Control Your Hypertension with Healthy Food Habits
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What makes you feel concerned about your loved ones? Is it something to do with their frequent eating out, that too sal
Can Stress Cause High Blood Pressure?
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Domestic chores, travelling, work pressure- keeping up to everyone’s demands everyday is undoubtedly exhausting. There
How And Why You Should Try Ayurveda For High Bloo
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Hypertension is also referred to as high blood pressure which can result in severe complications and increases the chan
Popular Treatments for Treating Varicocele
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Varicocele is a disorder caused because of the enlargement of the set-up of veins in the scrotum. This network of veins
Are You Sure You Don’t Have Masked Hypertension?
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Hypertension can strike a person of any age in today’s fast paced times. Sedentary lifestyle clubbed with all the high
Is there any natural treatment of varicocele?
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Varicocele is considered to be an inflamed vein that occurs within the scrotum. This issue is faced by around 15% of th
Are You Depressed? Find Out How Ayurveda Can Help
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Living organisms have a unique property to respond to changes in environment. The information from the outer word is ob
8 Healthy Habits to Control Your Blood pressure
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Your high blood pressure may prove fatal if you don't control it now! Keeping a healthy blood pressure is easy if you a
Bring Down Your High Blood Pressure With Ayurveda
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High blood pressure is a very common ailment. One out of every four persons suffers from hypertension. The pressure exe

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