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How does Libido Affect: An Overview
  • Sexual attraction towards one’s partner is termed as libido.
  • Libido is what forms romantic relationships. It is a natural human instinct.
  • Later in life, due to age or health issues, libido may decrease.
  • The side effects of low libido may not be visible but can have considerable impact in the relationship of couples.
  • Partners may isolate or feel estranged due to this.
  • It may also be a precursor to several reproductive disorders, if persistent for a long duration.
How to know if you have Low Libido
  • Not interested: One is simply not interested in any form of sexual indulgence like masturbation, foreplay, etc. These are the signs of low libido. Any moment of physical intimacy is avoided by the person.
  • No spark: If there is loss of spark in a relationship, it tends to distance individuals physically also. Having sexual attraction in the form of thoughts or fantasies is essential.
  • Not confident with one’s body: Being uncomfortable with how one’s body looks may lead to low libido. If a person is not confident with their behaviour pattern or sexual orientation and harbours negative thoughts about it, it is likely to become a cause of low libido.
  • Tired: Infinite tiredness, mood swings and resulting irritation can impede any scope of romantic involvement.
Issues leading to low Stamina: Causes of Low Libido
  • Ageing: Low stamina and hormone production rate results in a lack of sexual desire. This naturally happens with ageing.
  • Reproductive Disorders: Any conditions involving low erection time or vaginal dryness can impede sexual experience by turning it painful at times.
  • Lack of Intimacy: A natural attraction between partners is the first step to anything romantic. If that is not there, it is unlikely to have a healthy sexual life.
  • Psychological Complexities: Too much work pressure can hinder any desire of sexual activity. Likewise negative body image or any traumatic experience can impact one’s outlook towards intercourse.
  • Heavy Medications: Certain chemicals suppress sexual desire. Steroids, antidepressants, certain BP medicines being the first of this kind.
Treatment to Enhance Libido
  • Counselling: Professional therapists counsel both the partners to clear the anxieties relating to sex. These sessions aim to build back the intimacy and desire between the partners.
  • Hormone Pills: Shows impact in short run but can cause vaignal or penile disorders in the long run. These chemical pills stimulate the sexual organs just like estrogen or testosterone.
  • Topical Application: If the cause is pelvic inflammations, lubricant gels and creams can be used.
  • Ayurvedic Treatment for Increasing Libido: Ayurveda cures the causes of low libido like hormonal deficiency, low stamina, stress etc. with the use of herbs. It is a holistic medical regime.
  • Since it does not have any side effects, it is considered as the best treatment for increasing libido.
Preventive Tips to Maintain Libido Levels
  • Spend quality time: Have conversations and develop an understanding of the sexual needs of each other. Try to bond over what you share in common, maybe hobbies, a candle-lit dinner etc. to develop intimacy.
  • Food to rescue: One of the ways to treat low libido is to have all of your meals properly. The nutrients in food ensure that you have enough stamina. It brings about a mind-body balance which also translates into sexual well-being.
  • Keep an eye on weight: Ensure a good physique to keep up the metabolism rate and sexual drive. Being conscious of low or high weight may make it difficult to be comfortable with your partner. Ensure your half an hour of exercise daily.
  • Destress: Any sort of stress imbalances the hormone levels which acts as a mood killer. If stress is not controlled no libido medication is going to work. Meditate, take enough sleep, relax and rejuvenate.
  • No smoking: Do you know that your smoke can reduce the blood supply to the reproductive system? This may become a reason for low libido. Quit smoking!
Kitchen Treasures: Remedies for Increasing Libido
  • Fenugreek: Fenugreek contains compounds that increase testosterone and estrogen levels. It is one of the highly recommended home remedies to treat low libido. You can choose to have it as a tea, or a decoction or as a spice.
  • Pistachio: A traditional remedy for Erectile Dysfunction, 100gms of this nut daily can help you maintain harder erections for a longer period of time. They are rich in healthy fats and natural fibre which is good for penile health.
  • Saffron: 30 mg of saffron daily is known to reverse the effects of low libido in men and women. If suffering from low lubrication, arousal and erection time, incorporate saffron in your diet the way you want.
  • Dates: Being rich in minerals and proteins, eating one date a day may keep sexual troubles away. Have it directly or add it to your smoothies and pancakes, anything works. Be creative!
  • Chocolate: Chocolate is another name of happy hormones. It may rouse your mind and desires.
Ayurvedic Solutions: Herbs for Increasing Libido
  • Ashwagandha: A highly acclaimed herb for increasing libido, Ashwagandha stimulates sexual desire, increases muscle strength, and normalizes reproductive functions. In Ayurveda, it is a trusted solution for sexual debility and erectile issues in men.
  • Shatavari: Ladies in the house, this is one magic solution for all your reproductive system problems. It stimulates the ovaries, calms the mind and improves uterine strength. Even those men struggling with impotence and premature ejaculation, Shatavari is for you too.
  • Shilajit: Ah! The boss of all the natural ways to treat low libido. It contains more than 80 rare minerals and nutrients. It helps in keeping the vigour for longer time by increasing the production of sexual hormones. It increases the fertility rate by improving the semen quality.
  • Gokshura: Planning to expand your family but not successful? Gokshura helps you improve your chances of conception. It is a strong aphrodisiac for both women and men. Sexual disorders like hormone dips, low sperm count etc. are treated with Gokshura.
  • Kapikachu: It enhances sperm motility and count. It also relaxes your mind and lets you enjoy your moments of love.
Strike out : Yoga for Better Stamina
  • Yoga stimulates the pelvic region to steer the reproductive organs into action.
  • It redirects blood flow towards the pelvis and gradually builds up one’s sexual health.
  • If you’re a Yoga fan, how about making your spouse a yoga partner to increase the bonding?
  • Ustrasana: It enhances your sexual performance. Increases muscle mobility and range of motion. A feeling of wellbeing is developed overall.
  • Marjariasana: Spinal tissues are stretched for better strength.It also calms down the mental scape.
  • Setu Bandhasana: A toning exercise for the lower body muscles. This asana also increases the core strength of the body.

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