Nirogam Coolgut Kit

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Nirogam Coolgut Kit for Hyperacidity , GERD and Heartburns

  • Relieves acidity and gastritis.
  • A powerful antacid
  • Anti spasmodic
  • Appetite and digestive stimulant

Dosage and Method of administration:

Avipattikar Powder: 3-6 gms with warm water before going to bed in the night.
Shankha bhasma: 125 mg with water/milk/honey twice or thrice a day.

Packaging size:

Avipattikar powder: 100 gms
Shankha bhasma: 10 gms
Avipattikar Churna is a traditional Ayurvedic formula used to remove excess pitta from the GI tract. This cooling blend balances the digestive fire and eliminates natural toxins from the system. Avipattikar soothes the stomach tissues and promotes normal, comfortable levels of acidity during the digestive process. It also helps direct apana vata downwards helping to promote post-meal esophageal comfort and healthy elimination.

Avipattikar Powder acts as Laxative, carminative, cholagogue, useful in managing hyperacidity, heartburn, biliousness, vomiting, indigestion, dropsy, rheumatism, and digestive disorders of the Pitta type.

A clinical study was conducted by the National Research Institute of Ayurvedic Drug Development, Ministry of Ayush - Govt. of India, and the National Institute of Ayurveda to determine the efficacy of the use of Avipattikar Powder in treating digestive disorders. The study concluded that 70% of the patients showed significant improvement and 30% showed moderate response. Read the full text of the clinical trial here: Evaluation of the Efficacy of Avipattikar Churna in the Management of Amlapitta.

Shankha Bhasma is an incinerated ash of conch shell. It is further processed in the juice of Aloe Vera or lemon to increase its potency. It is cooling in nature. Shankha bhasma is known to calm the pitta and Vata dosha. Due to this effect it is used in the Ayurvedic treatment of acidity, heartburn, gastritis, GERD, nausea, diarrhoea, dysentery and IBD.
Shankha bhasma is a good acidity regulator and thus controls the secretion of acid in the stomach. It also eliminates the Ama (toxins) that is accumulated as a result of indigestion in the body. It reduces the abdominal spasms and also has a calming action on the gall bladder, spleen, stomach and intestines as well. It is a natural source of calcium and Vitamin C


1. Should be taken along with an adjuvant as prescribed by the doctor.
2. Contact with ulcers/ dry and cracked skin might cause burning sensation.
3. Pregnant and lactating woman should take this medicine only after consultation with the doctor.


No animal ingredients.

Cruelty Free & Certified Organic Product.

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