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Knee Pain

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ayurvedic treatment for knee pain

Knee Pain if not treated well or in time, can further stress the tissues in the knee leading to a gradual loss of movement.  It can also cause difficulty in bending.

Causes Of Knee Joint Pain: 

  1. Age related bone degeneration 
  2. Calcium deficiency 
  3. Physical injury to the knee joint 
  4. Osteoporosis 
  5. Arthritis 
  6. Excess body weight 

Nirogam’s Ayurvedic Treatment for Knee Pain can help provide relief from pain and further worsening of the condition.

The most common cause of knee pain is Arthritis and our Ayurvedic Arthronil is and excellent remedy to treat it.

Home Remedies To Cure Your Knee Pain : 

  1. Roast and crush a handful of fenugreek seeds. Take 2 tsp of this powder and add it to lukewarm water to make a thick paste. Apply on the affected area and wash or wipe off after it dries.
  2. Soak a handful of sesame seeds in water overnight. Chew the seeds and drink the water early in the morning. Doing this every day will reduce the frequency of joint pains.
  3. Fry 2 cloves of garlic in 2 tbsps of sesame oil or mustard oil until they turn black. Remove the vessel from heat and strain the oil. Once the oil has cooled to a comfortably warm temperature, massage it into the skin around the affected area. Leave on for about three hours before washing it off. Do this twice daily until pain subsides.
  4. Ghee and oils in moderate amounts are necessary in your daily diet, as they keep the normal joints properly lubricated and also provide lubrication to the dried- up joints.Take 1 tsp of warm ghee in the mornings on an empty stomach. 
  5. Boil ajwain and dry ginger powder in milk till it becomes a paste. Apply on the knee joint that is hurting and wash off once it dries. This will help to relieve the pain. 

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