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Medicinal Uses of Katukarohini (Picrorhiza-kurroa)

medicinal uses of katukarohini
Katuka rohini (botanically, Picrorhiza kurroa), plentily found in the Himalayas, belongs to the family of scrofulareaceae. In India, this herb is better known as ‘Kutki’ in Hindi. The Sanskrit name ‘Katuki’ means ‘That which envelops diseases’.
Kutki is an important herb in Ayurvedic medicine and used to protect the liver against hepatotoxins. It has hepatoprotective, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

What does the Katuka rohini medicine (Picrorhiza kurroa) look like?

It is a small, hairy, perennial herb with a long woody root stock. The leaves are long, with serrated edges and the flowers are white or bluish located terminally on long racemes, the fruits are ovoid capsules. The dry rhizome is deep greyish brown, cylindrical and wrinkled longitudinally.
There are two varieties of Kutki namely the white and the black. The dried rhizome of the white variety is used for medicinal purposes.

Composition of Katuka Rohini

Dried rhizome stem contains kutkin, a type of glucoside. Kutkisterol, picrorhizin, etc., are the other bitter compounds present in katukarohini.

Healing Power and Curative Properties of Katuka Rohini

“Katuka Pittajith Tikta
Katu Sheetasra Dahajith
Baala Sa Arochakam Hanthi
Vishamajwara Nashini”
– Dhanwantari Nighantu

  • Katukarohini pacifies all pitha-rakta dominant diseases.
  • Due to its cold potency, katukarohini helps in relieving burning sensation.
  • Katuka rohini is very beneficial in paediatric fever, anorexia, diminished digestive fire and constipation.
  • Laxative
  • Improves liver functioning
  • Carminative
  • Highly beneficial in jaundice type of liver diseases

Medicinal Uses of Katuka Rohini

There are many Picrorhiza kurroa medicinal uses. Some of these are listed below.
  1. Curd formed by adding katukarohini kashayam to milk should be processed and the butter obtained from it can be given to children in case of fever.
  2. Katukarohini and yashtimadhu should be taken in equal quantity (total 10 grams), grind and make a paste by adding adequate quantity of sugar. Consuming this relieves acidity, GERD, burning sensation of heart etc.
  3. Ativisha, chandana, katukarohini all taken in equal quantity and made into paste can be given regularly for patients suffering from skin diseases (kushta roga) to get beneficial results.
  4. In liver disorders: katukarohini is an excellent liver protective. Make a decoction of equal quantities of katukarohini and chirata and drink twice a day.
  5. Chronic malaria: Make a decoction of equal quantities of katukarohini, chirata, haritaki (harad) fruit with sufficient quantity of jaggery and raisins in it. Filter and drink daily. This decoction acts as a mild laxative and completely detoxifies the body.
  6. Anaemia: drink decoction of the rhizome of katukarohini for a few weeks to replenish lost blood and as a rejuvenator. This is especially useful in anaemia due to excessive bleeding from any orifice.
  7. Respiratory allergies:Katuka rohini can be used as a home remedy in bronchitis, asthma, and sinusitis. Decoction of the rhizome can be used.
  8. Worm infestation: Decoction of katuka rohini can be given as deworming medicine to children.

Major Formulations with Katukarohini

Katuka Rohini finds use as a constituent in:
  • Arogya vardhini gutika
  • Katukarohinyadi kashayam
  • Phala ghrita
  • Sudarshana churna
  • Vachadi taila

Note: Use the herb under medical supervision only. If you’re not sure where Kakuta rohini is right for you, consider talking to an Ayurvedacharya first.

  • Oushadha sasyangal – Dr. S. Neshamani
  • Green remedies – Dr. S Suresh babu

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