Post Partum Care Through Ayurveda

Ayurvedic treatment for post partum

Post partum can be considered as the fourth trimester. Adequate post partum care is required to replenish the mother as her overall health would be depleted because of the whole birthing process. Women experience many physiological, psychological and spiritual changes in them and hence they need special attention and care.

From 2nd to 14th Day After Delivery

  • Dashamoolarishtam + Jeerakarishtam mixed together to be consumed twice daily by the nursing mother.
  • Deepyakadi churnam 5 grams in the afternoon and night before food mixed with hot water or butter milk is suggested.
  • Seasoned butter milk prepared by boiling with dry ginger, curry leaves; ajwain and turmeric should be consumed by the lady.
  • Seasoned butter milk can be made a part of the nursing mother’s daily diet.
  • Garlic or small onion fried in ghee or sesame oil has to be consumed just before the morning food(breakfast)
  • Quantity/amount of milk, ghee and other dairy products can be increased, depending upon the strength or digestive capacity of the lady.
  • Dhanwantaram taila (oil) has to be used as massage oil both for the head as well as on the body. After applying oil on the body, the lady has to wait for ½ an hour before washing it off with besan/green gram powder. Water boiled with naalpaamara can be used for bathing. Any herbal bath powder containing naalpamara, bala etc herbs can be used instead.

    14th to 28th Day of Pregnancy

    • Usage of Dashamoolarishtam + jeerakarishtam can be continued.
    • Continue application of dhanwantaram kuzhamb on the body.
    • Dhanwantaram kashayam (10-15 ml) + 101 aavartita dhanwantara (10 drops) + maha dhanwantaram gulika mixed together should be consumed on empty stomach twice daily.
    • Vidaryadi ghritam 2 tsp. in the afternoon, before food is recommended.
    • Meat soup is recommended, especially goat’s meat.

      First Month from Day 28 Onwards

      • Continue with vidaryadi ghritam and dhanwantaram kuzhambu.
      • Ashwagandhadi lehyam 15 grams at bedtime with 1 cup milk as anupana is suggested.
      • Avoid/limit the amount of spicy, tangy, potato, tapioca, legumes and fried oily food.
      • Fruits and vegetables should be consumed more.
      • Avoid night outs and day sleep.

      Only a healthy mother can ensure a healthy baby.
      Reference: Garbhini Paricharya (Published by Kottakal Arya Vaidya Sala)

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