Climbing Stairs Cuts Down Stroke Risk by 29%

Want to burn calories in the shortest time? Climb the stairs! Yes, climbing stairs burns more calories in a minute than jogging. Infact, climbing 3-5 floors during a day can reduce your risk of getting a stroke by a whopping 29%. This reduction happens even if you don’t exercise daily. Bet you never thought losing weight was that easy!

Department of Mental Health & Hygiene of New York City has introduced the trend of using staircases in a big way. They have put up eye catching neon green coloured stairs at public places. Their poster campaign holds true for all of us- ‘Burn calories, not electricity. Take the stairs!’

So when are you going to give the elevator a miss?

Learn more about New York City staircase campaign here.

2 thoughts on “Climbing Stairs Cuts Down Stroke Risk by 29%

  • December 4, 2014 at 11:32 am

    Bakwas hai Sirji !!!!!

    I was climbing 7 floors every day for three years but got struck by a Stroke 🙁

    Humans may think they are smart. But in front of The Almighty they are powerless.

    Haan,some humans who call themselves Doctors know the human body a little better than others.But still ………………..

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