Can high cholesterol lead to diabetes?


When was the last time you checked your cholesterol levels?

Are you one of the many who do not get a regular health check up unless  a medical condition necessitates it?

Well, if you are, you may be putting you are jeoparidising your own health. This is because some diseases do not have overt physical signs or symptoms to warn you in time. One such condition is high cholesterol.

High cholesterol implies high level of bad LDL cholesterol in your body. It does not cause any physical symptoms. So, you are less likely to identify it till you get yourself tested for it.

Having high LDL cholesterol puts at risk for developing many other ailments. It is basically a silent killer disease.

What are the complications of high LDL cholesterol?

Well, high amounts of LDL cholesterol in your arteries can result in a number of complications. This happens because the plaque deposits inside your arteries and narrows them down. It makes less amount of blood to pass through these blocked arteries which may cause:


-Heart attack

-High blood pressure

-Chest pain or angina

-Chronic kidney disease

Can high cholesterol cause diabetes?

Diabetes is often associated with high cholesterol condition. High LDL cholesterol does not cause diabetes. In fact it’s the diabetes or insulin resistance that hikes up bad cholesterol in your body. High levels of insulin in your blood increase triglycerides and cholesterol.

High cholesterol happens when the sugar sticks onto the low density lipoprotein and it stays in our blood stream for longer. These sticky plaques are very hard to remove and block your arteries. This leads to even greater damage from LDL cholesterol in comparison to LDL cholesterol without diabetes.

People with diabetes are more prone to high cholesterol. This is because diabetes lowers your good cholesterol known as HDL or high density lipoprotein and increases triglycerides as well as bad LDL cholesterol levels. This gets really dangerous for your health as it hikes your risk for getting a heart attack or a stroke. So, though diabetes and high cholesterol are inter-related, high cholesterol is the effect of diabetes.

If you are diabetic or pre diabetic, make sure your blood sugar levels are under check. It will prevent the further complication of having high cholesterol levels.

How to manage high cholesterol?

-The best way to manage high cholesterol is by taking appropriate medicines and improving your lifestyle by consuming a healthy diet full of fibre and nutrients and exercising daily.

-Keeping your blood sugar levels in check will also prevent LDL cholesterol levels from rising.

-Elevate good HDL cholesterol levels. Your bad cholesterol and triglycerides will automatically come down.

Consult and follow your doctor’s advice diligently.

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