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Oral Health refers to the health of our mouth, which includes the teeth, gums and supporting tissues. It is a part of our body most used and widely neglected. This is so because after our regular brushing we take the rest for granted. 

You have healthy teeth and gums if you can smile confidently without the fear of yellow teeth with debris, eat confidently without being scared of dental pain or bleeding and laugh out without causing bad breath.

We all know that our teeth capture a lot of attention when we smile. Teeth also give our face its shape, enable us to eat and speak the way we want. 

The most common oral problems are cavities and gum disease. They are usually the result of poor oral hygiene. Our sense of hygiene contributes to overall health.  It is also important to understand that practising oral hygiene or taking preventive care doesn’t drain money, time or energy. All you have to do is be regular and consistent.  

Ayurveda offers some excellent options to prevent or cure oral problems at home: 

  1. In case of bleeding from gums or bad breath, boil a few Mango leaves in water for about 15 minutes, strain and then use to gargle. 

  2. Scrubbing the teeth with rock salt or activated charcoal about once or twice a week prevents staining. 

  3. Use the sticks of Babul, Mango or Neem to prevent bleeding gums and bad breath. 

  4. Tender Mango twigs can be burnt and the ash used to brush the teeth twice a day to treat bleeding gums or stains. 

  5. For mouth ulcers, gargle with Triphala boiled water or with warm coconut milk mixed with dry ginger powder. 

  6. Oil pulling with sesame oil every morning treats all kinds of dental problems and also hoarseness of the voice. 

  7. Ayurveda advises scraping of the tongue (with a tongue scraper) after brushing the teeth, for oral hygiene. 

  8. To control and prevent bad breath, boil fennel seeds, dry ginger powder, cardamom and cinnamon in water for about 15 minutes. Strain and use it for gargling to keep the oral cavities healthy.

It is important to look after your teeth to prevent serious Oral Health problems.

Here are some of the things you should do to look after your teeth:

  1. Brush your teeth in the morning and at bed time. 

  2. Floss your teeth everyday.

  3. Use dental products that contain fluoride.

  4. Limit sweets and sugars.

  5. Eat a balanced diet.

  6. Remember to take calcium-rich foods or supplements for teeth.

  7. Stop chewing tobacco and quit smoking.

  8. Ask your doctor if your medicines have any ill effects on your teeth. Some medicines can have side effects like dry mouth.

  9. Be aware. Check regularly for sores or unusual changes inside your mouth. Contact your dentist if you find any.

  10. Regularly visit your dentist for teeth cleaning or otherwise.

If you follow the above it will reduce the risk of getting gum disease or tooth decay. The build-up of plaque and tartar in the teeth, if not removed regularly can lead to cavities or diseases like periodontitis or gingivitis.

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