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ayurvedic treatment for allergies


Your immune system is your body’s best shield. Until it becomes the very reason for your sickness!

Treat Allergy With Ayurvedic Treatment 

Those seasonal episodes of sneezing, swollen eyes, runny nose, rashes etc. are forms of allergic reactions caused by your body’s response to foreign objects like pollen or microbes. Based on your symptoms, you could be suffering from different kinds of allergies:

  •   If you have a dripping or stuffy nose and constant sneezing, you could be suffering from Hay fever.
  •   If you experience shortness of breath, wheezing or coughing, you could be troubled by asthma.
  •   Red, teary and itchy eyes are also a kind of allergic reaction known as conjunctivitis.
  •   Your skin can show signs of allergies too. It can take the form of excess dryness, red rashes, intense itching, bruising or raised welts.

    Your best defence against allergies is keeping away from your allergens!

    Most common types of allergens for adults and children:

    1. Pollen and Mold Spores: They can be in the air during the spring season and enter your body by breathing them in.

    2. Food: Your body could be reacting against food items and their contents like dairy or soy products, preservatives, lactose etc.

    3. Medications: Chemical medicines are not always beneficial if you have a sensitive immune system. They can affect your immunity adversely!

    4. Insects: Bites from dust mites and bees can stimulate an allergic reaction on your skin.

    5. Pets: Your furry friend can be carrying many kinds of allergens too! Pet dander can make your allergy last throughout the year.

    Ayurvedic Remedies to Reduce Allergy Symptoms:  

    1. Bitter Gourd Leaves

    Bitter gourd leaves are a great remedy for allergies. Soak 5 to 6 bitter gourd leaves in water for some time. Remove them from the water, squeeze and add some warm water to make a juice. You can add honey to the mixture if you like. Drinking this on a regular basis will help get rid of sneezing induced by colds and seasonal allergies.

    2. Fenugreek Seeds

    Fenugreek Seeds also provide relief from sneezing due to their antiviral properties. Fenugreek can soothe the mucous membranes, relieve irritation and thus, prevent sneezing.

    3. Vitamin C

    Orange juice or lemonade are great sources of Vitamin C and essential when you have a cold. Vitamin C can lower histamine production and thus prevent sneezing. Amla should also be consumed on a regular basis.

    4. Warming Spices 

    Particularly ginger, cinnamon, turmeric and black pepper should be included in the diet.

    5. Pranayama

    Pranayama or breathing exercises are highly beneficial to combat allergic rhinitis.

    6. Tea

    Ginger Tea, Fennel Tea, etc. are beneficial when consumed on a regular basis.

    7. Ginger+Amla+Honey

    Juice of 5 gms of ginger mixed with the juice of one Amla (Indian gooseberry) and one teaspoon honey with a little water can boost body immunity and act as a decongestant.

    8. Steam Inhalation 

    Water with a hand full of rock salt should be used to take vapours when suffering from severe cough or mild cold and heaviness in the head.

    9. Turmeric+Black Pepper+Warm Milk

    Mix one teaspoon each of both turmeric and black pepper powder into a glass of warm milk. Stir well and drink it when lukewarm. You should do this twice a day to get complete relief from colds.

    If you find no escape from your allergies, you can bid it adieu with Ayurveda’s help!

    Nirogam offers some excellent options to treat your allergies: 

    Find the product that suits your symptoms and cure your allergies – naturally!

    1. Nirogam’s Breathe Easy Kit:

    A complete package for your respiratory health. Clears the nasal passage and reduces swelling to relieve asthma, cough, rhinitis and congestion. Strengthens your lungs to prevent allergic attacks in the future.      

    2. Lozenge Malt

    Preventive and therapeutic Ayurvedic preparation. Boosts your immunity and promotes respiratory functions. Equally beneficial for children and adults. 

    3. Guduchi Powder

    Rejuvenating herb for the entire body. Enhances your metabolism to make your skin clearer. Relieves pain, inflammation and fever as well.

    4. Nirogam’s Amla Powder

    Preventive and therapeutic herb. Detoxifies the body and blood. Boosts immunity against infections. Alleviates stress, inflammation and body aches.

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