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lungs & respiration treatment in ayurveda

Take long, deep breaths, slowly and repeatedly – you may be familiar with this advice. After all, breathing isn’t just an activity you do for a living. Rather, it is an action that helps you live better. At Nirogam, we offer natural and ayurvedic solutions to diseases related to lungs & respiration. Here we have mentioned those effective treatments for you. Read these ayurvedic home remedies & treatments to breath healthy. 

Your lungs constantly work to ensure your good health. They energize, cleanse and soothe the body to help you stay at your best every moment. But day after day, you are exposed to a number of pollutants, chemicals and allergens that can weaken your lungs. Here’s what can happen if your lungs stop working well:

  • Less oxygen, lesser health. When your lungs are damaged, they do not give enough oxygen to the body for good metabolism, blood circulation and growth.
  • They will not filter microbes and dust from the air and instead diffuse them into your blood.
  • Cause stress and anxiety - yes literally! Lack of oxygen can choke your cognitive functions, making you prone to psychotic episodes.

So, can breathing cleaner air reverse lung damage? Before you find yourself pondering upon this question, it would be wise to understand the common kinds of lung and respiratory issues. Read on to find a comprehensive list for your reference.

5 Common Troubles of Lungs and Respiration

Sneezing, wheezing, shortness of breath or infections – lung problems can come in any form. Anybody from the young to the old can fall victim to these health issues. Can you find your persistent lung or respiratory problem in this list?

  • Asthma: A common inflammatory condition of the lungs. It can occasionally lead to spasmodic attacks and shortness of breath. Your asthma symptoms can be aggravated if you live in a polluted area or breathe in allergens.
  • Bronchitis: Too much coughing? Well, it could be a disease too! Bronchitis is a chronic cough condition which is triggered by viral or bacterial infections. It is usually treatable but can be very disturbing while it lasts.
  • Tuberculosis: The air you breathe isn’t always refreshing. It can contain many kinds of microbes including Tuberculosis bacteria. Tuberculosis can slowly grow into your lungs and block your breathing.
  • Lung Cancer: Sometimes even your own cells can become your enemies! Uncontrolled growth of cells can create tumours in the lungs that reduce its efficiency.
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD): This is a group of respiratory illnesses that obstruct breathing and lead to sputum production. Though the causes may vary from patient to patient, its most common culprit is excessive smoking.

While a single breath is enough to take in harmful agents, it's not equally easy to pull them out. Thankfully, Ayurveda knows better ways to strengthen your lungs than chemical medicines!

Ayurvedic Tips for Healthy Lungs and Respiration

Fortunately, your lungs can naturally cleanse themselves. But you can fast forward that process by using simple detoxifying techniques. What’s better is that they can increase your lung capacity and reduce inflammation as well. With the allergy season catching up on us, there certainly can’t be better advice than this!

  • Take steam therapy to clear the nasal passage. Boil a pan of water and place it at a lower level than yourself. Cover your face with a towel, close your eyes and inhale the steam. You can also put 2-3 drops of peppermint or eucalyptus oil into the water. Do this for 10-15 minutes.
  • Sip a cup of rejuvenating black or green tea. Make an infusion of black or green tea and drink it twice every day. Their high antioxidant content can ease your respiration.
  • Keep the blues away with a bowlful of blueberries. You can add them to smoothies, pies, salads or fruit juices. Eat them with apples as an evening snack to double their benefits.
  • Exercise for 30 minutes every morning. But don’t do just any physical activity! Primarily perform meditation and pranayama to boost your lung functions.
  • Upgrade your diet. Nuts, capsicum, citrus fruits, ginger, garlic and onion should be part of your daily diet. Use them in different combinations to please your taste buds and your lungs!

With rising pollution and stress in everyday life, it can become difficult to protect your lungs. Make your defence fool proof with the best of Ayurveda’s formulations offered with the trust of Nirogam!

Nirogam’s Products for Better Lungs and Respiration

At Nirogam, we bring you the best healthcare solutions from the best caregiver i.e. Nature herself!

  • Dasamoola Powder: Rejuvenates body and mind. Natural expectorant. Eliminates toxins from the blood. Promotes respiration. Clears the nasal passage.
  • Pippali Powder: Supports lung functions. Fights off infections. Reduces fever and pain. Improves metabolism and digestion.
  • Organic Tulsi Powder: Removes toxins from the lungs and nasal passage. Promotes healing of damaged tissues. Boosts immunity. Enhances digestion.
  • Asmagon Tablets: Clears nasal passage. Treats COPD to facilitate breathing. Relieves chronic cough and heaviness
  • Nirogam’s Breathe Easy Kit: Complete respiratory health package. Anti-inflammatory expectorant and bronchodilator. Alleviates cough, fever and chest pain. Improves appetite and metabolism.

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