What is the common factor in Shilpa Shetty’s seductive curves, Kareena’s size zero avatar and Malaika’s perfect physique?  

The answer is ‘Yoga’.  Yes, the sexy bodies, which these stunning divas keep flaunting are the fabulous result of their passion for yoga.  They highly inspire their fans to quit sweating in gyms and roll out their yoga mats to start doing various asanas.

The first reaction you might get on asking any celebrity about how they sustain their flexibility and perfect muscle tones is “Nothing, I just maintain my diet, eat what I love, and remain naturally toned.”  In reality, beside their natural good looks, one more thing that is responsible for their fitness is dedicating hours of physical effort and a strict routine that they follow.  Yoga is one such well liked and common routine among celebs.

Yoga is an International brand!

Millions of people around the world show great interest in yoga.  It’s a great hit abroad for toning bodies and enhancing physical beauty. Yoga originates in India back in pre-Vedic traditions. Later it was introduced to western continents by Indian gurus.  It created quite a stir in the western fitness world.  Long before International Yoga Day was declared by our Prime Minister this year, a whole army of our favourite stars consistently promoted yoga as the best and ideal way for achieving fitness.

The USA always has been very receptive to yoga. It has become so popular in the US that along with loads of Indian restaurants you can also find hundreds of yoga centers. Numerous famous models, supermodels, actors, and actresses are pretty outspoken about their love and passion for yoga. They endorse yoga as a style of overall health and well being.

Celebrities who endorse Yoga!

Yoga fever has spread throughout the globe exponentially in the last few decades. Not only Bollywood but even Hollywood shows a lot of interest in yoga. Many celebrities are among those who work hard to get well-toned bodies by chanting ‘OM’ and doing ‘Surya Namaskars’.

We have a tendency to admire the personality of our favorite stars on screen and want to be as close as to them and have such healthy and fit bodies.  We idolise celebs and try to emulate them.

Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty took yoga practice to an entire new level.  Over time she has become a glamorous face of yoga and shows her commitment towards yoga. Her fans and yoga lovers can catch up on her yoga video in which she shares secrets behind her stunning body.  

She demonstrates the right way of doing asanas in her series of videos on yoga.  It is loved by folks and is a big hit.  Some of her favorite asanas for improving and enhancing harmony of body are

  •         Urdhva Dhanurasana.
  •         SetuBandh asana.
  •         Pavanmukt asana.
  •         Naukasana

To improve the concentration power of your mind and body, Shilpa advises:

  •         Vajrasana
  •         Breathing exercises
  •         Shashank asana
  •         Padmasana

Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor Khan dazzles the whole country with her ‘size zero’ figure.  She has set the bench mark really high for those who are trying to lose weight.  She used to be a chubby Punjabi girl who proved that by having strong determination and following a disciplined life you can achieve something as big as losing weight.  She used to practise ‘Hot Yoga’.

The reason it is called hot yoga is not Kareena doing it, but because it is done in a hot room with temperatures as high as 105 degree Fahrenheit and lots of humidity.

Her favorite asanas include:

  •         Surya namaskar – She does 50 of them on a daily basis (and trust me, that is a lot!)
  •         Bhujanga asana
  •         Virabhadra asana
  •         Parvatasana
  •         Pranayama
  •         Kapalbhati

Lara Dutta

Lara Dutta, famous Bollywood actress and former Miss Universe, is not at all lagging behind in promoting yoga. She is one of the hottest moms of Bollywood. She also launched her yoga DVD to help all other women to get back into shape post pregnancy.

She gave birth to her lovely daughter by C-section but still happens to look fabulous. She credits yoga and strict routine for workout for her still-in-shape body.  

Kangana Ranaut

The ‘Queen’ fame Kangana Ranaut is another cognoscente of power yoga.  This attractive, chic actress impresses everybody with her skinny avatar in her blockbuster flicks. She practices yoga regularly and follows a balanced diet.

International Celebrities

Power yoga with surya namaskar practice is the secret behind the fit and exemplary bodies of a whole lot of divas.  Jennifer Aniston, Adam Levine, Lady Gaga, and Demi Moore are some names who have shown pure dedication towards yoga.  Their photos doing yoga asanas and showing off their trendiest designer fitness clothes are quite popular and inspiring among the crowd.

Ricky Martin, the heartthrob of many ladies around the world, uses yoga for relaxing his mind and for restoring his inner peace.  Posting pictures of Ricky doing various yoga poses has been in vogue.  Beyonce once broke the internet record by posting one of her stunning photograph in a blue bikini on Instagram.  She showed off her flexible and toned yoga-fit body.

Well, why are these celebs hooked to Yoga?

Talking about celebrities, they have such busy schedules that sometimes they do not have time for even taking a nap.  Traveling and hectic work schedules make them feel so tired that yoga becomes a must for them.  Yoga gives ultimate relief to their mind and soul.

The different reasons for adopting a yoga lifestyle are as follows –

  •         Some do it for their flat abs
  •         Some do it for their peace of mind.
  •         Some need more flexible bodies.
  •         And some do it to show off and to be trendy also.

Why you should try Yoga

  1. To beat the stress:

One reason for yoga being so popular is that  people around the world are stressed like never before.  Going to pubs and all-night parties but nothing has given a permanent solution.  Everybody is so busy in their professional life that they do not have time for themselves.  Forget about taking care of near and dear ones,  most do not have time to take care of themselves.  So, to release all tensions and stress, it is natural to look towards yoga.

  1. To get physically and mentally strong:

It gives you strength, mental calmness, toned body and much more. They have found solace in yoga and have encouraged their fans to follow them.

  1. To get energised:

Several other reasons for practicing yoga may include that like other workouts, it causes no fatigue, it makes you energetic, you can do it at any age, and lastly, you will not suffer body pain like other workouts as it focuses on both body and mind workout.

Is it right to follow celebs who do Yoga?

When celebrities do yoga, it cannot remain unnoticed.  It is all in the media and public takes note of it.  Media and celebs together make yoga popular. Even those who have not tried yoga yet are encouraged to try it.  Media plays a major role in spreading awareness of yoga in India and abroad.  

Moreover, celebs add glamour to yoga which of course attracts wide audience of all ages. They take proper training by professionals and maintain their sizzling bodies. You can learn from them like how and why they practice yoga regularly.

Everyone aspires for such perfect bodies as celebrities do. So, if we can follow them on social pages then why not in real life? Celebrities’ way of practicing yoga and being yoga freaks encourages you to get in shape and have such youthful figures. Sometimes bodybuilding is confused with fitness.  So you should concentrate more on leading a healthy life instead of getting those big muscles. Going the yoga way may prove to be a holistic way of living for you.


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