Why Is It Better to Soak Almonds Overnight?

Soaking almonds overnight in water and having them in the morning is a common practice. Many of you might not be aware that having almonds in the wrong way could deprive you of the benefits of almonds. Almonds have many nutrients like proteins, fibre, omega 3 fatty acids, omega 6 fatty acids, Vitamin E, calcium, zinc and magnesium. If you eat almonds the right way you can enjoy maximum benefits of almonds. Soaking almonds in water overnight is the best way to eat almonds.

Benefits of Eating Soaked Almonds:

1. Having soaked and peeled almonds are easy to digest:
It is difficult for our body to digest almonds because of the presence of enzyme inhibiting content in the outer brown covering. The enzyme inhibiting elements are there to protect that inside white seed until it is fully grown. Soaking almonds at night and peeling off the brown skin in the morning before having the same removes the harmful enzyme inhibitors, by doing this the enzymes released during the digestion process function properly. Phytic acid is also reduced, which is beneficial for digestion as it inhibits the absorption of important minerals. You can also soak the almonds in milk, by doing so the libido is enhanced and it improves sexual performance.

2. Beneficial in pregnancy
Having soaked almonds is highly beneficial in pregnancy. The nutrients present in almonds are beneficial for pregnant women as it provides energy to the body. Soaking almonds in milk and water at night and having them in the morning is recommended for all pregnant women. Adding saffron to it and making a paste tastes good and is healthy. Pregnant women must have soaked almonds in the morning along with a healthy diet.

3. Tonic for the brain
Almond is also known as tonic for the brain. Almonds are rich in fatty acids, which are known to improve memory and increase intelligence. This is one of the most significant benefits of soaked almonds and children of all ages are encouraged to have them every day. Having five to six soaked almonds every morning improves memory.

4. Soaked almonds are soft which helps in easy absorption:
The almonds soaked in water or milk are extremely soft. Soft almonds are easy to digest and the nutrients are easily absorbed. Soaked almonds are easy to chew, but you must chew the soaked almonds properly. The un-chewed pieces of almonds, both soaked or un-soaked, are difficult to digest.

5. For better skin
Soaked almonds are also good for enhancing the health and glow of the skin. Soak almonds in milk or water at night, drain the water, peel the brown skin of the almonds, boil them in water and blend with milk. Your natural and organic moisturiser, which makes your skin supple and glowing is ready for you to use.

6. Almond as face scrub:
It is very simple to make an almond face scrub at home with soaked almonds. Soak 10 almonds in milk or water at night, peel the almonds and grind them. You will get a rough paste with the ground almonds. Mix this chunky paste in fresh cream and use it twice a day as a face scrub. This scrub is also good to lighten the skin of the knees and elbows.

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