What Are the Major Benefits of Snehapana Ayurvedic Therapy?


Snehana is the pre-operative procedure of panchakarma therapy. It is the process through which your body is lubricated. Snehana is of two types- internal (snehapana) and external (abhyanga, dhara, pizhichil, pichu, etc ).
Snehapana is the internal administration of fatty substances. It is of two types:

  • Achapana is the process of ghee, oil and animal fat orally in large quantity depending upon your digestion without mixing in the food. This is usually done before doing panchakarma procedures like vamana and virechana.

  • Vicharana is the process where fatty substances are administered in small quantity daily through your food. This is done as nourishing therapy in vatavyadhi and in emaciated persons.

Indications of Snehapana

  • Those who are undergoing panchakarma therapies.
  • Persons having very dry skin and other skin diseases.
  • Those who indulge in more physical activities.
  • Children and elderly people.
  • Lean, weak and emaciated persons.
  • Those who are suffering from insomnia and stress.

Contraindications of Snehapana

  • During pregnancy and postpartum period.
  • Those who are having weak digestive power and metabolism.
  • Persons suffering from fever, indigestion, vomiting and other abdominal diseases.
  • Those who have excess vitiated kapha and medas (fat).

Major Benefits of Snehapana

  • Improves your digestive power.
  • Cleanses your body and digestive system.
  • Build up your physical strength.
  • Enhances your colour and complexion.
  • Makes your skin soft and supple.
  • Prevents aging and improves your longevity.

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Dr. Greeshma Nair

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