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You are probably reading this because Piles is causing you a lot of pain. If you are looking for natural treatments there are ways that Ayurveda can help.

Piles can be scary – The initial pain itself can freak you out and it gets worse as the pain increases with blood showing up in your stool.

Doctors advise surgery, which doesn’t sound comfortable either. While there are some conditions of piles that require surgery, most often there are Ayurvedic medications that can solve this problem.

Fortunately, there is an Ayurvedic Treatment for piles which gives relief for pain and bleeding without surgery.

Piles are swollen nodules near or inside the mouth of the rectum that can result in pain, itching and severe bleeding in some cases.

Piles can be of two types:

The first type where there is pain, inflammation and bleeding that shows up in the stool and the second type which is a dry piles which is not associated with any bleeding or mucus discharge, but there is pain.

Bleeding Piles can lead to severe complications like anaemia, fatigue or even palpitations if not treated properly. However, they can be treated and they don’t usually need surgery unless they are very chronic in nature.

At Nirogam, we have an effective Ayurvedic Solution for Piles, called Nimbolae.

Nimbolae is a unique Ayurvedic combination of herbs that can treat all the symptoms of piles.

Nimbolae focuses on controlling bleeding, reducing the pile mass and preventing it from reforming. More than that Nimbolae also reduces constipation and reduces pain, itching and inflammation of the rectum and anus area.

This medicine helps to regulate bowel movements.

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