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Purushrink for Prostate Disorders including Enlargement and BPH (120 Tablets) - Nirogam Purushrink for Prostate Disorders including Enlargement and BPH (120 Tablets) - Nirogam
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Purushrink for Prostate Disorders including Enlargement and BPH (Pack of 2) Purushrink for Prostate Disorders including Enlargement and BPH (Pack of 2)
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Complication and outlook of Enlarged Prostate
  • The prostate gland plays an important role in maintaining the reproductive health, however, it can get troublesome if it gets painful.
  • This happens when the prostate gets swelled up in size, leading to enlarged prostate meaning inflammation of the prostate.
  • This can lead to several health issues in men - kidney, urinary and sexual issues being few of these.
  • In medical terms, this condition is known as BPH or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.
  • BPH is believed to affect men in older ages but it can reach to younger men too, reasons being blood toxicity, urine infections or hormonal imbalance.
  • The grievousness of this condition is measured in grades, that shows the enlarged prostate volume.
  • Starting with Enlarged Prostate grade 1, where the size increases 20-40ml. Symptoms include inability to empty the bladder and frequent urination.
  • BPH grade 2 is one step above in which the tissues swell about 40-60 ml in size, with symptoms like urinary tract constriction causing a problem in urine flow.
  • BPH grade 3 causes tissues to swell up abnormally upto 60-80ml, causing repetitive pangs of pain and blood in urine.
  • BPH grade 4 causes the tissues to swell up abnormally above 80ml, producing serious symptoms like decrease in sexual health, poor kidney health and urinary inconsistencies.
  • Treatment for enlarged prostate gland is essential. Its intensity depends upon the severity of damage and the health of the individual.
  • Based on these factors, one may opt for surgery, medications or minimal incision operations for treatment.
Pre Warning Symptoms of BPH
  • Enlarged prostate symptoms might either show after a few weeks or take months.
  • One’s kidney and sexual health might be able to give away a lot about the BPH risk. Few other symptoms include:
  • Inflammation and swelling: The abdominal and pelvic regions might swell up. This usually happens in severe cases of BPH.
  • Increase in urination frequency: It rises to an abnormal level, putting you at risk of dehydration. The urge to pee might not get resolved without using the washroom more than once.
  • Problem in urinating: For someone affected with BPH, urination is not only painful but also troublesome. One might face a difficulty in maintaining the stream. The flow often fluctuates or dribbles towards the end.
  • Affect on sexual health: The enlarged prostate causes problems in penile erection, and could lead to erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.
  • Compromised kidney health: BPH also affects the kidneys by putting excessive pressure on them. This leads to poor blood purification or predisposition to calculi.
Identified Causes Behind Enlarged Prostate
  • The exact cause behind the BPH is debate worthy, however, it is said that it is triggered by hormonal changes, chronic disorders, pelvic infections etc. Other possible factors include:
  • Genetics: If there has been a BPH patient in the family, the chances of getting BPH increases by 50%.
  • Obesity: Excess fat around the pelvic area can put extra pressure on the abdominal region, thereby leading to swelling up of prostate gland.
  • Diabetes/heart disorders: Chronic illnesses can weaken the tissues, which leaves them prone to swelling or damage.
  • Non active lifestyle: A sedentary lifestyle causes the metabolism to slow down, thereby increasing chances of BPH.
  • Ageing: Old age is another crucial factor contributing to BPH as male hormones namely DHT or testosterone are produced less in the body.
Long Term Consequences of Prostate Enlargement
  • An untreated prostate disorder is more harmful than it seems as it can lead to damage to other internal organs.
  • Other effects of untreated prostate are:
  • Incontinence: Pain, swelling, irritation or even stones can be developed, leading to bladder incontinence, all of which require enlarged prostate treatment.
  • UTI: A urinary tract infection is common with BPH patients as the toxins get accumulated in the body due to weakening of tissues, which may eventually harm the prostate muscles.
  • Kidney stones: Toxins getting accumulated in the blood, urinary infections or bladder releasing less urine - all are contributing factors to a kidney disorder.
  • Retention of urine: When the prostate gland swells up, it might block the urethra thereby disrupting free flow of urine. Surgical intervention might be required in such cases.
Preventive Actions for BPH: Treatments Today
  • Enlarged prostate surgery: Surgical intervention may be required in cases where there are no other options left. This is done in order to remove the hindrance from urethra.
  • Medications: Chemical medications are capable of helping with initial minor symptoms. These shrink the swollen tissues, normalize urethra activities and maintain hormonal balance.
  • Prostatic urethral lift (PUL): A surgical option that may help with sexual health too. PUL is done to suppress the swollen tissues to provide symptomatic relief.
  • Laser therapy: An expensive but less risky alternative for BPH treatment, it involves using high frequency light waves to kill the inflamed tissues.
  • Ayurvedic treatment for BPH: The least risky and most effective alternative to cure the swollen tissues. It uses mineral formulations and herbs to treat the swollen tissues naturally. It offers long-term benefits for prostate health.
  • Ensuring Healing: Lifestyle Tips for Better Prostate Health
  • Diet for prostate health: The ideal diet for a healthy prostate should include portions of vitamin, minerals and fibers. It should be divided into various small portions throughout the day instead of a large meal.
  • Drinking up: Water is the solution to many health ailments. Drinking at least 2 liters of water throughout the day is very effective for health, which should be consumed in small sips.
  • Smart Washroom Hack: A double void method should be followed for effectively emptying the bladder. This simply means using the washroom again after a few minutes to empty the bladder completely to ensure no toxins remain in the bladder.
  • Stress free mind: Mental strain is harmful for prostate health. Simple activities like pranayama, yoga and meditation etc. not just help to relieve stress but also cleanse out the mind from negative thoughts.
  • Getting the body in action: Exercising reaps numerous benefits not just to boost the blood purification but to maintain the metabolism too.
Home Remedies for Prostate Enlargement Treatment
  • Green tea: A beverage rich in antioxidants. Effective in stress management and blood cleansing. Drinking 4-5 cups of green tea per day helps in prostate health management.
  • Urethral massage: A good urethral massage helps in treating incontinence, along with being a good and a low cost option to flush out toxins and empty the bladder of urine.
  • Lycopene: This is the red-pink compound found in the same colour fruits and vegetables like papaya, tomato, bell pepper etc. Especially helpful in removal of harmful enzymes from the prostate gland. Also helps in accelerating the repair of damaged tissues of the prostate.
  • Pumpkin seeds: It is a wonderful source of zinc, which helps in strengthening prostate muscles and regularizing their functions. It also helps with reducing the abnormal frequency of passing urine.
  • Saw palmetto: This is a popular treatment for enlarged prostate, which can effectively curb mild to severe scale symptoms and restore the normal functioning of the urinary tract.
Magic of nature: ayurvedic herbs for prostate enlargement:
  • Chandraprabha vati: A magical herb that helps in strengthening the pelvic tissues, it benefits the male reproductive system as a whole.
  • Shilajit: A very popular element for boosting sexual health. Shilajit helps to improve testicular health.
  • Punarnava: Helps with treatment and repair of BPH affected tissues. It has a hot potency which can also help with treatment of urinary tract functions.
  • Turmeric: Another magical spice very commonly available. It is rich in curcumin that boosts immunity and digestion. Relieves inflammation of organs.
  • Kanchanar guggulu: Beneficial medication for enlarged prostate, containing kanchanar and guggulu. It helps with elimination of free radicals.
  • Yoga poses for BPH
  • Yoga is considered as one of the most beneficial enlarged prostate exercises.
  • It helps to improve bladder control in initial stages of BPH and regulation of pelvic muscles.
Some easy and effective asanas for a BPH patient are:
  • Bow pose (Dhanurasana): This helps in weight management, enhancing metabolism and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. It clears the body of toxins and regulates bowel movements.
  • Cobbler pose (Baddha Konasana): This pose is extremely beneficial in cutting down the belly fat. It strengthens lower limbs and releases tension from the pelvic muscles.
  • Head to knee pose (Janushirshasana): Beneficial in improving the liver and kidney functions. Improves muscle and joint strength. Helps to reinforce the correct posture and maintain natural bone shape.
  • Reclining big toe pose (Supta Padangusthasana): It helps in keeping the spine straight, reducing stress and anxiety, and normalizing the functions of the prostate gland.
  • Hero pose (Virasana): It is helpful in improving the digestion of both males and females. It is also beneficial in stimulating the reproductive system.

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