Quick Sure-fire tip to eliminate dandruff

Suhaga (Borax) comes in handy here. Take 5 grams of Suhaga, 1 tbsp of Yoghurt (Dahi) and 1 tbsp of Coconut oil. Put the Suhaga on a flat girdle/pan and heat it. It will splutter and flare up. When it has flared, remove, cool it and crush it into a fine white powder. Mix the Suhaga powder with Yoghurt and Coconut oil and apply it directly onto the scalp. Allow it to dry and then wash with a mild, herbal shampoo (Is your hair falling / greying ? )

Apply some Sweet Almond oil after bathing. Repeat the remedy once a week, every week for 6 weeks. The dandruff should never come back again.

Soak methi seeds overnight and grind it to a fine paste with water in the morning. Application of this paste over the scalp once in a week for 4 weeks controls and prevents dandruff and itching of the scalp.

Two major causes of dandruff are stress (De-stress yourself) and constipation. Keep a check on those and it should never occur in the first place.

Nirogam Hair fall kit

  • Encourages rich and full hair growth
  • Reverses premature greying and hair loss
  • Calms Pitta
  • Restores healthy shine to hair.

Suggested dosage:

1. Neelibhringadi thailam: Rub the warm oil gently on the scalp and wash off nextmorning or apply on the scalp and wash off after an hour.

2. Bhringaraj Powder : 3-6 grams of Organic Bhringaraj Powder, mixed in one cup of warm water, can be taken twice a day as a general tonic. It can also be applied as a hair pack once in a week.

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