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How to Reduce Prostate Enlargement With Diet?

how to reduce prostate enlargement with diet

As men age, a common health problem that lurks is that of Prostate enlargement. It can be caused due to any of the multiple reasons varying from genetics to urinary tract infections (UTI). Whatever be the cause, prostate enlargement is a painful condition that can cause a number of problems in men. 

Since the initial symptoms of prostate enlargement include slight pain while urination, most people ignore it in the initial stage. This causes the condition to worsen further leading to severe conditions like bladder stones, complete inability to urinate & even kidney damage. 

There are a number of treatments for prostate enlargement, of which Ayurvedic treatment is one of the best. Being natural, it has no side effects. A major part of Ayurvedic treatment includes diet changes. With the right food, the size of an enlarged prostate can be reduced significantly.

Foods That Can Help Reduce Prostate Enlargement

1. Bell Peppers

Bell Peppers to reduce enlarged  prostate with diet

    Bell Peppers are high in Vitamin C which is helpful in treating prostate enlargement. According to a study, treatment with Vitamin C leads to a reduction in the symptoms of prostate enlargement. Bell Peppers are high in capsaicin which neutralizes cancer-causing substances, reducing the risk of prostate cancer & promoting prostate health.

    2. Broccoli

      broccoli to reduce enlarged prostate

      Broccoli & other cruciferous vegetables contain sulforaphane that promotes prostate health. A study has proven the positive effects of sulforaphane on prostate enlargement. Broccoli fights the damage caused due to free radicals, reducing the oxidative stress in the body. It also reduces the risk of prostate cancer & its aggression. Other cruciferous vegetables that can be useful are cabbage, bok choy, kale & cauliflower.

      3. Tomatoes

        how to reduce enlarged prostate with diet

        Besides other nutrients, a major compound found in tomatoes is lycopene. It is a type of carotenoid which gives tomatoes their bright red colour. According to NCBI, lycopene can inhibit the progression of prostate enlargement in men. This effect of tomatoes can be due to the presence of antioxidants found in its cell wall that attack the free radicals in the body. 

        Moreover, lycopene lowers the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) which is responsible for inflammation in the prostate gland. This way tomatoes treat prostate enlargement, promoting prostate health.

        4. Avocado

          how to reduce prostate enlargement with diet

          Avocados contain phytosterols abundantly. These phytosterols are beta-sitosterols which are proven to provide relief in prostate enlargement. They ease the urinary difficulties caused due to prostate enlargement. They also contain healthful fats that enhance prostate health and lutein, which is a type of carotenoid which provides protection against prostate cancer & promotes prostate health.

          5. Berries

            berries to reduce enlarged prostate naturally

            Berries have high amounts of antioxidants called anthocyanins in them. These anthocyanins help reduce the size & weight of the prostate gland due to its antioxidant reaction. The administration of anthocyanins is effective in the treatment of prostate enlargement as proven by a study.

            They help remove free radicals from the body, protecting against oxidative stress. Berries are also high in vitamin C, vitamin K, fibres & phytochemicals which add to their health benefits. These healthful berries include strawberry, blackberry, raspberry & blueberry.

            6. Citrus Fruits

              citrus fruits for enlarged prostate

              Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid is an important nutrient required for the treatment of prostate enlargement. And all citrus fruits are the best sources of Vitamin C. A study has proven the potency of vitamin C in reducing the various parameters of prostate enlargement.

              The same study suggests that it should be used as an anti-BPH agent. Vitamin C also protects the prostate gland against the action of free radicals, due to the presence of bioactive compounds like flavonoids & monoterpenes in them. Citrus fruits include oranges, lemons, sweet lime, grapefruit, etc.

                7. Onion & Garlic

                onion to reduce prostate enlargement with diet

                Onion has anti-inflammatory & immunomodulatory properties. These properties of the red onion have proven to reduce the size & weight of the prostate gland in men. Similarly, garlic has anti-inflammatory agents & antioxidants. Garlic leads to improvement in the disease parameters of patients suffering from prostate enlargement as shown in a study. It can even provide relief in prostate cancer.

                8. Soy

                  diet to reduce prostate enlargement

                  Soy contains a number of isoflavones like genistein. Genistein can decrease the growth of the prostate tissues as shown by NCBI. Another reason why you should prefer soy products like soymilk or tofu instead of dairy products is that dairy products can worsen prostate enlargement in most people. Replacing them with soy products will have a two-fold effect on your health, supporting prostate health.

                  9. Sesame Seeds

                    diet for enlarged prostate

                    NCBI says that reduced levels of zinc are linked to increased risk of prostate enlargement. This is why older men need to maintain the level of zinc in their diet. Sesame seeds are a good source of zinc & hence can help keep prostate enlargement at bay. They contain anti-inflammatory compounds & antioxidants that help cure inflammation of the prostate gland.

                    10. Salmon

                      reduce prostate enlargement with diet

                      Being a fatty fish, Salmon has high amounts of omega-3s fatty acids in it. NCBI has proven that omega 3s fatty acids are found helpful in reducing the incidence of metabolic syndrome associated with prostate enlargement. Metabolic syndrome is a major cause of prostate enlargement as proven by a study. Moreover, regular consumption of salmon cures inflammation. It can also help reduce weight which is important since obesity is a major risk factor for prostate enlargement.

                      Foods To Avoid

                      foods to avoid for enlarged prostate

                      Understanding the foods that need to be avoided is as necessary as understanding the foods that need to be incorporated into the diet. A report by NCBI suggests that foods like red meat, egg, poultry products, fats, bread, cereals & dairy products can put you at a greater risk of prostate enlargement. The study also suggests that following a plant-based diet can be helpful in treating prostate enlargement.

                      The Best Way To Reduce Prostate Enlargement

                      Though diet is a necessary factor in reducing prostate enlargement, the only definite way to do so is with medication. For prostate enlargement, we suggest Purushrink. It is a natural diuretic which can cure prostate enlargement with consistent use. It contains a number of natural rejuvenators & potassium that support prostate health & cure prostate enlargement. 

                      Benefits of Purushrink

                      • It normalizes urine flow to reduce inflammation & irritation in the prostate
                      • It strengthens the muscle tissues of the prostate
                      • It improves the functioning of kidney & reproductive system in men
                      • It reduces the frequency, urgency & hesitancy in urination
                      • It treats incontinence
                      • It treats the pain & burning caused due to prostate enlargement


                      The suggested dose for Purushrink is 2 tablets every day with warm water before breakfast & dinner.

                      Eating right is essential in reducing the risk of prostate enlargement & even in curing it. If you know what can help you cure & what can worsen your condition, you can create a diet that is sure to help you positively. But, before you become your own doctor & start treating yourself, it would be wise to consult an Ayurvedic doctor. This will help you better evaluate your condition & procure a better treatment.


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