diabetesDoes your child miss the most important meal of the day?

A research conducted in UK with 4000 students showed that children who skip breakfast may have a higher risk of developing type 2 Diabetes. It was found that kids who missed their breakfast had 26% higher levels of insulin in their blood than those who had breakfast every day. This was tested for after a period of fasting.

Those children who included high fiber cereal in their breakfast had lower insulin levels. They also showed lower insulin resistance.

More details on the study on newscientist.

diabetes treatment

Salacia-O for Type 2 Diabetes

Benefits of SALACIA-O

  1. Regulates sugar levels
  2. Improves cholesterol and triglycerides
  3. Helps in retinopathy
  4. Without cross-interaction with other medications


01 Capsule twice/thrice daily, 30 minutes before breakfast & dinner with normal water.

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