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Purushrink for Prostate Disorders including Enlargement and BPH (120 Tablets) - Nirogam Purushrink for Prostate Disorders including Enlargement and BPH (120 Tablets) - Nirogam
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How do you know you have an enlarged prostate?

You end up going to the bathroom almost every hour during the day or have your sleep disturbed at night because you have to keep getting up to urinate.

An enlarged prostate can cause frequent urination, testicular pain or discomfort, a feeling like sitting on a ball, and even pain in the groin.

Ayurveda recommends a holistic treatment for all kinds of prostate disorders. Herbs like Kachnar, Guggulu, Punarnava, Guduchi and Shilajit are suggested to maintain the health of the prostate gland. They also rejuvenate the possibly damaged tissues of the urinary system. These herbs must be accompanied with a controlled diet plan and daily exercises.

Nirogam’s Purushrink for Prostate Disorders including Enlargement and BPH 

Purushrink is a natural diuretic which normalizes the urine flow to reduce prostate inflammation and irritation.

  • It is charged with potassium that strengthens the muscle tissues through the body.

  • Contains natural rejuvenators like Punarnava that improve kidney and reproductive system functions in men.

  • Reduces the frequency of urination, urgency and hesitancy. 

  • Relieves inflammation of the prostate gland facilitating easy urine flow. 

  • Treats incontinence. 

  • Relieves burning sensation or pain or any other discomfort present. 


  • Urinate when you feel the urge. 

  • Drink water and other fluids at regular intervals. Avoid taking too much of fluid at the same time as it can increase urination urges, especially if taken before bedtime.

  • Follow a balanced diet which contains vitamin rich, fibrous and protein rich foods. It should include tomatoes, spinach, nuts, carrots, grams and fruits.

  • Practice light exercises every day. Include Kegel exercises (pelvic floor exercises) in your routine to strengthen the pelvic area muscles.

  • Avoid stress and anxiety. Manage emotional disturbances by organising your affairs as per your priorities.


  • Shun alcoholic and caffeinated drinks as they increase urine acidity. 

  • Do not skip medications. Consult your doctor if you feel discomfort after taking diuretics.

  • Stay away from spicy, salty and sweet foods because they aggravate prostate inflammation.

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