Celiac disease is also referred to as the celiac sprue. Celiac disease is a disorder in which the lining of the small intestine is harmed because of allergic reaction to the foods that contain gluten in them. Gluten is a component in a number of grains. Celiac disease is usually found to be a hereditary disorder. However, the risk for having celiac disease is increased in people suffering from other autoimmune problems. The chief cause of celiac disease is yet to be established.

The Symptoms of Celiac DiseaseΒ 

Celiac Disease has many symptoms the commonly experienced ones are:
1. Diarrhoea – Exceptionally pale colored with a strong smell.
2. Stomach Ache
3. Intestinal gastric problem
4. Excessive bloating or feeling of Distention
5. Steatorrhoea – This refers to the presence of larger than usual amounts of fat in the stool which are frothy with bad strong smell.
6. Constipation in some people
7. Ulcers in the mouth
8. Lactose intolerance

Symptoms associated with Malabsorption

The damage caused due to Celiac Disease to the small intestines makes it less capable of absorbing nutrients, minerals and vitamins. The low absorption capacity of the small intestines leads to the following symptoms:

1. Loss of weight even after proper food intake.
2. Problem in conceiving a child
3. Tiredness and low energy levels
4. Anaemia – improper iron absorption
5. Megaloblastic anaemia – improper absorption of folic acid and Vitamin B12 may lead to Megaloblastic anaemia.
6. Osteopenia – Low levels of mineral in the bone caused because of Malabsorption of vitamin D and calcium.
7. Osteoporosis – also caused because of lack of calcium and Vitamin D absorption.
8. Poor blood coagulation and uncommon bleeding – caused because of Vitamin K Malabsorption.

Other symptoms may be Dermatitis herpetiformis, Dental enamel defects, Depression, epilepsy, ataxia, myelopathy, peripheral neuropathy as well as Hyposplenism.

Home Cures for Celiac Disease

1. Alfalfa herb: This herb provides vitamin K to the body which is deficient in those suffering from celiac disease. Take a 2 or 3 g alfalfa herbal capsule every day.

2. Goldenseal: This herb helps in keeping the infection under control. However, do not take goldenseal on everyday basis for more than five-seven days. Do not take goldenseal if you are pregnant. If you have a medical history of diabetes, heart problems as well as glaucoma then consult your doctor.

3. Olive leaf extract is also helpful in keeping the disorder under control.

4. Chew your food properly as it helps in better absorption of nutrients.

5. Do not eat sugar, sugary foods, processed foods, milk products, chocolate, bouillon cubes as well as canned salad dressings.

6. Studies have shown that you can eat about 2 ounces of oats everyday without any allergic reaction. Start with one ounce to be sure and then you can increase it to two if no symptoms are felt.

7. Have dandelion, saffron and yellow dock herbal teas as it purifies and nourishes the blood.

8. You can eat pickled ginger for its anti-inflammation properties.

9. Diet:
– Have lots of fresh vegetables.
– Legumes like peas, beans, lentils.
– Seedy fruits like blackberries, raspberries and strawberries.
– Have blackstrap molasses as it is rich in iron and Vitamin B.
– Have foods like rice bran, sunflower seeds, figs, raisins and nuts.
– Do not have any food products made with barley, oats, wheat and rye. So read the labels properly.
– Gluten is present in several nutritional supplements; hence consult a doctor before taking any.

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