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What is a Stye and How to Manage it with Home Remedies!

what is stye and how to manage it with home remedies
A stye is medically termed as Hordeolum. It is a red painful pus-filled lump, which develops near your eyelid margin. It is caused due to staphylococcus bacterial infection. Blepharitis, an inflammatory condition of your eyelid may precipitate the risk of getting stye.

Signs and Symptoms of Stye
  • Pimple like boil on your eyelid margin.
  • Red and watery eyes.
  • Swelling of your eyelids.
  • Pain.

Management of Stye with Home Remedies and Ayurveda

  • Gently wash your eyes with Triphala. Boil 1 tsp of triphala powder in a glass of water, filter through a clean cloth. When it is lukewarm wash both your eyes using an eye cup.
  • Take Triphala guggulu and Yashtimadhu internally to manage pain and inflammation.
  • Mildly massage your eyelids with clean hands.
  • Give hot compress to enhance draining of the stye by placing clean, warm cotton cloth on your closed eye. You can warm the cloth by ironing or dip the cloth in hot water, squeeze out excess water. Repeat this 4-5 times a day.
  • You can instill eyedrops like ophthacare or itone.
  • Dip a tea bag in hot water, squeeze excess water and place it on your affected eyes.
  • If you are prone to stye repeatedly, you can undergo virechana.

Prevention of Stye
  • Avoid touching your eyes repeatedly.
  • Wash your hands well with a soap solution before touching your eyes.
  • Disinfect your contact lens well before inserting it.
  • Undergo proper treatment for blepharitis, dandruff, and acne.
  • Never leave your eye makeup overnight. Make sure to remove before you sleep.
  • Avoid using old eye makeup.
  • If you are a diabetic, manage your sugar levels well.

Even though stye is harmless and will not affect your vision, if you don’t find any relief after these remedies or the pain, swelling increases, consult an ophthalmologist without further delay.

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