How Chronic Stress Can Affect Fertility

Did you know that being under constant stress can lower your chances of having a baby?

Stress can affect both men and women on the physical level. Battling stress continuously makes you fatigued and weakens your immunity. It can interfere with the production of hormones in the body, thereby reducing fertility. It holds true for both men as well as women.

Constant stress may take a toll on your mental well being too. More production of stress hormone, cortisol, in your blood stream makes you anxious. Anxiety and constant tension may trigger mood swings and make you irritable. It adversely affects your libido too. Chances of conception reduce and the risk of miscarriage increases.

Constant stress makes you emotionally vulnerable and instigates feelings of insecurity. This may create undue tension and communication gap between the married partners. A loving and peaceful environment helps boost your chances of conception.

Stress Can Curb Ovulation and Lower Sperm Count!

According to experts, continuous and non-stop stress can have a very significant effect on fertility especially for women. Continuous stress may prevent some women from ovulating, thereby reducing the chances of pregnancy.

This whole process starts with hypothalamus, a part of brain that controls the release of hormones. Hypothalamus keeps an account of your feelings. Even though you may not feel it, your hypothalamus can curb ovulation if you are anxious.

Stress adversely affects the ovaries’ capability to produce eggs. This results in stress-induced-infertility. Even doctors are unable to understand and come up with a solution for it.

Stress boosts the level of hormones like coritsol. Cortisol inhibits the main sex hormones of the body. It can suppress ovulation in women and affect the sperm count in men. In men, excess of stress hormone can lower the sperm count and its quality. This makes conception difficult.

Stress can decrease Libido!

Not only this, chronic stress is known to reduce your libido too. Stress Induced Reproductive Dysfunction is common in today's world.

Stress increases the risk of miscarriage!

In pregnant women, stress is extremely dangerous for both the fetus and the mother. It can affect the immunity level of the pregnant women. As the immune system goes weak, the risk of catching infections increases. If the pregnant lady gets an infection, it heightens the risk of pre-mature birth or spontaneous miscarriage. Stress may also adversely affect the baby's brain development. It has the potential to impair its behavioral development in later years.

Pregnancy requires care and happiness. A continuously stressed out mother can neither take care of herself, nor the baby growing inside her, which can lead to miscarriage, and further stress in extreme stages.

In today's hectic lifestyle, stress in unavoidable. But you can minimize its side effects by learning ways to manage it. Meditation, deep breathing exercises and regular exercise and spending some quality time with your family go a long way in relaxing you.

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