A friend came to visit me from the East coast. She marveled at the beauty of California, enjoyed the Almond blossoms and envied my snow-less American life. But she missed two things. The cruise in San Francisco and a few ‘thrill’ rides atop Stratosphere in Vegas. These two, only because of motion sickness! Even the 6 hr flight from her place was torture to her. She was seated in the middle seat in a full flight and to her embarrassment she threw up during her descent in San Francisco airport.

Motion sickness alias kinetosis is not uncommon. It is very easily found among children between the ages of 2 and 12.Women are the worse sufferers of motion sickness especially when they are pregnant. Travelling is inevitable at some point of time. And a jaunt should be an enjoyable experience bereft of all the worries. Motion Sickness is not anything dreadful but it simply makes your life bothersome and annoying. Neither can you enjoy the view nor can you take a nap. If at all you fall asleep you wake up with a disturbing murmur in the stomach. You cannot enjoy travelling be it on air, water or land. Your stomach will churn, burn and turn you upside down. You will need to grope for your candies, lemon or ginger to maintain the digestive harmony. It is sickening!


  • Have a light meal and grab a good sleep on the eve of travel.
  • Dress smart! You will need loose breathing garments for your comfortable journey.
  • Good ventilation is one of the main helpful factors to avoid motion sickness-related nausea. Remember that you should get air flow on to your face.
  • Put on your cool air in hot weather and rest your head against the seat back to keep it still. Minimize your head movement.
  • Some people may find it relieving to focus on distant objects.
  • Avoid reading, watching television or talking too much. Yet, try to concentrate in something you can enjoy.
  • However nauseated you feel, do not hesitate to drink water. You may also eat dry crackers.
  • Try to do break journeys. A break or stop in the movement usually helps a great deal.
  • Motion sickness can slowly go away as you get accustomed to travelling.
  • Take your motion-sickness medication before your motion activity begins. And as an added precaution, carry antihistamines, sodas, ginger, mint and sickness bags. This will enable you to travel confidently without worrying about embarrassing yourself. Ginger is a great herb to support digestive comfort and sooth the stomach. Mint works miracles on indigestion, nausea, flatulence and heartburn.

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