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Immunity Tea - Best Way to Boost Your Immune System

Immunity Tea - Best Way to Boost Your Immune System

Gossip, relaxation and family time – tea has been associated with these attributes all around the world. But thanks to Ayurveda, health has become the latest addition to this list! The importance of immunity tea can never be overstated. An active immune system can be your biggest asset in the times of increasing infections and diseases. Blending flavours with herbal compounds, this beverage serves as an enriching means to get and stay healthy. So, before you leave home, make sure you get a taste of these invigorating potions!

What Can Immunity Tea Do For Me?

When you relish your cup of immune boosting tea, you are doing more than just fighting harmful germs. Be it men or women, immunity tea enhances every aspect of your health with every sip! Its detoxifying agents rejuvenate your biological systems and regulate their functions.

  • Infection Guard: Immunity Tea supports your immunity by increasing the production of white blood cells. It cleanses the toxins, microbes and chemicals from your blood.
  • Anti-Ageing: The richness of immunity tea comes from its antioxidants. They rejuvenate the body tissues to give you a natural stamina boost.
  • Calm Mind: It can soothe the brain cells to give immediate relief in anxiety, stress and insomnia. It eases the blood pressure as well to keep your brain active, focussed and sharp at all times.
  • Metabolism Promoter: Healthy gut means a happy body. Herbal teas are great remedies to enhance digestion. Their bioactive compounds increase nutrient absorption from food.
  • Weight Management: It can also increase burning of fat in the body. This in turn tones the body muscles, checks cholesterol levels and makes you physically active.

To Each His Own: Types of Immunity Teas

You can use a wide range of spices, herbs and roots to make your immunity tea. Since this preparation does not contain caffeine, it can be taken anytime in the day. Best of all, you can easily make it from kitchen ingredients or grow them in your backyard garden. Choose from any of these herbal combinations to convert your steamy beverages into a daily therapy!

  1. Tantalizing Tulsi Tea
    The central place of Tulsi in Ayurveda comes from its versatile functions. More than a mere traditional plant, it is an effective antimicrobial herb. Tulsi’s antioxidants can propel your immune system into action. It supports gastrointestinal functions to enhance your metabolism and core physical strength. To prepare your tea, simmer ¼ cup Holy Basil leaves in one and a quarter cup of water. After 15 minutes, strain the water in a cup and drink with a dash of lemon juice or honey. Here’s an expert tip - You may want to try a warm cup of this Tulsi decoction to calm your mind while you’re burning some midnight oil or simply having a bad day!

  2. Golden Ginger Tea
    Just like its natural strong taste, the action of ginger on microbes is equally significant. It is an incredible remedy to alleviate symptoms of infections. Due to its heating nature, it can curb a flu and ignite the digestive fire. If you have sensitive taste buds, add a few leaves of Tulsi, 2-3 cardamom pods/cloves, one inch cinnamon bark and half teaspoon honey to your ginger tea to make it taste even better!

  3. Aromatic Ashwagandha Tea
    Coming straight from the Ayurvedic texts, this preparation is both a medicine and therapy! Ashwagandha purifies the body of all kinds of toxins. Not only that, it naturally prevents cellular damage and gives you a healthy, muscular body. As a natural adaptogen. it alleviates side effects of stress, anxiety and depression on your immune system too. If your immunity is paralyzed by your diabetes, this could be the perfect tea for you! Just boil a 5-inch piece of Ashwagandha root or a teaspoon of its powder in a cup of water for 15-20 minutes. Strain and drink this decoction with honey once every day.

  4. Traditional Turmeric Tea
    Any list of tea for immune system health cannot be complete without the mention of this plant. Curcuma longa is a popular food spice. But it isn’t meant to be in the spice jars only. It is a natural anti-inflammatory agent that flushes down toxins. Researchers have found it to be a powerful shield against all kinds of colds, flus and infections. With regular use, it can regulate cholesterol levels, boost germ-fighting cells and fasten tissue healing. You can add a dash of ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, honey or lemon to your Turmeric tea to double up its benefits.

  5. Picky Peppermint Tea
    You may have enjoyed peppermint in your sodas, mocktails or juices. But you can truly find its benefits when you turn it into a hot herbal tea. Peppermint tea is a boon for your digestion. It supports and enhances the GI tract functions to increase your immunity. Most importantly, it helps you to manage mental strain efficiently to keep your immune system at its best all the time. To prepare your tea, take 8-10 mint leaves and tear it to bits in your cup. Fill the cup with boiled water and keep aside for 10 minutes. Enjoy with a few drops of lemon thereafter!

  6. Green Tea
    Your search for the best tea for immune system health can end at your kitchen shelf too! Green tea is a famous health beverage used all around the world to promote weight loss. But recent researches have shown that it can lower your risks of infections as well. Your early morning cup of Green Tea can improve heart, brain and liver functions. Its active antioxidants can help in eliminating harmful chemicals, germs and toxins from the body.

  7. Lip Smacking Lemon Tea
    If you are an ardent fan of tangy flavours, then this can be your go-to beverage! The rich Vitamin C content of lemons makes them a good friend for immunity. They act as natural antiviral and antibacterial agents. Every cup of lemon tea can clear your nasal passage and reduce its inflammation. It can also work miracles in relieving your sore throat, headache, body cramps and irritated eyes. Flatter your taste buds with a refreshing lemon tea infused with ginger, cardamom and honey anytime!

  8. Natural Nettle Leaf Tea
    Stinging Nettle is a rare plant found in Europe and Asia regions. But even rarer are the benefits that it can give to you! It has anti-inflammatory qualities which can relieve any health issue from allergies to urinary tract infections. Being a natural detoxifier, it can enhance your overall immune response to germ attacks. Nettle further strengthens your immunity by regulating your blood sugar levels and digestion process. To enjoy all of its benefits, mix one cup of boiling water with one teaspoon nettle leaf. Allow this mixture to brew for 10 minutes, strain and sip it hot!

Ayurvedic Health Potion: Nirogam’s Masha Immunity Tea

Why settle for a few, when you can get the benefits of many herbs in every cup? Get your family together in the evening over a cup of your Ayurvedic health drink, Masha! Nirogam’s Masha Immunity tea is an authentic blend of all that is good about natural remedies. Its 100% organic ingredients boost your immunity, strengthen your metabolism and fight off infectious germs. It contains active antioxidants and nutrients that enhance your core strength, giving you radiant health. So, shun your worries and enjoy this natural detox therapy for a disease-free life!


  • Naturally boosts immunity
  • Purifies the blood
  • Rejuvenates the body
  • Promotes mental health

Dose: Boil ½ teaspoon of herbal tea in 120 mL water for 5 to 7 minutes. Strain, add honey/sugar and sip warm.


Go ahead and try out these stimulating tea recipes to get healthy with pleasure. Club them with a nutritious diet and workout regime to ward off all your health worries in these notorious times that are threatening our mental and physical health!


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