet that can prevent them from getting worse! Your diet should include anti-inflammatory and nutritive food items that can reduce prostate swelling and heal damaged tissues. As is obvious, fruits and vegetables should become your diet buddies through the course of your treatment.

diet to reduce prostate enlargement naturally

Focus on Fibre: Include fibre-rich foods in your diet like whole grains, legumes, beans and seeds. They are also full of some rare nutrients that support prostate functions.

  • Rejuvenate with Antioxidants: Fruits are high in antioxidants, minerals and natural fibres. They can check prostate swelling and nourish the damaged tissues to promote healing.
  • Zinc it In: You should include foods high in zinc like seafood and nuts in your daily diet since they can relieve urinary symptoms of prostate enlargement.
  • Crunch up the Veggies: Add them to salads or saute to your taste, vegetables can be your richest source of fibre and nutrients every day. You should aim to consume good amounts of lycopene-rich foods like tomatoes and green leafy vegetables to reduce BPH symptoms.
  • Cut Out the Fat: Obesity is the biggest enemy of BPH patients. So, stick to a low-fat diet and measure your calories with a keen eye!
  •  Drink with Care: Avoid caffeine, artificial sweeteners, nicotine, alcohol, carbonated drinks etc. These temporary pleasures can leave lasting impacts on your reproductive health.
  • Big No to Salt and Spice: Turn your back on all kinds of processed foods including red meat, canned and frozen foods. Their high saturated fat and sodium content is as undesirable as unhealthy for you!


Ayurveda is the science of natural herbs. Which is why, Ayurvedic treatment cannot be complete without a list of supplement herbs. Luckily, there are a wide range of Ayurvedic plants which can be used to treat and prevent prostate enlargement. All you need to do is work out and herb on!

herbs to reduce prostate enlargement naturally


There is not one but two reasons why Pygeum is an unmissable herb for BPH treatment! It not only helps to reduce the size of the prostate gland but also curbs BPH symptoms. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties can propel your healing process incredibly! 


If you are exceedingly troubled with frequent urination at night, here is the remedy for you! Saw palmetto effectively reduces nocturia and helps you to get better sleep at night. But most importantly, it can rid you of the other symptoms of BPH as well!


Your prostate enlargement treatment cannot be complete without Varanadi Kashayam! This is a unique Ayurvedic formulation that reduces the weight of the prostate gland and helps to maintain urinary flow. 


Don’t go by the looks of this one! Stinging nettle is a potent reserve of natural antioxidants and acts as a natural diuretic. With regular consumption, it can shrink the prostate size and ease the urine flow.


Double up the effectiveness of your BPH treatment kit with Gokshura! It is a common Ayurvedic herb which used to treat all kinds of urinary tract disorders. In the case of BPH, it can help to bring lasting symptomatic relief from the first dosage onwards!


Once all of your herbal medicines are in check, you can use Ayurveda’s natural remedies to hasten the healing process! These “easy to follow” home remedies can give you a smooth sailing throughout the course of your BPH treatment by curing the related symptoms of the condition.

natural remedies to reduce prostate enlargement naturally


Make your BPH treatment healthier with this unique dietary recommendation!  Pumpkin seeds can enhance the urine flow and improve the postvoid residual volume in people with BPH. In addition, their nutritive content and dynamic taste can easily make them your favourite garnish!


Gone are the days of caffeinated drinks with better alternatives in view! Green tea contains high amounts of potent antioxidants that improve immunity and reduce internal inflammation. One cup of green tea every day can make BPH symptoms management as easy as a cake walk!


Give your taste buds a little adventure with raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar! You should take 1-2 tablespoons of ACV with honey twice daily to reduce the pain and inflammation in the prostate gland.


All your herbs and diet plans can turn to waste if you do not make the right lifestyle choices. Which is why, Ayurveda outlines a series of daily habits that you should follow to keep BPH symptoms under your thumb.


You might think that reducing your fluid intake can help to make your BPH symptoms better. But in reality, it does just the opposite! Instead of reducing your fluid intake you should focus on managing it intelligently. A proven way to do the same is by avoiding fluids after 6 pm.


Always remember that the more you weigh, the more your prostate gland will be inflamed. So, you should steer away from saturated fats and keep a keen eye on your weight.


The importance of Yoga and physical exercises to BPH patients does not need any emphasis. Postures like Naukasana (Boat Pose), Janu Shirshasan (Head-to-Knee Pose), Simhasana (Lion Pose) and Mandukasana (Frog pose) can help to strengthen the pelvic muscles like no other medicine!




No matter how disturbing it might be, it is possible to reduce prostate enlargement naturally! You just need to reach out and Ayurveda shall guide you through to the path of healing.

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