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Ayurvedic Treatment for Varicocele (No Surgery Required) Ayurvedic Treatment for Varicocele (No Surgery Required)
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What is a varicocele & how it can be treated?

A varicocele is an amplification of the veins in the wobbly bag of skin that retains the testicles. A varicocele is same as that of the varicose vein you may observe in your leg. These are a general cause of reduced sperm quality and lesser sperm creation, which can result in unproductiveness. But, all kinds of varicoceles may not have an impact on sperm production. These can also cause testicles to fall short to build up usually or contract. Most varicoceles grow in due course. Luckily, the majority of varicoceles are simple to diagnose and several do not require treatment. If a varicocele results in symptoms, it can be fixed through a surgical procedure.

A varicocele frequently produces no symptoms or signs. At times, it may cause pain. The pain might:
  • Differ from sharp to dull uneasiness
  • Impaired fertility
  • Deteriorate over the course of a day
  • Increase with physical exertion or when standing for a long period of time
  • Be calm when you recline on your back

With time, varicoceles may expand and become more obvious. A varicocele has been explained as looking like a "bag of worms." The situation may cause a puffed-up testicle, almost always on the left side.

When to see a doctor or when to opt for varicocele ayurvedic treatment?

As a varicocele typically causes no symptoms, it often necessitates no treatment. Varicoceles may be discovered during a routine physical exam or a fertility evaluation. However, if you experience swelling or pain in your scrotum, find out a mass on your scrotum, detect that your testicles are diverse sizes or develop a varicocele in your formative years, or you are having issues with fertility, contact your doctor. A number of conditions can cause a testicular pain or scrotal mass, some of which need instant treatment.

How is a varicocele diagnosed?

A varicocele cannot always be seen or felt when you are lying down. Thus, the doctor will most possibly scrutinize your testicles while you are lying down and standing up. The doctor may require performing a scrotal ultrasound. This assists gauge the spermatic veins and enable your doctor to get a comprehensive, correct photo of the condition.

Methods of Ayurvedic treatment for varicoceles

Varicocelectomy, Laparoscopic surgery, and Varicocele embolization are common methods of treatment for varicoceles. However, if you do not want to go for these invasive procedures; then you can choose varicocele treatment in Ayurveda.

Ayurveda can help in treating this disease. In Ayurveda the treatment is known as ‘siravyadha' clarified in Samhita can certainly cure this disease. In modern medicine, it is associated as ‘blood-letting' therapy. Most of the Ayurvedic physicians have been quite successful in curing such diseases by using the method of siravyadha.

In addition, if a varicocele is not critical enough for surgery, then wearing the right kind of underwear might help decrease any pain. Moreover, several alternative therapies are there for treating lesser sperm count, but it is most excellent to consult with a doctor first.

Keep in mind that a varicocele does not typically pose a hazard, however, if there is any transform in size, shape, or constancy in the genital region, it is essential to get it treated.

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