Can Fasting Perk Up Immunity?

A fasting spree of 3 days can boost your immunity! Interesting, isn't it? Researchers from the University of Southern California have come up with this new finding.  Fasting helps the body to get rid of damaged cells and generate new ones. Scientists explain that when your body goes on a fasting mode, your system tries to conserve energy. In this process it recycles old damaged cells and forms new healthy ones. Fasting reduces PKA enzyme which is associated with ageing and a hormone which increased the risk of cancer. Thus it paves way for the stem cells to regenerate that causes a healthy immune system to build up. The researchers claim that fasting is immensely beneficial for enhancing the immunity of patients undergoing chemotherapy. New hope! New hope!

Don't miss the full article at University Herald.

3 thoughts on “Can Fasting Perk Up Immunity?

  • June 19, 2014 at 4:14 pm

    Ancient indian customs based on scientific principles

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